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Chapter 12

She slowly opened her eyes and blinked as the images slowly came into focus.

"Sasuke?" she asked, her voice rasp

He nodded "Don't get any ideas just yet though, I've only been here an hour" he whispered "Your family and Sabuku have been her the whole time"

She nodded a little and rested the side of her face against the warm pillow.

"How are you feeling?" he asked

Giggling, Hinata up her hand "with this of course"

"Ha, Ha" Sasuke said sarcastically then got up and poured a cup of water.

"Can you sit up?" he asked

Looking around, Hinata found the remote and slowly lifted herself into a seating position.

Sasuke smiled and handed her the water which Hinata drank greedily.

"Thank you" she said quietly and Sasuke nodded.

They stared at each other for a while, nether sure what to say when the door burst open.

"Hinata!" her sister and mother said in unison.

"You're alive" her mother shouted in a happy cry "Oh Hinata Joy Huyga, what on earth what you were thinking?!" her mother asked crossly.

At the same time her sister was asking various questions.

"Does it hurt? Did you get to see God?, What do you think of Raven and Alexander?"

(A/n: Raven and Alexander are from a book called 'Vampire Kisses')

Frightened by the commotion, Sasuke slipped back and into the hall.

He sat down in one of the chairs and put his face in his hands.

'She's alive' he thought with relief 'She's ok'

"Boy" a familiar voice said

Sasuke looked up and saw Hisashi standing in front of him.

'I'm in trouble' he thought as the main sat down next to him.

"So" the old man started "You're not really her boyfriend are you?" he asked, staring at a spot on the wall.

"No sir" he said and trembled a little "We're make-out partners"

The man cocked an eyebrow at him curiously "Make-out what?"

"We make-out with each other but not much else" Sasuke explained.

Hisashi nodded "I figured as much when you didn't show up here" he said and stretched.

"Women do strange things to men. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst. Each one is unique" the man smiled then "But then there are daughters" he turned to Sasuke then "You may not understand this now but I'm telling you anyway. When you have a daughter, all of those fears that you didn't have before you start having and the ones you do have are magnified"

Now it was Sasuke's turn to look at him funny "What the heck are you talking about?!"

Hisashi laughed "Never mind"

Sasuke shook his head 'I finally see where she gets it from'

Looking around he didn't see the one person who'd he'd thought would be here.

"Hey, Where's Sabuku?"


Temari unlocked her door and walked into her house.

"Gaara" she called "I'm home"

No answer came.

"Gaara?" she called louder and started looking around.

When she looked at the table she found a note with her name on it.

Temari she read Please make sure Hinata gets this

Beside the note was an envelope with Hinata's name on it.


Hinata walked threw the snowflake gate that lead into the cafitorium. There was a band playing and the whole area was decked out in a winter theme.

What was even more surprising was that everyone was dressed up.

"Wow" Sasuke said as they came threw "Looks like a snow globe threw up in here"

"Yeah" Hinata agreed "It looks amazing"

The whole room was covered in white and light blue. Tables had a light blue table cloth and white balloons, the stage was coved in icicle lights and there were blow up snowmen and Christmas trees everywhere.

It had been one week since Hinata had left the hospital and during that time a lot of things had changed.

When she finally came back to school, Sasuke had made it clear to everyone that they were going out. In other words, Sakura stayed a good one hundred feet from her and the other students looked down when every she passed.

Another change was that Sasuke became protective over her. But she was ok with that, she knew it was just is way of saying he liked her. Although Sasuke still acted like a rebel and popular boy, when they were alone he was completely different.

"Hey" Temari said as she came over.

"Temari" Hinata smiled with relief "Have you seen Gaara?" she asked in concern.

Gaara had stopped visiting her the day when Sasuke had started. She had been worried that something bad had happened and prayed that he would be here. Sadly though, she hadn't spotted him around.

"Oh" Temari said sadly "He left" quietly and slowly she slipped her hand in her pocket and pulled out an envelope.

"He wanted me to give this to you" she said and handed it to her.

Hinata took it from the woman and looked over at Sasuke.

"I'm going to get a Pepsi" he said "I'll be back"

(A/n: Some one has seen 'Terminator' one too many times)

Hinata nodded then went over to the windows and sat down.


My name is Hinata Huyga and I'm seventeen years old.

It's my senior year and I have yet to get my driver's license but I will be trying again for the second time this Friday. I have a boyfriend named Sasuke Uchiha and even though we are from two different worlds, we are, as of December first, a couple.

I was pretty much an outsider to the world. It always felt like I was looking threw a window, seeing everything but never experiencing any of it for myself. Well that was the case anyway, then he came along. His name was Gaara. He was one of the greatest people I've ever known. He was a bad boy with a kind heart and a warm smile. He was patient with me and made me feel that I wasn't such an outsider. I never knew what it was like to have someone outside my family look at me and accept me until I met him.

He disappeared three days after an accident I had, but he left a note saying that he had a friend that needed help.

It's been a week now and even though Gaara is gone I still have this strange feeling that he's here somewhere, watching out for me.


"I'll be right back" Hinata told Sasuke and Aria then went out side.

She needs to give her ears a break and to cool down along with some fresh air.

The outside is freezing and Hinata pulls her coat closer around herself. The wind softly blows at her bare legs and the snowflakes dance about. Hinata laughs and twirls around with her eyes closed. A picture of a girl doing the same thing she does enters her thoughts and she smiles at that. Something flaps and Hinata stops and looks around. A nearby shadow moves and she gasps. Hinata quickly walks over and spies a piece of paper. Slowly, she picks it up and realizes that it's the back of a photo. Flipping it over she sees it's a picture of her and Gaara when they were at the homecoming dance.

"Thank you" she says to the wind then goes back inside.

Somewhere in the darkness wings beat and a red and black figure takes off into the sky.


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