Chapter 12



This took a long time to finish and I'm sorry for that, but so many things have changed in such a short time. However, I couldn't go on without completing one of the best stories I've started. Any fans that have waited for this end, I thank you and hope to have been ones in the future ahead.


The sunlight gave way to brilliant colors of reds and yellows as the young woman emerged from her slumber, dreams melting away as she walked through the halls of her home.

For a long time it had been raining, storm clouds assaulting the skies and rain cascading over the land like a bitter lover's tears. It was a renewal as well as a reminder of things to come and things to happen.

All the darkness that consumed the land had all but vanished and those left in Konoha left the land to seek fortune elsewhere. Those whom were able reclaimed their kin and were able to give them new joy in living as they picked up their lives in a new chapter.

Kin was able to find her fiancé deep in the mountains of Konoha and married him on the spot before Kami and the creatures that have kept the faith alive in him. They have their own school in a town neighboring Konoha, keeping close so that Kin would always be near her savior. She has never been any happier than the day she gave birth to Zuni, her happy and healthy human girl.

Sakura was free to return to her husband and quickly forgot about the time she missed with her child and quickly made up for it. He was nearly dead when she found him and in the care of a nurse that worked in the village. Overjoyed and full of life, Sakura took them both into her arms and vowed then and there that she would never leave them again.

Hinata, however, was a soul that even the pure Light couldn't save. As she lay dying, she cried out in joy that the world was once again safe and that her family and those close to her could live normal, happier lives without pain and heartache. She could die a grateful woman.

Her family was devastated by the events and could take solace only in that her suffering was at a well-deserved end. They wished Narumi and Itachi all the best and left the town behind, bent on forgetting all that the land carried with it and the darkness that would forever follow.

Narumi smiled into the sunlight as she drew the curtains from the windows of her daughter's room, laughing at her cooing. She had hair the color of dark gold and eyes like the sea. Her skin was a healthy peach and her smile was full of warmth.

"Ready to go out into the world missy?"

Sara grinned a baby grin and raised her arms to be held.

"She's a beautiful girl Narumi, more beautiful than if she's been carved out by pure Light itself." Ino came in and rubbed her hands on her pure, downy hair, "It's been so long since. Do you think about those times often?"

Narumi sighed, holding her daughter close, "Sometimes. I do wish things could have gone differently, but all things happen for a greater purpose, as my mother would have said."

Narumi never heard from her mother again, but had the strange notion that someone new was contacting her from the Great Beyond. Someone kind and good that had a flare for leaving her daffodils, little flowers that resembled crowns a princess would wear.

"Are you ladies ready?" Itachi walked into the room, handsome in a black suit with a crisp, white shirt, "I can't start the day without my three favorite women by my side."

"Whatever, "Ino rolled her eyes and gave him a peck on the cheek, "I know you have eyes only for your blonde, so enough with the useless flattery."

Itachi barked a laugh at her retreating form and took the said blonde into his warm, inviting arms. He never got used to the sweet fulfillment of having her in his embrace.

"What's on the agenda today good sir?" asked Narumi, grinning in a most unladylike manner.

"Whatever my princess desires, as long as I get to come along."


As they made the move out of the nursery, a gentle breeze blew among the curtains, carrying the scent of daffodils into the room. It was a warm wind that teased Narumi's skin and seemed to whisper intimately to her: