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The following morning wasn't unlike any other. Bruce rose early, he completed his morning routine and then went straight to Wayne Enterprise. Despite what many of his acquaintances believed, being a Wayne wasn't always fun and games. Wealth was a number's game. The books were always being reviewed, proposals constantly being made and in the end, it was strictly his responsibility to make a decision. Sure he could hire people to go to meetings for him or act on his behalf, but the key to his success was to keep himself in the loop. It was a burden he carried with a discipline fueled by filial duty.

No matter what, he would protect his father's name.

Regardless of all of the discipline he'd acquired over time from acting as Gotham's caped crusader, absolutely nothing could distract him fully from the illicit thoughts lingering in the back of his conscious. In a moment of déjà vu he'd caught himself staring into space during various activities. He'd been so distracted that upon his return, Alfred had even suggested he lie down for a moment while he offer him a spot of brandy.

Bruce pressed his lips together in an expression of worry.

Lie down….

If only Alfred knew what was actually on his schedule for the night…. But would he… could he?

The clock kept on ticking no matter how much he yearned to stop time and before he knew it, it was time to keep up his end of the deal.

There were tales of The Joker's unpredictable amount of patience. There was the time he'd waited for five hours for a man's shift to end simply to seclude him in an attack. Then there was the time he hadn't been able to wait five seconds for a register to be emptied, putting a bullet in the cashier before he could even reach for the money.

It was plausible to conclude that one could keep the man waiting, but it was without a doubt at their own risk.

The Joker had been waiting nearly half an hour by the door when his brows drew down, left corner of his lip turning up into a slight sneer as he gazed out at the quiet empty road. He supposed his knight- in-a-bat suit genuinely intended to do the unthinkable and stand him up.

Perhaps Bats really wasn't ready to face his desire.

He smacked his lips indignantly, brushing his suit off as he went upstairs into the attic.

That coward….

Bruce pressed the pedal nearly to the floor as he found his way back down 8th ave. He wouldn't have been so late had the last criminal not given him such a hard time. Racing back home to change into something a little more formal might have had something to do with it as well…

At any rate, he'd given the man his word. Now it was time to make good on it. After quietly pulling up to the old house he hurried to the chipped and splintered white door, slightly taken aback to find it unlocked. Nevertheless, he walked in, eyes immediately scanning the dimly lit surroundings.

The Joker was nowhere to be found in the quiet little living room he'd found himself in. The two small rooms in the back were empty as well.

Bruce sighed. Why did he always seem to be chasing this guy…

He returned to the dusty old living room, giving the dark green couches a double take before glancing at the old wooden staircase to his right. He swallowed as he proceeded to ascend them. Surely he was here somewhere…

After finding the second floor empty all that was left was the blue door at the top of the stairs leading to the attic. He took a deep breath before turning the old gold knob and pushing the door open.

He crept cautiously into the center of the dimly lit attic room. The window in the corner was scratched and broken, allowing jagged streams of light from the lamp posts outside to filter in. The old wood floor held tightly to a faint polish as it creaked under his weight.

Old letters and documents littered the damp floor, speckles of mold peeking out from beneath dark chipped plaster walls. The room smelled of damp wood mixed with a faint perfume of old roses, a few scattered across the floor. The room appeared empty, but his instincts knew better of course.

"Joker?" he questioned aloud. There was no answer and he stood there in the silence, refusing to leave. He sighed, gaze on the floor. He could do this… He would try it from a different approach. "Jack…" he gathered his strength.

"Yeah…..?" he heard a familiar voice from the shadows.

"I'm here."


The light-eyed man struggled to quell his impatience.

"You're late." The Joker spoke calmly.

"I know," Bruce stepped into the center of the room. "I'm ready…" he admit.

He heard a calm shuffle adjacent from where he stood.

A shadow in the corner moved unhurried before the man stepped into the light, expression placid. Bruce's eyes lit up as he noticed with curiosity that The Joker had cleaned up rather well, dawning a new suit, skin of his face devoid of the ghastly make-up.

His hands were folded as he paced by the window before turning toward him, eyes piercing.

