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Bella is 5 years old and is found by Emmett one day in the woods… I know this sounds really weird but can you just imagine Emmett acting as a Charlie when Edward dates Bella when she's older?? HAHA Emmett being a Charlie when Edward and Bella announce their engagement?? Hilarious!!

Emmett's POV

I ran back to my car from hunting and found a little girl in my path… I nearly knocked her over!! She had flowing, brown hair and incredibly pale skin which almost looks transparent. When I looked closer she looked like she had been crying in fact I could smell the tears.

'What's wrong there?' I asked in what would hopefully sound like a calming voice instead of a big, bad vampire.

'I'm lost!', the girl replied and tears started flowing rapidly, my heart sank and I grabbed her in a famous-Emmett-styled bear hug while she hugged me back.

'Come with me, by the way what's your name?' I talked to her casually.

'Bella' Hmm… It suits her, such a pretty name for a pretty girl. Bella climbed on my back and on the way home I was wondering what everyone else is going to think. Alice would probably already know thanks to her 'gift' and told everyone. Esme would be so happy, Jasper disturbed (because of the blood), Edward moody (as always), Carlisle… I dunno, Alice would say YES!! And Rose… my beautiful, SEXY, Rose… I always thought she wanted to have a child…

Sooner than I thought possible, I arrived home with Alice running to me and grabbing Bella. Rose grabbed me in a passionate hug and said that there is a family discussion inside regarding Bella.

When I got in Bella was staring at everyone with an open mouth. Everyone seemed in control of their bloodlust but Edward and Jasper have pretty dark eyes… Edward, that was odd since when did he have dark eyes? He had the best control out of everyone except for Carlisle.

Edward whats wrong? How long since you've hunted (AN: Incase you didn't know the Italics are what Emmett was thinking directed especially to Edward's mind reading abilities).

If Edward heard my comment on his hunting, he didn't show it, he was clenching his fists and glaring at Bella!

Edward… EDWARD!! Go to your room if the smell is too much I growled to make my point clear.

Edward left.

'Bella this is my family, you can stay with us until we find your parents again' I said calmly, 'My name is Emmett, this is Rosalie, my girlfriend, that's Jasper and Alice, Carlisle, my dad, Esme my mum and the angry looking guy who ran up the stairs was Edward but don't mind him he's always angry for no particular reason.'

'Thank you', Bella replied in a quiet tone but everyone heard her because of our vampirism.

'Now dear I think it's best if you go to sleep, you sure look like you've had a long day'

Bella silently nods, she turns to give everyone in the room a hug and I felt proud of her for some unknown reason. Jasper looked at me questioningly; I just shrugged but glared at him to make sure he was in control of bloodlust. When he looked back at me he had topaz eyes, how did that happen? He must have sensed my confusion but he just shrugged in reply.

Once Esme has tucked Bella into one of the spare bedrooms, Edward returned and we all gathered around the living area.

'Can we keep her?' I pleaded with puppy dog eyes

'Yes please!!' Rose, Alice, Esme and Jasper joined, although Jasper was probably doing it due to everyone's desperate mood.

Please Please Please Please Please

Edward pinched the bridge of his nose, 'If you don't stop that chanting Emmett I will tear you limb by limb', he growled.

'We can't just keep her, what about her parents?' Carlisle asked

'They're already dead' replied Alice

'We have to keep her, we cant let her go to the orphanage plus we'll spoil her rotten, I'm just looking forward to having my own child' added rose, when I looked into her eyes I can see all the hopefulness.

'Yeah rose and I can be her parents, please dad' I pleaded.

Please Edward get on my side, I promise I will never ever make our in your car EVER again and think of rose all her human hopes and dreams!

'Yes, Carlisle just let them have their way!', Edward said exasperatedly, flashing a 'you better thank me' look.

Thank you

'How are we going to tell her that we are vampires?' asked Carlisle

'Um… get her used to life here, then break the news' suggested Alice.

'Done' I said.

'We are getting a child' I whispered excitedly into Rose's ear.

Next Morning


I looked around to find being in a large room with dark blue walls, it looks like it came out of a home designer magazine. WOW. Suddenly a black and white blur came into my room bringing in piles and piles of clothes. It turns out to be Alice, the hyperactive one, no one would forget a person like that.

'Dress up time' Alice shrieked

I backed up into a corner and started whimpering, Dress up UGH!! Hate it.


When Bella woke up I was so happy, I got to see my, 'daughter' even though she didn't know it yet. Alice raced out of the living room with an extremely large pile of children designer clothes when Bella woke up and from what I can hear Bella sounds as if she is being tortured. I giggled and climbed up the stairs to find the source of commotion.

The scene was comical, tiny Bella is retreating to the wall while Alice is stalking over to Bella while saying how good Bella would look when she wears the clothes.

'Stop torturing her Alice give her time' I said authorativly

Alice mumbled something that sounded like 'fashion waits for no one and that Bella has been wearing the same clothes all night anyway'

I laughed and picked Bella up and sat on the bed while gently stroking her hair, shes so pretty and we are going to have the best time together.

I was suddenly anxious to see if she would accept me.

'Bella, we just found out that your parents are dead so you will be living with us from now on, Emmett and I are going to be your parents… how do you feel about that honey?' I said slowly while rubbing soothing circles on her back.

Bella whimpered and started sobbing onto my 'Juicy' blouse (I don't even know if they sell blouses). 'Its alright if you don't want to dear' I said sadly.

Her sobbing quieted a little but she said, 'I love you mommy, I'm so happy that someone wants me' and starts sobbing again, I wonder what she means by that, don't her parents want her? She seems absolutely adorable to me.

I hugged her closer to me and sighed, I'm going to love having a daughter!

'Rosalie come down with Bella please, we need to tell her something' Carlisle called, his voice think with implications on the something

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