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Winter Air, Walks, and Waiting

Dinner went by quickly, the room filled with chatter and boisterous laughter, as the family talked endlessly of things. My conversations with Esme and Elizabeth were nothing less than sweet, making me feel welcomed and loved instantly.

"So when are you guys going to tie the knot?" Elizabeth asked earnestly.

"Ma!" Edward sputtered, spitting out some of his drink. I laughed at the scene and got a glare from him in return.

"We're just taking things one day at a time," I replied. "We aren't in a rush." Esme seemed to approve of the answer for she smiled and went back to eating her dinner while Elizabeth gave Edward a look you'd only understand if you were her son.

Once dinner was over, followed by dessert, and then a few hours sitting and talking to everyone, Edward and I had to be leaving in order to get home safely.

"Do we have to leave?" I pouted as Edward held my coat out for me.

"What are you, four?" He chuckled. "We'll be back, Mom won't let us be away too long."

"I loved tonight, Edward. Thank you for bringing me. It meant a lot." I look him in the eyes as I spoke; I wanted him to see that I was serious.

"You're welcome, but I should be thanking you for coming," he replied.

Our moment alone was cut short by Esme coming up and kissing us goodbye, her and Carlisle had to be going also. Everyone else had already left; the dishes were done thanks to Esme and Elizabeth for I wasn't allowed in the kitchen, instead put with Uncle Tony to watch "the game".

"It was a pleasure meeting you, Bella. Welcome to the family," Carlisle whispered as he kissed me on the head and gave me a hug. I smiled brightly at him and kissed Esme goodbye.

The two left and Edward and I turned to Elizabeth and Mr. Masen, beginning to say our goodbyes, but the two shushed us with their own hugs. Elizabeth and Mr. Masen both said pleasant things to me and then I stepped aside so they could say goodbye to their only child. The way Edward shook hands with his father, before hugging him, told me how close they were. Their eyes met, saying something between them, and then after a few pats on the back, it was Elizabeth's turn. Her eyes had already started to tear as she hugged her son, kissed both of his cheeks, and told him to be home soon.

She turned to me one last time and said, "Be safe."

I nodded and then Edward and I were on the back of his bike, riding across the bridge, both of us silent and in thought.

It was one of those moments where the night had you full. I was full from the food, full from the happiness, full from the love in the family and home. I would go to sleep with a smile on my face tonight, thinking of how wonderful the night had been and how happy I was.

The ride was quick, not many cars were out tonight, but the weather had turned chillier. Edward parked the bike and as soon as we were off, grabbed my hand and led me up to the apartment. We both changed into pajama pants and long-sleeve shirts, and then crawled into bed. He leaned over and gave me a kiss on the lips, whispering his love, and then we both fell asleep instantly.

When I woke, I smelled spices. The spices you only smell a few times a year, the spices that tell you today is a special occasion: Thanksgiving.

I yawned and crawled from bed, walking out to the kitchen to find Edward, wearing an apron, stirring something in a pot. There were numerous dishes around him: pumpkin pies, fresh rolls, salad, finger-foods, and yams.

"Smells delicious," I walked up behind him, giving him a kiss on the neck.

"Well, you wanted this dinner to be perfect, so I'm making that happen," Edward laughed.

"What can I do?" I said pushing up my sleeves.

"Nothing, just sit here and talk to me," Edward replied, giving me that crooked smile he knew I loved. I jumped on top of the counter, letting my legs dangle, as we conversed about the previous night and how well it went.

"How many girls has your dad 'interviewed'?" I asked taking a bite of the mashed potatoes Edward was holding a spoon of in front of my mouth. I nodded that they were done and ready to be taken off the stove and placed in a fancy bowl.

"None," Edward answered.

"None?!" My surprise was too much to be withheld from him.

"Yes, none," he laughed. "You were the first girl I brought home."

"Not even your first wife?"

"Okay, she doesn't even count as a wife, and no. My parents know of her, but I never introduced her."

"Wow," I said. "And here I thought that I had cracked some code and been the first girl your parents approved of."

"You are," he replied. His crooked smile made my heart flutter and I was waiting for something to end this perfect moment but alas, it was just him and I in a kitchen.

Edward finished up dinner while I went and took a shower, changing into an emerald dress and putting on my heels just in time for Edward to go jump in the shower and me to finish setting the table. I glanced at my watch, nodding my head at the perfect schedule we were on. I heard the buzzer go off for the turkey and took it out, checking to see if it was done, and turned off the oven.

"Knock knock," I heard as the door opened and Jasper came in, looking handsome in his button-up shirt and black pants. "Honey, I'm home."