"I know…"

He walked up to him before reaching forward slowly, hands cupping the other man's smooth warm face, pleased by the fact that he didn't recoil. "..But that doesn't excuse the fact that you're late…" The Joker sighed. "..Fashionably late."

Bruce looked absolutely gorgeous tonight. His hair was slicked back in perfection, black bow-tie nestled neatly between the collar of his crisp white dress shirt. His grey-blue eyes were kind but stern as they peered at him, framed by the masquerade mask. The Joker sifted a hand back into those smooth, short locks.

He watched him. He watched his every reaction with an intense interest that bordered on longing as his hands slid down his shoulder, further down his chest and then landed at his waist, rubbing soothingly. He leaned forward, breathing in the soft scent of the expensive cologne as his other hand trailed up his back. He could feel the warmth of his body seeping through the clothing.

"Does that feel good?" he half-whispered curiously.

Bruce's hands floated up to touch his rival, sliding around his hips and back, pulling to draw his body up against his.

"Yeah…" he whispered.

The Joker pulled him back near the corner pressing his hips against his. The blue-eyed man nearly lost it at the strong sensations creeping into him. He leaned over the other man's shoulder, arms around his torso as he rubbed his groin against his. A faint moan escaped him as he pushed the other man back.

The Joker was dizzy with desire as he felt his back hit the wall. The faint crackle of loose plaster crumbled with the force, becoming nothing more than a distant sound, drowned out by his lustful moans.

Bruce caught his breath. The other man felt good against him but he just couldn't do it there… He had to get a grip. He promised he'd make it back downstairs with him..

"Jack…" he managed.

"What…" the other man sighed as he leaned against him.

Bruce took a step back, much to the other man's disappointment.

"Lets go to my place."

The dark-eyed man smiled.

"Heh…" he shrugged his shoulders as he allowed him to step away from him. "Whatever.." He followed him downstairs and to his vehicle. Bruce looked around cautiously before quickly wrapping the blind-fold around the man's head and hurriedly helping him to the passenger side. He then took his place in the driver's seat once he was certain he was secure. Bruce had just put the vehicle in reverse when he felt a hand glide across his right thigh.

He swallowed before speaking, voice stern.

"Touch me while I'm driving and I'll put you in the trunk…"

The dark-eyed man smirked, leaning back into the seat as he stared at the darkness behind his blind-fold.

"Sure you will, Bats…"

He relaxed as the vehicle began to move and had just enough time to think up several very involved fantasies when the vehicle had come to a halt. Were they there already? He heard the faint click of the lock lifting and then the passenger side was opened, Bruce guiding him. It was all so exciting to him in a way he hadn't imagined…

He could almost bet that he would end up back at the cell that his rival had initially prepared for him and several moments later he was actually proven right. The blind-fold slipped from his eyes and he took inventory. The couch that he was used to had been converted into a fold-out bed, a small table beside it holding essential items. His eyes immediately found the other man's. Now there could be no more excuses.

"So, Bats…."

He reached up and caressed him slowly at first, right hand rubbing his shoulder encouragingly as he leaned forward to press his lips to his neck. Bruce swallowed as he could already feel the blood rushing to his nether regions.

"Yeah, Jack…" he breathed as he reached forward and hesitantly undid the buttons to the other man's dress shirt, slipping his hand beneath the fabric and massaging the skin, amused by how quickly he reacted. Regardless of the fact that he'd had several sensual encounters with the man, he was still uncomfortable. Many times in his past he'd had the pleasure of untapping a few bras or pulling down a few lacy garments, but never the buttons of another man's shirt. Despite the raging erection beneath his slacks, he simply couldn't ignore the awkwardness of it.

"Are you…" The Joker's hands travelled lower and lower before finally resting over the bulge between the other man's thighs, Bruce lifting his hips in response.


The Joker chuckled.

"Ready to fuck me?"

Bruce simply gazed at him for little more than three seconds before pressing his mouth to the criminal's.

The Joker moaned. Finally, what he'd been waiting for. What seemed like an eternity to accomplish was actually happening. At long last... He breathed a sigh of exultation, as his life's purpose seemed to come full circle.

For the first time in ages, he was completely content.

