Misukage: Hi everyone

Sasuke: You again? What is it this time?

Misukage: Nothing -gives an innocent smile-

Sasuke: Yeah right -sits back on studio couch- Ok who are the victims?

Misukage: Victims? O.O

Sasuke: The couple in this story? -sighs and breaks out a bottle of sake-

Misukage: Why you and Hinata of course

Sasuke: -sighs- I should have known. All well at least its not Sakura.

Misukage: -sends a kuni at him- LIKE THE HELL I'D PUT THAT BITCH WITH ANYONE!!

(For those of you under 16 I'd suggest you leave the studio till this is over)

Sasuke: -ducks and the kuni is missed by a hair- Ok, ok I get it. Sakura bad, Hinata good.

Misukage: -eye twitches- Sorry viewers but I have issues with the she male.

Sasuke: -whispers- She has issues with a lot of things

Misukage: -takes hot frying pan and smacks him over the head with it-

Sasuke: -passes out-

Misukage: Good boy -pats his head-

Misukage: Ok now with the brat out of the way lets begin shall we?

………..Hinata's point of view…….

My name is Hinata Huyga and for the past few months I have been Sasuke's secret make out partner.

………Flash back…….

It all started on April 26 of this last school year at this local golf course. It was prom night and I had stepped out side to get some fresh air. Well that's what I told some of the girls I was with anyway….. Truth was my friend had ditched me to go and do God knows what with her boyfriend. Normally I wouldn't have cared really cause she and my other friend were always doing that to me. Leaving me or making other plans and not telling me about them….. Man I sound pathetic but for once I thought I could count on them.

Anyway, I looked at my cell phone saw that it was 12 midnight.

'Great' I thought 'My dad is already a sleep'

I had thought about asking one of the other girls for a lift home but that wouldn't have been polite.

'Besides' I thought 'I was the one that wanted to take myself to this thing in the first place'

(A/n: O.O Heads up Hinata and Neji are brother and sister in this story)

I looked at my phone again 'I could call Neji. I'm sure he wouldn't mind'

Bad thing was Neji was in Japan with his new wife Tenten so even if he was willing….

I sighed and looked down the road 'I have all of my things and the party is about to end anyway'

I looked back up threw the big windows and saw Mrs. Hatake dancing and laughing. I smiled at her, she was our crazy weapons teacher and while most found her crazy I loved her. I looked down the road and then back up at the teachers.

'If I ask nicely I'm sure they would allow me to leave early' I sighed. This is going to be a good way to end the night for me. Getting all dressed up even though no one asked me, walking threw Grand march by myself, and now ending the night by asking to leave early and walking home.

'I thought on nights like this you were suppose to find your prince charming and all of that other stuff?' I looked down at my beautiful aquamarine dress.

I was startled out of my thoughts when the sound a door opening and metal against metal reached my ears. I looked up and saw Sasuke Uchiha coming out of the building with a cigarette and lighter in his hand. He had his jacket off with his tie hanging around his neck and his shirt unbuttoned at the top. I saw him walking towards me and I walked over to the fountain. Once upon a time when we were in first grade I had a little crush on him but now it was a distant memory.

I looked up at the sky and saw the moon was big and full. I had watched the princess movies and read the stories of girls finding their true love on beautiful nights like this but, like everything else in my life, it was not meant to be. I sighed again, who was I kidding? Princesses and love stories? They were all make believe! All of the romantic men had died out when my father married my mother, or they never existed at all. (A/n: Boy reviewers if you read this I'm not trying to flame you)

I slowly looked down and starred at my reflection. My hair was down and had curls on the ends that were pretty much sweated out from all of the dancing I did. I blushed, one guy that had taken a senior girl had danced a fast dance with me but that was it. I turned to look at the window again. Surprisingly Uchiha-san was standing right in front of me.

He put the cigarette to his mouth, took a suck and blew it out in my face. I waved the smoke away with my hand and scooted a little ways away from him. I hated smoking, never tried it and wasn't about to now. I watched as sat down right next to me and put my guard up. I had been picked on before by his friends and followers and I wasn't about to lower it now.