I kissed his cheek as I took his coat and hung it up, asking him how things were going. We chatted a little until Edward joined us, giving Jasper a handshake, and rolling up his sleeves to start plating the turkey.

"Where is everyone else?" I asked.

"Picking up Rosalie from the airport, I suppose," Jasper replied.

"What? She's coming back here for Thanksgiving?" I asked shocked. Jasper shrugged and took a bite of a carrot from the turkey, Edward slapped his hand away, but nothing could be done, Jazz already was gnawing on the carrot.

"Delicious," he smiled. I heard a knock at the door and ran to open it, greeting Alice, Emmett, and lastly Rose.

"Oh I've missed you!" I squeezed her tightly, whispering.

"I've missed you, all of you," Rose said as she looked around. "Mmm, something smells great."

"It's all Edward," I took their coats and hung them up as they went to the couch to sit down. Edward leaned over to me as I shut the closet door.

"Kind of feels like we're a married couple, doesn't it?" He winked and took my hand as I looked at him shocked. Did Edward want to get married now? I started biting my lip as the group discussed Rose's new life in Paris.

"The food is amazing, the teachers are magnificent. Seriously, Alice, they teach each student differently, helping them with their own style and technique. I mean, it's so different from how it was here." Alice smiled brightly and I wondered if there was any jealousy on her side, I knew there was on my side.

After catching up and chatting for a while, dinner was served and everyone dug in. The turkey was bare by the end, the mashed potatoes gone, even the yams were scarce. I took the last spoonful of stuffing as the conversation continued, all of us laughing, joking, and teasing one another.

When dinner was over, the guys went down to look at Edward's bike—one of the more discussed topics of the three of them—as the girls did the dishes.

"So really, how is life here?" Rosalie asked as Emmett kissed her and ran after the rest of the guys. "I know you're not saying something."

"Things are fine," I replied. "I mean things keep happening and I know we need to talk about what I'm going to do, but I wanted to get through the holidays."

"Can we please talk about something else? That's all Bella hears these days," Alice whined. I smiled at my friend for knowing what I didn't want to talk about and nodded along.

"Fine, so how are classes?" Rosalie asked as she took a sip of her wine.

"Next!" Rosalie and I looked shocked at Alice; never had one of us not wanted to talk about ballet.

"Excuse me?" I asked.

"I think it's time I tell you guys something," Alice squealed. Rosalie and I exchanged puzzled looks and sat down at the counter as Alice swallowed, took a breath and continued. "After the recital, everything is settled with Mike, I'm moving."

Rosalie started choking on her wine and spit it all over the counter. Alice started giggling as I grabbed a rag and started to wipe it up, laughing at her.

"What do you mean, moving?"

"I mean…packing up, hitting the road, getting out of here."

"What about ballet?" I asked as I took a sip from Rose' glass.

"I'm…kind of over ballet."

It was my turn to spew wine over the counter as Rose grabbed the rag, stuck her tongue out at me, and wiped up the mess.

"How can you be over ballet?!" I asked. Rosalie hit me and glared, giving me the hint to be supportive. "Sorry, I mean…"

"I'm just ready to do something more. Ballet was the most important thing for me in my life but it doesn't fill my tank anymore. I need to go find something else."

"And to do that you have to leave?" I asked.

"Bella, it won't be for awhile."

"What does Jasper think of this?" Rosalie asked.

"He's fine with it," Alice nodded it.

"He's fine with it?" She asked unconvinced.

"He's fine with it…because he doesn't know."

"He doesn't know?!" I asked. Again, Rose hit me and I relaxed my shocked expression.

"I haven't told him yet, but I'm sure he'll support me," Alice shrugged.

"…you don't love him anymore, do you?" Rosalie asked.

"I…I know I love Jasper. That's something I don't need to leave to find out. I love Jasper but I need to find myself, if he wants to come, then great. If he wants to stay here…then…well, I don't know. What if he says he doesn't want to go with me?" Alice asked afraid.

"Then…" Rosalie trailed off.

"Then we'll be here to help you pack, kiss you goodbye, and expect phone calls from wherever you go," I answered. I heard the door opening and cleared my throat as we started on the dishes once again.

"It looks like you girls sure did a lot," Emmett teased as he started to help put the dishes away with Rose. She smiled at him and handed him plates to put at highest shelf that only he could reach.

"So anyone up for some coffee and pumpkin pie?" Edward asked. I stared at Alice as she put the last dish in the dishwasher and started it.

"I'm fine," I managed to say as Rose and Emmett said they'd take some for the road. Jasper asked Alice what she was going to do and she asked if she could stay the night at his house, give Emmett and Rosalie some privacy.