He felt the warm lips move against his neck and he heard himself moan louder in bliss, a welcome tension rising from within as he felt a tingle in response to the pressure at his groin. Bruce's hand came up, tangling in the untamed wavy locks as he tugged with slight force to draw his head back. The Joker gave in without a fight, lifting his chin to allow him access to the tender flesh of his neck. His chest began to rise and fall faster at the pleasurable sensations that sprang up everywhere his mouth touched him.

He couldn't believe that his greatest foe was actually doing this. Between the lips he felt the rough tongue test the moist flesh before the slight pulling sensation began. He wanted to die at the glorious feel of the other man marking him, sucking the flesh as though he were the most delectable thing ever. His knees nearly buckled when the mouth slid ever so slowly from his neck, planting a kiss on his jaw before the lips closed over his own. His brain was on fire as the forceful tongue dipped into his mouth, twirling in a furious rapture with his own.

"Mmmm….C'mon…" Joker breathed as he tore his mouth away for a moment. "You'd better do it…" he urged, slipping his hand beneath the other man's slacks and pumping him encouragingly.

The other man appeared to hesitate, Joker's gaze holding him in place. "Ohhh…I've been waiting for this for a long time…"

The Joker smirked. He wasted no time in undressing him completely first and then himself. He took a seat on the bed first, watching the other man's expression.

"C'mon, Bats…" he beckoned. "You know how this works…"

The other man felt his face flush with embarrassment for a second before he reached for the items he'd left on the table for this very moment. His mind was blank as he prepared himself, the other man watching him with heavily lidded eyes. For the first time, he had to avoid the tense gaze or risk losing his nerve, but The Joker wouldn't let him off so easily.

Bruce felt his heart pound faster as the other man reached up and grabbed him by the shoulders.

"C'mon, Bats," he rolled his eyes. "Don't touch me like I'm one of your little auburn-haired conquests, damn it…."

Bruce's eyes narrowed.


The wavy-haired man sighed before reaching up and slapping the other man with enough force to send a wave of anger through him. A second later, The Joker found himself pinned to the bed, his rival breathing heavily above him.

"What the fuck, Jack…" he glared at the smiling criminal.

"Ahh….Now that's what I'm looking for… Did you forget I'm a man too, Bats? Don't handle me like a little girl…"

Bruce swallowed. This was still so…. so…. odd…

"I wanna see your face…Come closer." The Joker beckoned as he spread his legs, bringing his knees to his chest to expose himself, Batman's eyes finding his. Bruce came forward leaning over his left shoulder to speak into his ear.

"Are you sure you're ready?" Bruce whispered as he positioned himself.

The Joker looked around in an exaggerated manner for a moment before raising his brows, in sarcasm. "Ugh…. Yeah?"

There was a moment of silence before Bruce registered the suppressed laughter beneath him.

Good God, was everything amusing to this nut? Or worse… was he laughing at him or simply laughing. With a sense of resolve and uncharted bravery, Bruce suddenly shoved the head of his erection into the man's body, causing the paler man to gasp in surprise.


Bruce almost allowed a tinge of guilt to invade his emotions at the thought of possibly hurting him. As a result, he took his time in easing the rest of his length in, administering a little more lubrication. He studied the wavy-haired man's reactions, listened tensely to the strange soft growl the other man made as he waited for his muscles to relax.

The masked man grit his teeth at the feel of the tight muscle surrounding his swollen member. Once he got past the slight resistance he pressed his hips forward, the rest of his slick length sinking into the pale man's body with a little more ease.

The Joker clutched at his waist, face turned away from him, muscles of his legs trembling in shock and pleasure. Bruce leaned forward enough that The Joker's knees were against his pale chest. He paused for a minute to gather his bearings. Was this really happening?

Was he really making love to Gotham's scourge? Was he really enjoying the immense pleasure of being encased inside of the man responsible for the death of his first true love?

He was not only damned… but insane..

He drew his hips back slowly, pulling himself out just enough to slam himself back into the helpless figure beneath him.

"Unn!" The Joker grabbed him by the shoulders, struggling to focus. "Do it again… Oh, please just do it again, Bats….."

To his delight, Bruce thankfully obliged, pulling back and rocking his hips between the man's legs.

They fell into a wonderful rhythm, both bodies undulating in unquestionable harmony that seemed to go on forever. In no time at all it was hard for either to discern where one ended and the other began.

