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"Hey, Yu, how's it going?" a friendly voice asked, followed by a particular redheaded exorcist making his way outside the Order's thick brick walls and into the small courtyard it contained out back. "From the looks of things, you've been doing nothing but train all morning!"

"Shut up," Yu Kanda snapped, his training weapons being tossed aside as he walked toward the 'idiot' he felt himself not minding as much. As much. "What, have you been watching me again, you creepy rabbit?" He tipped his head a bit, a slightly sour look on his face, but accepted the towel the other man had handed him to dry off his neck and face.

Lavi waved a hand. "Meh, I've got better things to do than watch you all the time," the bookman said jokingly. "But why shouldn't I? I mean, you're pretty sexy when you train all hard like this. If you weren't so scary, all the ladies in the Order would watch you all the time, drooling their mouths dry." Lavi broke out in a snicker, and Kanda 'tch'd.

"As if I'd like that, that would piss me off and distract me anyway." When the Asian finished wiping the sweat off his body, he tossed the towel back at Lavi, and it landed right on the younger's face, much to Lavi's own disapproval. Kanda only smirked in a deviant manner when Lavi whined and pulled it off. "What? It's my sweat, I thought you'd enjoy it."

"That's disgusting, Yu," Lavi groaned, tossing the towel aside onto the training equipment. "I mean, yeah, it's sexy sometimes, but today, I'm just… y'know, not in the mood."

Kanda had started gathering things together, putting most of the swords far below Mugen's standards away, but he paused to look up at the redhead. "Not in the mood today? What happened? Did you and Timothy get in trouble again for walking in on Lenalee and the other women changing?" Kanda was amused, Lavi was not.

"Ahh, no, but please don't remind me of that. She's still upset about it, and I hate seeing her upset." Indeed Lavi still had a crush on Lenalee, but deep down, he always figured her and Allen were far more compatible with Lavi's duties as a bookman and a million other reasons. But then, that reminded him of his wonder of how he and Kanda ended up together when the two of them were even less compatible. Perhaps they weren't as incompatible as Lavi'd originally thought?

"Then what happened?" Kanda's question snapped Lavi out of his thoughts, and the redhead chuckled and shook his head. Kanda only glared. "Tell me or I'm leaving."

"N-no, don't leave!" Lavi flailed his hands and sighed, embarrassed. "Yeesh, well if you really want to know…" He bit his lip, then took in a deep breath as if nervous to tell Kanda, before finally saying what he was going to say. "I think Allen knows." Before Kanda could speak, Lavi added, "About us."

Kanda's eyebrows twitched in an annoyed manner, and he kicked some of the training equipment -- not that he cared it wasn't even his, not his problem. "As if that beansprout knowing bothers me. If he slips up with his mouth and tells anyone, I'll kill him, plain and simple." Yu Kanda hadn't earned his reputation around the Order for bluffing, that was almost for certain, so he meant business with that statement. That was why Lavi had been hesitant about saying anything.

A small sigh slipped past the bookman-in-training's lips. "Now, now, Yu, don't be so violent. The kid's our comrade and all. Though I admit, I'm more worried about how I'm going to explain all of this to gramps still. Bookman won't be pleased if he finds out I'm in a relationship, especially one with you, not just that you're a guy." Lavi shot Kanda a grin as he spoke that last sentence.

Kanda snorted. "Gee, thanks. I appreciate it," he mumbled in sarcasm. Then he sighed. "I do understand, as much as I hate to admit. I have no idea how to nor desire to speak about this to that old fucking bastard. I hope he stays away from me and doesn't find out."

"Who, Tiedoll?" Lavi asked with amusement, pretty sure Kanda wasn't referring to Lavi's own master.

"Yes. God, I hate that about him! How nosy he is, it pisses me off. You're so damn lucky I was training or I'd have taken it out on you with how he was up my ass this morning."

"One, what do you mean by that? And two, can you go five minutes without cursing?"

One of Kanda's eyes twitched, and he didn't respond to the first comment. "Why the hell would I want to considering I'm surrounded by all of you so often?"

"Heh, heh, good ol' Yu," Lavi snickered, shaking his head. "But you know, you shouldn't be so grumpy, it's no good for your health. Besides, you--" But Lavi didn't get a chance to finish that sentence, his lips suddenly getting wrapped up with another set, dark eyes staring into his one green iris and at his patched eye. Lavi moaned in a short, pleasured manner, willingly welcoming, even cherishing, the tongue that pressed its way inside his mouth.

Kanda's arms snuck their way around Lavi, one hooking over his slender yet-still-boyish hips, the other under the younger's arm and around his upper back to keep him 'trapped' in place. The Asian wasted no time in completely seducing the man in front of him, carefully making sure he did everything right just to drive Lavi mad. Which he was. Oh-so-very-much.