"More for us, I suppose," Edward chuckled as he put slices in a carton for Emmett and Rosalie. We all kissed goodbye and I waved them as they went. I told Rose I'd call her tomorrow and Alice would see me at school.

Once the door was shut, Edward and I turned off all the lights and sat on the floor, our backs to the wall. I took off my heels as he unbuttoned his shirt, both of us happy, full, and exhausted.

"Do you think we will ever be problem-free?" I asked after a few minutes of silence.

"What are you talking about?" Edward said pushing a strand of hair out of my face.

"I mean, do you think we'll be done with this Mike thing soon?"

"Emmett, Jazz, and I talked about it tonight. We'll figure it out soon, I promise." I leaned my head on his shoulder. "Everything is going to fine, Bella," Edward said as he kissed my forehead.

"Let's go to bed," I said as he lifted me in his arms and carried me to the bedroom. He placed me down and we crawled into bed, quickly falling asleep.

When I woke up, it was my last day of rehearsing before the big night, I got up, kissed Edward's sleeping form goodbye and met Alice in the hall to walk down to class.

"Ready?" She asked.

"Ready, how was Jasper's?"

"If you're asking if I told him, I didn't. I figured there is plenty of time to tell him. We just spent the night talking."

"Talking?" I smiled, wiggling my eyebrows.

"Yes, horndog," she giggled. "We just laughed and joked. He made some popcorn and we watched movies."

"If you say so," I laughed. The conversation continued about the previous night's success, Rosalie, and her moving.

"So you're really going to leave me?"

"I'm not leaving you, I'm just putting some distance between us," she teased.

"Still, first Rose, now you, what am I going to do?" I pouted jokingly.

"You have Edward," she replied.

"Edward isn't going to want to have girl-talk or buy my tampons when I'm sick," I laughed.

"First of all, I have never done the latter for you. Second of all, Edward would do anything for you."

"Just like Jazz."

"Bella, please stop. I'll tell him when I tell him. But I need a favor from you," Alice stopped after saying this.

"What is it, Alice?"

"I need you to take care of Jasper when I'm gone…if he doesn't go with me."

"Al, he's going to go with you."

"I don't know anymore. Jasper and I used to be so in love but after working for Mike…our relationship has been through a lot. I've seen him change and I love him and the person he is, but I've lost myself in the process of dancing, Jazz's job, and our life here."

"Well, just tell him, first. Then we'll figure out if I need to invest in bunk beds for my room."

We arrived at the studio just in time for class, which went by quickly, and then departed to go to our individual dances. I met Jake in the usual studio, his white shirt pulled tautly over his muscled chest.

"Good morning, Bells," he waved as I entered.

"Morning, what's got you in such a good mood?"

"Well, today is the last day Loca, we're performing tomorrow night!" He picked me up and twirled me as our teacher clapped his hands and told us to get ready.

I could perform the steps in my sleep and knew them by heart. Our rehearsal went by just as quickly as my morning classes and no problems occurred. We thanked our teacher and told him we'd be by tomorrow morning for dress rehearsal and last minute tweakings.

"Let's go for that cup of coffee," Jake insisted.

"Okay," I shrugged. We walked down the block to Starbucks, sitting inside and enjoying the hot, chocolate-y drink.

"So how's life?" I asked.

"Great, I'm stoked for tomorrow," he replied. "How was your Thanksgiving?"

"Great," I answered.

The coffee was gone in a matter of minutes but Jacob and I stayed to talk for a while discussing our dance history, our family, and our plans for the future. Jacob had started ballet to help him with his balance and strengthening his muscles but found he loved the calmness and serenity of it all.

"It helps me push away all my demons and problems and just focus on the now," he said.

"I totally agree!" I exasperated. "It can just take you to a place that is so…"

"Awesome?" he laughed. I chuckled and nodded, glancing at my watch.

"Shoot, I need to go. Thanks for the coffee, Jake. I'll see you tomorrow?" He agreed and we said goodbye. I hurried down the street on my way home, freezing and shivering.

"Edward?" I asked as I opened his door.

"In here," I heard him shout from the bedroom. I walked in to find his body in the same place I left him.

"Staying in bed all day?" I giggled as I crawled on top of him until I was straddling his back.

"Mmm," was his reply.

"Mind if I join you?"

"Mmm." I laughed and bent down, kissing his throat and earlobe.

"How was class?" He rolled me over until I was lying next to him, facing him.

"Great, tomorrow is the big day."

"Do I need to go buy tickets?"

"No, I already got you one," I smiled. "But thanks for going."

"Of course, I wouldn't miss it for the world."

I smiled against his chest as we lay there talking for the rest of the day.

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