This story was adopted from cpotaylor he is getting ready to go back to war all of you who read this keep him in your prayers.

A young 19-yearold about 6 foot tall man with sky blue eyes and spiky silvery-blue hair that reached down to the middle of his back was standing at the edge of a field in a large forest. He was wearing a blue gi with a gold dragon stitched on the front, sleeves, and back, he also had a large zanpukto in a sheath on his back, lastly he had a forehead protector on his forehead that showed where he was from. The young man was a shinobi from the hidden village of Konoha; he is Uzumaki Sanosuke, otherwise known as the dragon Sennin of the hidden leaf.

'It has been 12 years since I have seen my little brother Naruto. I wonder how he has been these past 12 years. Maybe I should go check in on him,' he thought as he looked across the field which just hours ago he had a group of travelers from a hoard of bandits and missing-nins. So having decided he turned around and began his journey to his home, the hidden village of Konoha, where his younger brother Naruto was not faring so well.

'Aw man, this is bad. I'm gonna be late all because of that stupid clock! Even Kakashi-sensei is going to be there before me.' thought Naruto as he ran at top speed through the village to team seven's meeting spot at the bridge that crossed the Kidou river in the village.

Konoha training field 7

'Thank goodness, I got here before Kakashi-sensei' he thought as he reached the bridge and saw Sakura sitting next to the rail and looking into the clear water of the river.

"Hi Sakura", Naruto told her as he walked onto the bridge.

"You're late", she told him in a very cold tone of voice as she gave him an icy glare.

"Listen Sakura. Are you still mad at for what I did?", he asked her.

"What do you think you damn baka?", she shot at him nastily.

"I kept my promise to you and I brought Sasuke back, but when he tried to kill the others that went with me to bring him back, I stopped him from killing them. He then tried to kill me and then we fought. You have to understand that I only fought him in self-defense, I promise.", Naruto told the thirteen year old female shinobi that had a look of sorrow on her face that quickly turned into rage.

As Sakura slowly got she said," You were the one that hurt Sasuke-kun. Naruto you are

nothing but a curse in the village that will never be anything but a shinobi that can not even master a low-level jutsu. I will never forgive you for what you have done to Sasuke-kun. Every time I see you, I want to castrate you because I hate you so much!"

After listening silently to what Sakura has said to him, Naruto said this to Sakura,"OK; you can let a foolish childhood crush blind you until you realize how much of an idiot you are being by continuing to pursue Sasuke." After saying this Naruto turned around and jumped into a tree to wait for Kakashi to get there.

After a few minutes Kakashi appeared in a poof of smoke with an unexpected person behind him that was to be the newest member of team seven.

"You're late!", Sakura yelled at Kakashi as he appeared at the bridge.

Naruto then noticed the person behind that was standing behind his sensei and he asked,"Huh, hey Kakashi-sensei what's she doing here?" as he pointed at the black-haired female ninja behind Kakashi.

"She is your new teammate Naruto. Her name is Tenten, and she balances out the team with her skill with weapons. Naruto, today you will be watching over Ikura-sensei's class at the academy. All you will be doing is teaching them chakra control by using the same exercise that I had you, Sakura, and Sasuke did in the wave country. So go there now and begin to teach them."

"Sure, whatever you say Kakashi-sensei", said Naruto and then he turned around and began to head for the academy to watch over Ikura's class.

"Ok, now that Naruto is gone, we can head to the Hokage's office to receive the briefing for our mission, so let hurry up and get there. I want to know what this mission also as I don't have any info about it at all.", said Kakashi and he turned around and began to head for the Hokage's tower at the center of the village.

Five minutes later, when Sakura and Tenten walked into the Hokage's office, they were surprised when they say all the genins, Ikura, and all of their jounin senseis talking silently and waiting for the meeting to begin.

"Thank you everyone for coming to this meeting at such short notice but it was necessary and extremely important." ,said Tsunade the fifth Hokage.

"This morning several A.N.B.U.s reported to me that Naruto's older brother, Uzumaki Sanosuke is currently heading to back to Konoha to check in on his little brother. He is going to be seeing how the villagers are treating him and such. There is a small problem though. Sanosuke will be back in the village by about four in the afternoon tomorrow.", she told everybody in the room.

"What do you mean that Naruto has an older brother?", shouted every single one of the genins in the room except for Tenten at the same time.