Simply as quickly however, Lavi broke the spell that had been placed upon him as he pressed both hands to the other's shoulders, pushing him back. There was a moment where the two exorcists merely stared at each other's faces, taking in the flushes only the both of them could see. It was like a secret code between them that only they knew.

"Say, Yu," Lavi said with a happy tone, smirking defiantly, "I'm still curious about when we go for round five." There was a certain air between the two bodies that formed then, giving the atmosphere a 'hot' sensation. When Lavi spoke his next words, he pretended to sound angry, when in reality he was not. "We're tied when it comes to who climaxes first."

"Well, obviously in the end, I'll win," Kanda retorted, a dark glimmer in his eyes, an even eviler smile perking his cheeks than the one on Lavi's face. Although they were tied in that romance situation, when it came to such battles of being 'darker,' Kanda always won.

Lavi huffed, crossing his arms and looking away with a pouting expression. "Oh, really? We'll just have to see about that."

Since they'd returned to the Order from 'that particular mission,' they'd done it three times, something Lavi was surprised by considering Kanda's nature. Before their third time, in a joking manner Lavi had said their first five 'rounds' of sex would decide who was better at concentration, so Kanda graciously let him turn it into a little game to, of course, prove a point. Much to Kanda's own surprise, by the end of the fourth round they were at a tie, 2-2, with who climaxed first.

There wasn't a shred of doubt between the two of who would win their game, however. In a matter of fact, both the Asian and mongrel believed themselves to be the victor in the end, well before they even made it past the second, third, and fourth rounds. Lavi was overconfident. Kanda was stubborn. Whoever came out victorious would assuredly be mocking the other in a joking manner, Lavi being the one who'd do it more so.

Both Lavi and Kanda gave each other another 'look,' which made Lavi snort. "Well, anyway, may the best man win!" the redhead shouted with a laugh, but his face quickly turned serious. "Though Yu, I have something else I need to address you about."

"What?" Kanda asked, taking a seat on a nearby bench. "Is this yet again about you possibly leaving the Order if your Innocence evolves?" The younger followed after him, taking a seat as well, and chuckled. "I figured as much. Look, I told you, idiot, I'd probably follow you since I have nothing better to do and personally can't stand it here as is."

"Yeah, but," Lavi started, wrapping an arm around the back of Kanda's shoulders and resting his hand on the actual shoulder, "you realize you'd have to abandon your duties as an exorcist, right? Isn't that all there is for you? Somehow, I don't think you could--"

"Tch. All there is for me? What exactly do you think you know about me that I don't? I don't care for my duties, really. Besides, Cross managed to avoid the Order all that time while still keeping his Innocence, I'm sure I'd be able to as well. And if there comes a time I need repairs, Komui is good at keeping secrets." Kanda glanced to the side at the bookman with strong, self-assured eyes. "You piss me off, but… I'd like to keep seeing you, I suppose."

But what about your tattoo? was what Lavi wanted to ask, alas, it remained in his mind as a silent question. Lavi placed a hand over his eye-patch a moment, then lowered his hand with a sigh. All of those worries and thoughts were unnecessary right at that moment, simply adding to stress. Right now, all that was important, was indulging in the minimal amount of rest they were gifted with.

And they did just that. Lavi leaned back against the bench, tipping his head back a tad as well, taking in the fresh, cool air as he stared up at the sky. Kanda crossed his arms, but also leaned against the back of the bench, enjoying the quietness of the courtyard. It was a beautiful, sunny winter day, which gave them both some feelings of ease, and they would keep on delighting in it.

Their worries left their minds, the somewhat tense atmosphere having cleared up quickly. Ah, yes, this was why Lavi loved being surrounded by nature so much back when he'd travel with Bookman. It truly, indefinitely, soothed the mind.

Off not too far away from them, peeping eyes had been watching the entire time. More specifically, those peeping sets of eyes had been hiding behind a small wall separating the courtyard from the garden. All of the stares were mixed with many things, the main one being surprise.

"I told you!" Allen 'shouted' in a whisper. "They fell for each other during the mission! Those two! I knew it!"

Lenalee blushed madly, looking down as if she believed she were invading their privacy with this act of spying. Krory was blushing as well, but tears were swelling in his eyes at being reminded of his one true love not being in this world anymore. Miranda, also blushing, couldn't help watching as much as she could, a bit drawn in by the similar aged men. Allen was the only one not extremely surprised -- but he was very well embarrassed.

The other exorcists, including the generals, were doing their own thing around the Order, less Belle and Timothy being out on a mission. The finders and science workers were busy doing their own things as well. No one else was around to spy except Allen, Lenalee, Miranda, and Krory in other words.

