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Freedom in a Cage

Before Sam met them he'd been nothing more than a regular kid. His life hadn't been perfect. He hadn't been popular and there hadn't been a line of girls dying to date him. He only had one real friend, Miles…

And now that he had time to think back, Sam hadn't been that much of a friend to him.

But he'd been so childish back then. Believing a car could give him the girl of his dream. Everything would've been perfect after that. At least that's how he always thought it would be. Ever since he was five years old and his father had told him the story of how he and his mother met.

His father had been an outcast, like him. His mother had been the beautiful popular girl, like Mikaela. And ever since he laid eyes on her back in first grade, he'd known she was the one. And just like his father had done with his mother, he finally talked to her when he gave her a ride home. Everything according to plan…

That his new car had turned out to be a giant alien robot hadn't been expected. Truth be told everything after that was a blur to him. Too much adrenaline and not enough time to process everything through. And before he knew it, he found himself in the role of savior of humanity.

He never wanted that role, but what else could he had done? Between Megatron and Optimus, did God even gave him a choice? Not like it mattered anymore, what was done was done. He had no one to blame for what had happened to him but himself. Because he had been the one to put the Allspark inside Megatron's chest.

A shiver coursed through him at the thought of what the Decepticon leader might have done with him. A growing part of him whispering if it would really be so different to what had been done to him already.

The teen shook his head, trying to make the thoughts go away. His brown eyes staring at the empty walls of his room.

'Cage,' his mind whispered, making him frown.

'It's not a cage,' he thought back, trying to not dwell on the fact that he was arguing with himself.

How long has it been since he'd seen another human being? The room he was staying in had no clocks and Ratchet had taken his watch. There were no windows and no calendars either. But they had said it was a simple quarantine until they knew how could being the Allspark could affect him. And quarantines only lasted forty days, right?

There was a sound coming from the door and Sam eagerly stood up. He wasn't surprised when Bumblebee came in, carrying something very small in his hands.

"Greetings, Samuel," the yellow mech said and Sam felt his heart sink.

No one called him Samuel, unless he counted his parents when they were mad at him... Or his teachers. To hear Bumblebee calling him like that now still made him feel uneasy.

He was supposed to be his guardian. His friend. But it was either Samuel or Allspark and even though Sam didn't like using the first one, he absolutely loathed the latter.

"Bee…" Sam started, watching as the mech carefully placed the tiny tray of food on the only table that adorned his room. Not for the first time wondering how did he managed to not spill anything when it was so very tiny.

He tried to say something, ask anything, but his mouth refused to cooperate. The scout turned curious blue optics on him, waiting for the teenager to speak, "Is everything alright, Samuel? Is the food not to your liking?"

Sam forced himself to approach Bumblebee. Dragging the chair he'd been sitting on towards the table and preparing himself for another tasteless, but healthy, meal.

"The food's fine, Bee," Sam said, taking a bite and swallowing as fast as he could so he could be spared the horrible taste. Trying his best to avoid the little voice in his head that called him a liar.

Bumblebee sat down on the floor, optics trained on him. He wouldn't leave until Sam ate everything.

"How long 'till the quarantine is over?" He asked, afraid to look at his guardian.

He missed the flicker of optics that he knew meant he'd been surprised by the question. He missed the dimming of glowing blue that he knew meant he was talking to somebody or doing an Internet search. He missed the small twitch of small door wings that he knew meant the scout was uncomfortable. But he couldn't miss when the door opened and Ratchet entered the room. He couldn't miss the way Bumblebee fled as fast as he could from him.

"Ratchet," the boy said, staring at the Autobot with something akin to hunger shining from his eyes. Hunger for knowledge. To finally know what was going on. Because he didn't want his thoughts to be right.

If the rescue vehicle noticed, he made no outward sign of it.

"How long, Ratchet?" Sam finally asked when the silence became too much for him to bear.

The Hummer shifted uncomfortably and Sam's hopes shattered. He could feel the tears threatening to fall as desperation rose within him, "Please… I need to know."