Bruce found himself pushing his hips hard between the man's legs just to bury himself deeper into that tight entrance.

He soon found himself bucking forcefully against him, a slave once again to the pleasure driving him towards heaven… or hell… depending on how one looked at it.

His movements quickened a few more moments before he pulled out, The Joker groaning in protest, about to give him a look that would have read "What gives?" when Bruce urged him onto his knees, pulling his hips up toward him.

He pressed his hard organ against the other man's entrance for a second before immediately plunging himself into his body with a groan of pure pleasure.

The feeling was so intense that he threw his head back, arching his back and pumping his hips wildly. He could never have imagined the amount of pleasure this man's body could give him. He was so tight…. so pliant… so warm… so perfect….

Every muscle in his body trembled with desire as he tried to imprint every detail of the intensity of this encounter into his mind. He thought for certain that he would climax at any moment before The Joker surprised him by twisting out from under him and turning to face him with unexpected speed. Before he knew what had happened, The Joker had pushed him face down into the mattress.

"Nah ah ah…" The Joker waved a finger at him in mock discipline. "I get a turn…" He reached under the man to work his erection, Bruce moaning unabashedly into the pillow that wasn't doing a very good job of muffling him. The Joker smoothed a little lubrication against the tight muscle and then after a moment he felt him at his entrance. Bruce's body quivered in anticipation at the nudge of the stiff organ. All fear was suddenly overpowered by the promise of pleasure. He bit his bottom lip as The Joker began to push himself into his body and he heard himself cry out both from the shock and pleasure.

"Ah, fuck…!" he exclaimed.

"Shh…. sh….Just relax," The Joker advised as he began to move slower, Bruce trying to adjust to the uncomfortable feeling of being filled. "C'mon… this'll make it better," the wavy-haired man explained as he began to work his erection a bit more. He'd given him several minutes for his muscles to adjust to his girth, thrusting painstakingly slow at first. It had taken some time, but after several thrusts, Bruce realized that it wasn't at all terrible. He'd dare say he began to find the movements rather arousing…

He felt another surge of desire welling up from within him and he surrendered to it.

His thoughts were shattered, his mind unable to focus fully on The Joker's words. After a few efficient thrusts, he felt the heat from the paler man's chest against his back as he spoke, breath heavy.

"I need to see your face, Bats…" he declared, sliding back. He couldn't help but groan at the absence of his withdrawal. With much coaxing, he'd gotten the crime-fighter onto his back before moving to cover his exposed frame, bright eyes watching him anxiously.

Wordlessly, the dark-eyed man pushed his legs up and apart, adjusting a pillow beneath his hips to angle him a bit more.

Bruce simply tried to catch his breath, welcoming the excitement as he felt the other man position himself. In seconds they were joined once again and in moments he was ready to explode.

The Joker took one look at what expression he could decipher from the features left open from the masquerade mask and sighed at the look of utter desire he could make out.

"You're really somethin', Bats.... " he panted. "Ya know that..." he leaned in as close as he could get and then added, "I wish I could fuck you every day.... Ya wanna know why?"

Bruce simply ignored him as he went on to list several explicit adjectives pertaining to him. He shut his eyes as he concentrated on his own pleasure as he finished himself off, arching his back as he spilled his seed between them in a blinding rush. By the time his high had faded, he'd realized that Jack had come as well.

That much he could guess by the almost unnerving sounding croak-like moan the pale man had made upon his climax. After a few seconds, The Joker collapsed atop him, both still trying to catch their breath. He allowed himself to lay there for all of five minutes before the thought of being comfortable forced him up. He swung his legs over the bed and got up to disappear into the bathroom, returning seconds later with a moistened cloth and towel for the both of them which they used to wipe away the evidence of the other's pleasure. Once they'd cleaned up to their satisfaction, Bruce walked into the corner of the room where the coffee table had been moved and carefully retrieved both plates.

As always, there was cake afterwards.

Bruce was quiet the whole time as he approached his nemesis.

He almost didn't want to give him the special treat he realized as he walked back over to the bed and handed it to him. In his mind it had been wrong to treat him kindly, knowing what he was about to do to him.