"A-ah…" It was Krory to first break the small silence between them all, eyes still threatening to pour water any second. He lifted his head dramatically, hands trembling as he clutched the top parts of his own arms. "L-Lavi… he found love?" he sobbed. "Th-that is… j-just like… Eliadeeeeeee!"

There was no point trying to get Krory out of his Eliade fits, so the other three didn't even attempt. Instead they gave him quick sympathetic looks before going back to the topic at hand. Krory would snap out of it on his own anyway.

"It-it's actually… sweet," Miranda added despite her embarrassment as she looked to Allen and Lenalee. Miranda herself had never seen two men this way, so it was a lot to take in. Though since she was in her mid-twenties, the topic in general wasn't unheard of. "I didn't think Mr. Lavi would end up with another man though…"

"Huh, yeah," Allen said, pressing a hand to his chin in wonderment. "He was so flirty with women all the time. I was under the impression that was all he was interested in. But come to think of it, Kanda is pretty for a guy according to everyone, so maybe that has something to do with it. I can't help but be curious though, was Lavi's flirtyness with women all a cover?"

"Of course not!" Lenalee practically shouted, the other three surrounding her looking taken aback. The teenage girl quickly had to quiet her voice in fear of them all being discovered. That certainly wouldn't go over well had that happened, with Kanda especially. It was already shocking enough they hadn't been noticed yet with Kanda's and Lavi's instincts.

"Um, what I mean is…" Lenalee spoke softly, trying her best to think of how to explain something. "Yes, they are both men, but… um…" She glanced toward the two 19-year-old's, a certain sweet twinkle in her eyes, even if she did feel odd for watching. "…perhaps love has no race, gender, or age? After all, it exists in many forms, like siblings and friends. I… I want to try to be open to other people… since we're all different…"

By the time the teenager had finished her little talk, the other three were left gaping, staring at her with admiring eyes. That girl was truly something to be saying such words. But then, with her overall kind, accepting, and understanding demeanor, it wasn't surprising.

Lenalee, when she turned her vision back to them, felt entirely embarrassed now, and her cheeks turned redder than the red on their newest uniforms. "It's just… I love all of you. You're my friends, and I want to do my best to accept you all as you are."

"L-Lenalee," came from Allen's mouth as he stared with a stunned expression, unsure of what to say exactly, "you're… very kind… A mind like yours is hard to find in this world…"

The Chinese girl blushed an even deeper shade of red at the compliments. "I-I… D-don't you agree though, Allen?" She paused, looking at Lavi and Kanda once more, then back at Allen. "About what I said?"

"Ah…" The white-haired teenager's eyes widened and he blushed as well, then nodded in agreement. "Of course!"

All four of them started to laugh softly amongst themselves, being careful not to be too loud. With all they'd been through, they could learn to accept the two men, Kanda and Lavi, as they were, even if at first it seemed terribly strange. Lenalee had reminded them they were all still friends, and that with the war they had to learn to accept new things anyway.

"B-but poor Lavi," Allen suddenly stated, still laughing a bit. "I mean, Kanda of all people. What bad luck."

"Allen," Lenalee huffed out in a scolding manner, crossing her arms, "that's not a nice thing to say."

"What?" The younger teenager shifted a bit and crossed his own arms, sticking his nose into the air. Like Allen would admit he thought the two somewhat fit together in terms of 'opposites attract.' Kanda was a jerk, but Lavi was pretty capable of putting up with it, even if he needed saving from Kanda sometimes. "He's a jerk, that Bakanda."

"Who even taught you that pun, Allen?" the Chinese girl asked with a small chuckle. "I wasn't aware that you knew any Japanese."

"A-ah!" Allen bit his lip. "Well, I have traveled a lot… Actually, Kanda was always calling me 'baka,' so I asked someone what that meant one day. And now I think 'Bakanda' suits him!" The other three exorcists began laughing again, and Allen blinked in confusion. "B-but it does! What's so funny?!"

"ACHOO!" Kanda rubbed his nose a bit, an annoyed expression covering his features, eyes scanning the area as if searching for something, but more specifically it appeared to be someone.

"You okay?" Lavi asked, sitting up and glancing at his lover. "Allergies? Even in the winter, there are plenty of things that can make you sneeze like that."

"I'm fine, it's not that," the Asian replied, eyes fixing on the nearby wall with the tiny gate that lead to the garden. Kanda himself loved to spend time in there when no one else was around. There was no way in hell he'd let the majority of people around the Order find out he liked gardening as a hobby though. "It's just, my sprout-killing senses are tingling for some reason."

Lavi burst out laughing and couldn't control himself, which earned him a glare. And when the redhead finally managed to calm himself a bit, he asked, the words still tied in with a small bit of laughter, "Your… what?"