We sat there for a few moments like that. Silent and looking everywhere and anywhere but at each other. I bit my tongue to keep myself from saying anything to him. I looked at the water in the fountain. I had always had a fascination with water in fountains, I had to know what it felt like. I stole a glance at Uchiha-san and back to the water again.

I already knew that he thought I was weird. I knew that I never fitted in with the others and that I was always screwing up something. I also had the weird feeling that most of the people in my class thought I was gay. I couldn't blame them any, I'd never been kissed or had a boyfriend and I was socially challenged.

'Ah well' I thought 'I can't let my weird factor down' With that I stuck my fingers in the water and slowly moved my arm back and forth. I watched as the reflection of the moon started to ripple.

"Your friends ditched you"

I blinked out of my thoughts and looked to see Uchiha-san staring at nothing in particular with a lazy look in his eyes. I nodded then went back to the water. I heard him sigh and get up.

"Come on"

I looked up again and saw him standing up with his back turned to me.

"Get up and start walking before I change my mind and leave you here freak" he said then started walking.

Slowly I got up and followed him to a black Chevrolet truck. I blinked and walked over to the passenger's side and slowly opened the door. Uchiha-san was already in the driver's seat and glaring at me.

"Hurry up Huyga" he said as though he was doing this because someone told him to. I got in and shut the door. While he pulled out of the parking lot and drove down the drive way. I buckled my seat belt and sat there with my hands in my lap and looking out the window. We didn't speak unless it was to know the turns to take to my house.

When we arrived at my place he stopped the truck and I got out. He walked me to the door and we stood outside there for a while listening to the frogs and crickets. It took a while but I finally figured out what to say that didn't make me feel like an idiot. Sadly though when I raised my head Sasuke's lips came crashing down on mine.

I stood there with my eyes opened stunned. Sasuke Uchiha. Thee Sasuke Uchiha. Was kissing me! My head and body were scared, stunned and happy all at the same time.

As me and my body slowly settled down I realized that he was waiting for a response from me. When I responded, we kissed normally for a little while and then things progressed into Frenching.

'Wow he's really good at this' I thought as we continued.

'Well duh, this is your first kiss and lets not that he's had other girls before' the little voice in my head replied.

When he broke the kiss I gasped for air and leaned against the door. I closed my eyes and concentrated on my breathing for a few minutes. When I opened my eyes again, I saw Uchiha-san wipe his lips on his hand.

"Your kissing leaves something to be desired freak" he said then walked off and drove away into the night.

………. End flash back……..

Three weeks after that I was waiting for my dad to pick me up in our usual area when someone snuck up behind me and pulled me into a bush. Their hand was on my mouth and when I turned to see who my attacker was I was stunned all over again. Uchiha-san was glaring right at me.

When he saw that I wasn't going to scream. He lowered his hand and pressed his mouth against mine. I shivered as I slowly responded back. We were making out again in a matter of a few minutes. I hated to say it but Uchiha-san's idea for a make out spot was bad. I tired to break free but Uchiha-san's mouth wouldn't budge, in fact he placed one of his hands behind my head and smashed my face against his.

Afterwards he took me home in a black car with tinted windows. I was the same way as I was the last time. Quiet, still and pretty much scared out of my wits. When we came to my house, he walked me to my door again and before he left he said.

"See you around loser"

It was like that for the rest of the school year. I would be walking or standing there, minding my own business. Then Uchiha-san would pop out of no where and we'd go ether to some abandoned place or go to my house and make out in his car. We never interacted during school or on weekends or anything. We always acted as if nether existed and that nothing had changed.

Well anyway we've had summer vacation and it's been three months since I've saw him last. I have to admit I'm kind of nervous now that the new school year has begun. What will Uchiha-san be like? Will he be like the way he was before? Or will he and I continue where we left off?

………Normal view………

Hinata ran threw the halls as fast as she could. The first day of school had begun and she was already going to be late for her first class. Advanced weapons. Hinata opened the door and slipped into the nearby seat.

Hinata looked around, there were a few from last year but a lot of the others had dropped out. One in particular had been Sakura Haruno. Hinata sighed with relief when she saw that Mrs. Hatake hadn't shown yet. Her teacher was wonderful but she was a devil in angel robes if you got on her bad side. (A/n: Those of you who can guess who's Mrs. Hatake will get a cookie)

Hinata slowly took out her book and began reading it. Being it was the first day of school and the first class, Hinata hadn't had a chance to go to the library yet.