"So, what kind is this?" The Joker smirked.

"Try it…" Bruce nodded as he sampled his own dark-layered treat.

The Joker curved his spoon into the cool cake and took a bite, licking his lips afterwards.

"Mmmm…. mocha…"

He took a few more bites before Bruce noticed his eyes getting heavier. The Joker turned to him with a question.

"Hey is this..." before he could finish he'd collapsed onto his side unconscious.

Bruce swallowed down his disappointment. He hated to do it… but God, it had to be done whether he wanted to or not.

As he set his own slice down he turned away from the man for a moment as he was forced to admit that he'd taken the coward's way out and simply drugged him. He knew he wouldn't have had the courage to face him had he been forced to give him up with his knowledge. He would not have been able to stand the other man's angry outbursts or accusing glare.

No. He'd decided the night before that he would have nothing to do with his betrayal.

But how did he think it would end? Did he think that he and The Joker could get along… that they could live out a secretive resolution free from the law? There were no happily ever afters in Gotham, especially not for him. Besides. Duty was more important than desire…

He told himself this over and over again even as he'd put on the batsuit, dressed The Joker and then hand-delivered his unconscious body to one of the confused care-takers at Arkham. He couldn't deal with any questions. He'd simply spun on his heels, refusing to look back...

The commissioner had his word... and a promise was a promise...

Exactly one week later, Bruce found himself on the roof, gazing out at the beautiful night sky until his head felt heavy. Alfred had come by once with a tray of his favorite tea.

"Alfred…" his voice was solemn.

"Yes, Master Wayne?"

The younger man averted his gaze.

"Did I do the right thing, giving The Joker back to Arkham?"

The older man nodded.

"Yes, Sir. As a part of Gotham's society, you did the right thing by keeping a murderer off of the streets. You've eased many people's fears," he smiled. "I think a lot of kids can stop sleeping in their parent's beds thanks to you."

Unconvinced, the wealthy man shook his head.

"But I was keeping him in control here...Until…"

Alfred's brows drew down.

"He's not your responsibility."

"No. No he isn't… But I kind of wanted... I just thought…" he sighed. "Never mind, Alfred…"

The old man's face fell for a second before he willed his features back to his guise of sophistication and omniscience and he spoke kindly, voice predictably soft.

"It's late, Master Wayne…"

The younger man nodded, forcing himself to rise to his feet and began the short trek back to his personal quarters.

He wouldn't understand even if he'd tried to explain it. Consequently, his cycle of doubt and quiet sorrow continued for days.

Two nights later, Bruce lay back in his bed, gaze on the white ceiling. It was three in the morning, fairly early for a night of crime-fighting. His thoughts naturally floated to the man that was probably sleeping quietly in his room at Arkham.

He'd done the right thing by delivering The Joker to Gordon as promised, so why did he feel so miserable? He couldn't get the imagined scene of the man's probable disappointment upon waking up in Arkham out of his mind. He didn't care what anyone else said. He'd grown accustomed to his daily visits to the criminal. He thought back to the empty cell in his basement. The crime-fighter turned onto his side, looking out at the gloomy night sky. The clouds had finally cleared, allowing the light of the moon to stream in. He heard his door open at his back, unwilling to greet his manservant who he knew had come to take his trey away after assuming he'd fallen asleep. The quiet footsteps stopped, only he didn't hear the trey slide back.

The man was probably arranging something in habit. He closed his eyes. Alfred always found something to fix.

His breathing became even when he felt a warm hand on his shoulder.

"I'll be alright, Alfred…" he mumbled.

The hand left his shoulder and he heard his butler shuffle to the foot of his bed.

An unexpected voice answered.

"What the hell kind of name is Alfred?"

That got his attention. He turned to the figure quickly, eyes widening upon recognition.


Bruce's eyes were saucers as they floated up the purple suit.

It couldn't be... Just days ago he'd-

The Joker climbed atop of him, pinning him down to his bed. The pale man breathed a sigh of exultation before his grin widened.


Bruce found himself at a loss for words as he opened his mouth in shock, The Joker whispering, "I missed fucking you…" he held him by the shoulders. "Whaddya say we go another round?" he then brought his mouth against the shocked one below him.

-The End. =D