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"She's somewhere in the Wave country collecting medical herbs with Kisame. Oh yeah I almost forgot to give this to you." said Itachi as he pulled a scroll from one of his pockets and tossed it to Sanosuke, who regarded the scroll with questioning eyes as he caught in one hand and still reading his new book in the other.

"Don't worry its not anything bad. Its just the cleaving sword that Zabuza was using before he died. Just give the sword to Tenten as I owe her a sword anyway and it saves me the trouble of possibly being spotted by any ninjas that that are in a weapons shop and end with a big mess on our hands." said Itachi as he watched him open up the scroll and summon the sword from within it. Moments after the sword was summon the scroll burst into flames and left nothing but ashes but the sword was still there in the room though.

"Haku use a one-time use scroll to seal it in?" Sanosuke asked as he handed the eight foot long sword to Tenten. "Tsunade, I need for you to give a Konoha head protector to Itachi. Itachi I want for you to immediately bring Haku to my clan's manor as soon as possible. I don't care what she says but she needs to be here so that I can get her and these two to begin working as a team for the Chuunin Exams as these two will be balanced with an experienced medic and genjutsu user on the team."

"Itachi here is the headband that you need to give to that girl Haku. If you head out you should be able to get her to the village by about nightfall tomorrow if you hurry all the way to the Wave country" Tsunade told him as she handed a headband to him so that he could leave as soon as possible.

"Tsunade, I'm gonna go take these two to the clan manor now, you will be going too Tenten as the Uzumaki clan manor will be your new home starting tomorrow." said Sanosuke as he grabbed his sword and put it back on. As he walked out of the office he grabbed the cleaver from Tenten and picked up Naruto in his other and put them both over his shoulder while as he walked out the door he gave Tenten a look that said, 'come on and please no questions since my head hurts.'

As Sanosuke walked down the streets of Konoha with Naruto and Tenten following him, he could help but think that the best thing to do was to train Naruto to use his clan's legendary sword the Tenru but he would begin teaching him how to wield a sword properly tomorrow morning and teach Tenten how to use her new cleaver and enhance it when he has a chance to do so. After Sanosuke had been walking for a while on his way to the Uzumaki clan manor, he began to get bored and took out the book that Tsunade had thrown at him when had entered her office earlier and began to read.

After reading the book for awhile as he walked Sanosuke let out a snort of anger as he put the book back into his pocket and proceeded to think about what he had read in the book. 'When I see Jiraiya I'm going to shred that little notebook of his when I see him then pound his ass into the ground for even mentioning her in this book.'

As Tenten walked next to Naruto(who had woken up after they had left the Hokage's) she couldn't help but wonder who the hell had made him so mad that he leaked out such a powerful killing intent that was causing the few villagers on the roads to run in fear when they saw the trio coming down the street.

"Tenten, what do you think would be the village's biggest fear would be?" Asked Sanosuke as they walked down the street towards he Hokage's Monument.

"I would have to say that their biggest fear is that Orochimaru will destroy the village." Answered Tenten confidently as she looked at the monument as they had arrived there and stopped.

"Tenten, the villager's biggest fear is that the Kyuubi will come back to attack the village." said Sanosuke as he looked at her like he knew something that she didn't.

"How can the Kyuubi come back. We have all been taught that your father killed the Kyuubi the night that it attacked by using a technique that cost him his life." said Tenten as she sat down while Sanosuke looked for something that she could not see.

"Tenten, my father was not able to kill the Kyuubi because it was so strong. He had to use the last choice that he hoped that he would not have to make. He had to seal it inside of a newborn child and out of all the children in the village who has their birthday on October tenth?" said Sanosuke when he came to a rock with a weird symbol carved into it lay near a few bushes at the bottom of the monument and pushed the bushes aside revealing a cave with steps in it leading up into the mountain.

For a few moments Tenten was deep in thought as she got up and walked towards the cave entrance with Naruto following closely behind staying silent because he knew that the conversation was leading to. As Tenten walked behind Sanosuke into the cave entrance deep in thought she could not find anyone in her memory that had a birthday on that day.

As they all walked up the stairs nobody spoke a word with Sanosuke clearly agitated, Naruto dreading Tenten finding out his secret and then beginning to hate him cause she saw him for the demon instead of who he was.

For a while the three walked up what seemed like a never ending path of stairs going into the mountain. After a few minutes of them walking up the stairs had gone by Naruto and Tenten could see that they were getting closer to the top and that they were almost there. When they walked out of the tunnel they saw that they were on top of the Hokage Monument.

"Hey Oneechan how come we are up here on the monument?" asked Naruto as he looked around the area with a confused look on his face while he started to bounce around like a little hyperactive monkey on crack.. As Naruto was running around Sanosuke and Tenten were looking at the house in front of them.



"Naaarrruuuutttttoooooooo!" shouted Sanosuke as he grabbed him by the collar of his jacket and threw him into a tree that was next to the manor. As Sanosuke walked up to Naruto, his

eyes began to lose their color as he subconsciously began to activate his bloodline limit and get ready to fight Sanosuke.

Walking right past Naruto to the front door on the manor and opened it while stepping to the side of the door as a large blue and black thing went hurtling through the door and hit a large strategically placed gong that had not been there earlier. As Naruto and Tenten looked at the person that flown out of the door when Sanosuke had opened it up the person finally got up and started swearing loudly.

"What are you doing here Haku aren't you supposed to be in the Wave country with Kisame gathering herbs?" asked Sanosuke as the long black haired girl in a blue kimono got up went up to him.

"Yeah I was Sano-kun, but when I finished gathering them I heard from Kisame no baka that you were going to be here and, that I was going to be your little brother's and his fiancé's teammate so I got here as soon as I could so I that I would be near you even longer." said Haku as she jumped on Sanosuke's back with her arm around his neck in a hug.

Sighing as he went into the house with Haku on his back followed by Naruto and Tenten, Sanosuke was he was heard muttering under his breath about how he was going to kill a certain not-so-smart shark-like moron because he couldn't keep a single secret.

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