The door opened and there was a loud bang. Hinata looked up and saw that there was a cloud of smoke in the front of the class room.

"Good morning maggots" Mrs. Hatake said as she stood in front of the class.

"Well I guess I shouldn't call you 'maggots' anymore. After all you did stick around with me for 4 years" She said and walked over to her podium.

"Now to begin with we'll start-" The door opened and a tall red haired boy stepped in. Hinata stared at him. He was in a black leather jacket with a black shirt or tank, She couldn't tell. He also had black baggy pants and shoes. He had a cross hanging around his neck and there was black eyeliner on his eyes.

'Bad boy' Hinata thought. Mrs. Hatake turned her head and glared at him.

"Is there a reason why you've interrupted my class. Blackie?!" She snapped. The red head took a note out of his pocket and handed it to her. Mrs. Hatake took it and read it over. She growled and slammed the note against the hard wood of her podium.

"That lazy bastard is in for it" she said half under her breath and half out loud. She took a deep breath and turned to the others.

"It seems we have another maggot joining our little family class" She said pointing to the boy.

"His name's Gaara so get along or get out" she snapped then went back to her first day of school lecture. Hinata watched as Gaara took the desk right next to her in the front row. When she saw him starting to turn his head towards her, she quickly snapped her head to the front and paid attention to Mrs. Hatake for the rest of the talk.

Class was half over when she was done and she decided to be nice for the day and let the class have the rest of the hour to themselves. Hinata took the book out and struggled to read it as she couldn't concentrate with the boy next to her.

She sighed and gave up on it and looked around the class room. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the boy writing down something. Hinata blinked and put all of her attention on the poster right next to her showing all of the different swords.

Something was placed in front of her. Hinata looked down and saw that it was a note. There was a cough and when Hinata looked up she saw the boy next to her motioning towards it. She took the paper and slowly unfolded it.

Hi I'm Gaara what's yours?

Hinata grabbed her pencil pouch and took out her blue pen.

It's Hinata and nice to meet you

She handed it back to him and then he wrote and passed it back to her.

Like wise

Hinata smiled at this little game

Nice tattoo

He looked up at her with a funny look on his face until Hinata pointed to her forehead.

He smirked then wrote something down and handed it back to her.

Thanks it means Love (A/n: If it means something else please say what it is -.- I tried to look it up to make sure but I forgot)

The bell rang for class to be over and when Hinata left to go to her locker Gaara walked with her. They talked about what classes they had and found out that their schedules where the same.

'Good' Hinata thought 'I'll at least have someone to sit with that tolerates me'

They grabbed their things from the locker and Hinata showed Gaara her most favorite place in school. The library. As they walked in the librarians greeted her and she waved back.

"Aren't you a little scared that they know you by your first name?" Gaara asked in a surprised voice. Hinata shook her head and scanned the new books that had came in over the summer. Picking up one, she read the back and then looked at the cover before taking it in her arms and looking for more.

"I don't mind" She said picking up another book before realizing what she was doing. She turned and looked at Gaara "Sorry I'm kind of a book worm" she admitted bashfully. It was hard not to become one when you have no one to talk to during class and when you had to wait for your father to get off of work.

He smirked at her and shrugged "Eh it's fine. It was kind of fun watching you picking out books"

Hinata smiled at him and saw a person behind him that she hadn't seen all summer.

'Uchiha-san' She thought as he walked across the room. He hadn't changed at all since she last saw him, but she probably did when he last saw her. Her hand went up to finger an aqua blue streak in her hair.

A college friend from church had done it for her two days ago and even though she hadn't bleached her hair it still showed some.

She could hear Gaara say something and blinked.

"I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention" She said

Gaara smiled again "Just asking to see if you were done" he said then nodded over to the book on the shelf. She grabbed the book and nodded then went over to the check out desk.

Sasuke hadn't seen her, but she had seen him and the question that had puzzled her a few days ago remained un answered.

Misukage: -yawns- Well that's it for now folks. I'm tired.

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Misukage: Yup I like to know what people think, Oh and don't worry the next chappie will be more interesting.