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Disclaimer: It is not mine, all belongs to Alison Croggon, the lovely writer of the lovely Pellinor series, which also includes the final book entitled The Singing, of which major events are spoiled in this fanfic.

Okay, I wrote this to deal with writer's block, and I just had to write it anyway. My fingers were itching to type it up. I'm sorry for those of you who can't read it because you haven't read The Singing, but know that it'll be waiting when you do. Of course, you shouldn't even be reading this if you haven't read The Singing, so I don't know why I'm saying it, but I must...

Anyway, enjoy!

And the Song never stopped: released at last into its own music, it played on through all the depths and heights and breadths of the wide and vivid world, following its own desires beyond the reaches of the human heart, forever wild, forever whole, forever free.

-- The Singing, page 419, by Alison Croggon

Cadvan watched in awe as the music finally faded, but in all reality, it did not fade, and he heard it throughout every part of his being. The Song went on and on and on, playing beautifully, wonderfully, throughout the world. It made him want to forever be singing, forever take part in this beautiful music. His eyes were filled with tears as he looked towards Maerad, who stood, lyre forgotten in her hand. He watched, her, wanting to run to her, but he seemed paralyzed with the intense beauty of the scene that had just occured, and could do naught but watch her, hoping she too felt his joy.

She did it. Maerad did it. And she's still alive.

By the Light, she's alive!

He wanted to kiss her, he wanted to hold her, he wanted to cry with her about all he had seen, all she had done. But it was too wonderful for words. He lurched forwards on unsteady feet, but then his heart went still in shock as Maerad dropped her lyre and clutched at her body, as if she were holding herself together. And then she fell limply to the ground, and Cadvan stopped in horror. Had he thought too soon? Was she...dead?

No, no, she can't be...not my Maerad...and I never...I never...

He saw, as if in a daze, Hem running forwards and shaking her fervently, tears coursing down his face, and he knew it to be true. Maerad was gone. He fell to his knees, and barely felt Saliman and Hekibel putting their trembling hands on his shoulders in fear and disbelief. He couldn't feel through his agony, couldn't think anything except, Not her...anyone but her...

He covered his face with his hands and wept, tears spilling form his eyes like the water that crashes down from the rocks, a waterfall. But his was a waterfall of grief, which flowed only when the heart was cut to its deepest point with the sharpest knife. A waterfall of blood. Time was nothing, space didn't matter, nothing was as it was, until he almost inperceptibly felt Saliman's hand tighten on his shoulder, and then heard his gasp.

"Cadvan..." he heard him breathe in amazement, but Cadvan did not look up, so trapped was he in the fog of pain.

"Cadvan. Maerad...she's alive," he whispered, and those three words were all it took for Cadvan to look up, a fierce hope taking hold of him and forcing his head up to look wildly for her form.

But the hope was right. She was there, stirring, and then looking at Hem. And then brother and sister were embracing, sobbing happily into one another's arms as the song flowed about them all, wild and whole and free.

It was a miracle.

It was a dream.

And it was so real.

Cadvan scrambled to his feet, almost unable to believe it. He wouldn't have if he weren't seeing it through his eyes. But he was, and he believed it, and he knew he had never felt such gladness.

"Maerad!" he cried out hoarsely as he stumbled forwards and began running to her, Saliman and Hekibel close behind, who were shouting joyfully as well. But he was barely aware of their presence as his long legs took him closer to her, his face shining, despite tear streaks, with joy. "Maerad!" he called again and again and again, so happy to say her name, and know it was something so filled with life.

If she were dead...he couldn't imagine it. All the things he had never said, or done.

But he wouldn't have to think like that now. The thought made him beam with joy and inexpressible happiness, and he drew closer as she drew apart from Hem and smiled, her mouth moving as she said words to her brother that Cadvan couldn't hear. But he didn't care what she said. It was her.

Oh, Maerad...

He saw her look up in recognition upon hearing his voice in her mind as he ran the final steps to her, and a brilliant smile lit her face, her eyes shining. And as he took the final steps, he threw out his arms, his relief that she was alive taking control of all other emotion. And then he was with her again as his arms grasped hold of her and picked her up as he spun her around, hearing her gasp of surprise and then her high, ringing peals of laughter. Then he set her on the ground, face bright, the veil of grimness torn aside as he let the fountain of joy burst forth, splashing and chorusing in the Song that trembled through all Edil-Amarandh. A smile of that joy lit his face for a bare moment before he leaned down, his reserve gone, his relief and emotion completely taking control, and her surrendered to the feelings.

And then Cadvan of Lirigon kissed her.


And again.

And again.

He couldn't get enough of her, and his lips were all over her face, leaving gentle, sweet moisture wherever they touched. He kissed with his beautiful lips every inch of her face, save her own mouth. Maerad went still in surprise, heart fluttering excitedly, and she realized that her fears of his unreturned love were nothing, and they crumbled into dust. Hekibel had been right; he did love her. And she loved him. She was shimmering with happiness as she let him kiss her again and again, before she finally stopped him by throwing her thin arms about his strong neck, and moving her face up to his as their lips finally met in a passionate kiss, and nothing had needed to be said when they broke apart at last, and they only smiled and wept tears of joy before turning back to their friends, knowing at last that victory was theirs, and in more ways than one.

Maerad and Cadvan had never been so purely happy.