This is technically just a random drabble I wrote because I was kind of bored. And thinking about Batman. It's incredibly random and pretty stupid, but I hope you enjoy it anyways.


The Dark Knight slipped silently through the blackened halls, a mask covering his features. Moving stealthily, he made his way down the stairs, freezing as they creaked beneath his weight. He silently peered in the crack in the kitchen door, blinking as the bright light hit his face. As his target moved in, he took his chance pushing through the door and knocking the person to the ground with all his might.

"RILEY POOLE, GET OFF OF ME THIS INSTANT!!" The angry blonde shouted from beneath him.

"Why should I? You could be an evil villain!"

"I'm not in the mood to play 'Superhero' with you. I'm trying to make my pot roast! Just take off the Batman costume, turn on the lights, and set the table!" She cried in exasperation. The costume-clad figure jumped to his feet, dusting himself off.

"I bet no one ever made Batman set the tableā€¦"

"Just GO!"

As the Knight headed back up the stairs, he decided he had just picked his new arch-nemesis...

Document Lady.