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Epilogue. 50 Years Later...

It's been fifty whole years since the day Edward proposed to me. I've loved every moment of it. We got married a few years later, after starting school as juniors, we were married right after graduation. A few friends from school that we met came. Daddy got his clergyman licence and married us. The Denali's came down from Alaska. It was perfect.

Edward and I moved away and lived on our own for a few years. I learned Spanish and French fluently, thanks to Edward. I learned how to pleay the piano more, and I soon was able to compose more songs. I published a few under an alias, as did Edward. But, Edward never published my lullaby. No ones life could have been more perfect.

Edward and I were so happy. We lived forever at seventeen. We had a great family that loved us. Most of all, I had Edward.


I sat at the piano, playing with a new song that had b een floating around in my head. I closed me eyes and my fingers skimmed over the notes that were being hit in my imagination. I stopped playing and wrote them down on the sheet in front of me. I started hitting new notes when a familiar set of arms came around my side.

"Hello, Love," Edward said. He kissed my cheek. I grinned at him. "This one sounds beautiful."

"I've been playing around with it for a while now," I said. "It's starting to sound like what I want it to."

"You're getting very good, Bella," he said.

I giggled. "Daddy said that I'm taking your talent," I said.

Edward grinned his crooked smile that made me go tingly everywhere. "Someday," he said. "You're good at everything."

"But, you're better," I said.

Edward hugged me tightly. "You'd think that," he said. "But you are better than me at being compassionate and tolerating your father."

"That's funny," I said. "You've lived with him longer, but I can deal with his stupidity." It was true though. He was my dad. I could deal with him almost as well as Mom could.

"Hmm," Edward said. "Have I told you that I love you yet?"

I gigged again. "No," I said. "You haven't."

"Well, then," he said. "I do. I love you so much." He kissed me softly. I smiled into the kiss and put my hand on the back of his head. I groaned when the door slammed open and Dad stared at Edward.

"Daddy," I said, using my cute voice. "We're married now."

"It's hard for him to grasp that, baby girl," said Mom. "He's not used to it."

"I don't understand why," Alice said, skipping in. "You two have been married for fifty years. It's not that big of a shock. It's not like it should be setting in on him now, I mean, he did marry you guys."

"What's up?" I asked. They wouldn't just come in like this unless they were planning something.

"We're kidnapping you guys," said Jasper, walking in. "Bella's going with Rose and Alice, and Edward is coming withe Em and me."

"What?" Edward and I asked.

"We're going hunting," said Emmett.

"And we're going shopping!" said Alice.

"Fun, fun," I said, sarcastically. Alice rolled her eyes as she pulled me away form Edward. I groaned.

"Why?" I asked. "We went shopping last month!"

"Are you forgeting who your dealing with?" Mom asked me as Alice shoved me into the back of the Porsche.

"That was a month ago," said Alice. "They pul out new clothes and new sales every month ad we're missing it becasue of your hissy fit!"

"Calm down, Alice," I said. "Where did your husband go?"

"Haha, funny," she said, sarcastically. "You need more clothes anyway."

"I still don't understand why we can't wear a shirt more than once," I said. "I've lived with you for more than sisty years and I stil don't understand."

"Be grateful she's not makeing you change every few hours," said Mom. We took off towards the mall. We shopped for hours, getting new skirts and jeans and shirts and dresses and nail polish and hairties and everything. The whole she-bang. Torture. Horrifying torture.

But I made it.

My life was all good. There was nothing bad in my life. I went hunting one week, shopping the next. My family mostly left us alone when we wanted alone time. I'm glad that they're there for me.

I know that love and life isn't perfect. Edward and I fight every so often, like every couple. I fight with my parents, just like everyone. But I think that my life has to be close to perfect. I love everything about it. I don't want anything to change.

And so, I lived happily ever after... for all eternity.

The End...