"You have barely refueled yourself, Samuel," Ratchet avoided the answer, "Must I remind you how important it is for you humans to take in the required amount of daily nourishments?"

Sam didn't answer. Instead, he lazily scanned the room. Trying as much as he could to convince himself that everything would be alright. That this was just a temporary situation.

But it was hard to do so when the bed didn't look as new as when he first got it and there were more clothes in the closet than he had in his room back home. Because there was no denying that the gym Wheeljack had built for him looked too permanent for his liking. And there was no explanation as to why they had to build a bathroom for him instead of letting him use the ones already built on the base. Why he had not heard from Mikaela, his parents, those soldiers or even Simmons. Why only the Autobots came to see him only to check on his well being, but never really answering his questions.

Like a pet.

"There is no quarantine, is it?" He asked, deep down expecting the medic to not answer.

"Of course there is, Samuel," Ratchet answered with such conviction that Sam was almost tempted to believe him.

"When can I be out of here?" The teen asked, dreading yet eager to know the answer.

Ratchet frowned, in that way Sam had figured meant he was supposed to have figured the answer. But Sam didn't want to guess anymore. He wanted to know.

"You can't get out Sam," Ratchet said nonchalantly, "You are the Allspark now. You need to be protected."

Sam licked his trembling lips, gathering all of his willpower to avoid crying in front of the Cybertronian, "From the Decepticons?"

He could deal with that answer. He could understand that answer. And frankly, he could live with that answer. Because he brought this onto himself and he couldn't put his family in danger.

'No sacrifice, no victory. No sacrifice, no victory. No sacrifice, no victory…'

Brown eyes widened as Ratchet's finally passed through his mental mantra, "Yes and no, Samuel. Please understand that everything we do is for your own good. Earth is a dangerous place and humans are too fragile. You are our only chance for survival. You need to be protected and well cared for. Do not worry, Samuel, we will provide for you as we have been doing."

Sam didn't say anything back. What could he say when he could feel the walls suddenly close on him? He was trapped.

He wanted the medic gone, but he refused to finish the food they gave him. What little he had forced himself to swallow was doing flip flops in his stomach. He felt sick, but what would be the point of fighting? They were bigger than him and he wouldn't put it past Ratchet to force feed him or something.

Under Ratchet's watchful optics he tried to end his meal. The medic would then tell him it was required of him to use the gym and Sam would dutifully do his exercises.

'I'm not a pet,' he thought angrily, something dark and revolting twisting inside of him as he glared at the almost finished plate.

Ratchet was startled as Sam's blood pressure and pulse rose without a real motive. He'd been expecting some form of stress after the information received but he'd been sure everything would be minimal, once the boy realized how important he was to them.

Instead, he watched as the new Allspark threw what was left of his afternoon nourishment to the wall.


"Get out," the teen hissed, anger clouding is thoughts. How dare they try to imprison him!

Ratchet though was worried about the Allspark. His vitals were skyrocketing and he'd never heard the human use that tone of voice with any of them. Clearly it had been a mistake to tell him the truth. Human minds were more fragile than he gave them credit for. From now on he would have to supervise more closely the information the Allspark was given to avoid stressing him like this.

"Get out!" Sam screamed and Ratchet hesitated before walking out of the room.

The medic would give him twenty minutes to calm himself before doing something more drastic. He was not above using sleeping gas to sedate him if it would help him keep the Allspark stress free.

Inside his room Sam was seething. He still didn't knew how long it had been since he was put under 'quarantine' from the rest of the world for eternity. He ran to the bathroom just in time to throw up what he just ate. The feeling that the walls were closing in on him was getting stronger by the minute. He felt the air being squeezed out of his lungs and a scream of desperation dying before it was even uttered.

He swore he was going to find a way out his nice little prison even if he had to die to do so. And a second later he fell asleep on the bathroom floor.

And the bunny was:

2007. Becoming the new Allspark was like a dream... or a nightmare, for the Autobots didn't want to lose their only way to create new lives again. Caged 'for his own good' and his 'safety', Sam isn't about to lay down and accept his fate without fighting.