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Neji Hyyuga sighed. This was all Naruto's fault. He would've been perfectly fine for his 21st birthday curling up with his battered copy of Twilight and enjoying the day in peace,but of course being the Hokage he has access to everybody's personal crap. Birth Date included. So that was why the Coffee haired male was not curled up in his favorite chair in his living room but rather in a bar sitting between Sasuke and The 4th Kazekage

Sabaku No Gaara.

Neji sighed picking up his Sake and taking a sip. It burned going down his throat.

"So rather be reading right now" Neji muttered.

Gaara looked at him and nodded.

"Your not the only one. By the way, Happy birthday." Gaara said handing him a package wrapped in white.

Neji looked at him skeptically. Gaara sighed.

"Just open the damn thing."

Neji slowly pulled off the white paper. Neji gasped, then grinned. In the package was a new copy of Eclipse seeing as his was ruined on a mission.

"Thank you Gaara!" Neji said hugging him.(OOC Much?)

Gaara looked to the Sake then back at Neji.

"Oh great. He's drunk." Said a female voice to the left.

Gaara looked at the speaker, Neji's cousin Hinata.

"Drunk? He hasn't even had a whole bottle yet!"

Hinata laughed.

"His alcohol tolerance sucks. " Hinata said.

"I'll take him home then." Gaara said.

He stood up with the older boy (Lets just say you're allowed to drink and crap at 18)still attached at his waist. Neji tightened his grip on the younger red headed boy, nuzzling his face into his neck and closing his Opalescent eyes.

Gaara felt a blush flare over his pale cheeks.

Neji sighed in contentment, his sweet breath fanning out against Gaara's pale neck and causing the younger boy to shudder.

"Okay." Gaara said picking Neji up bridal style, causing the coffee haired male to giggle.

"Lets get you home."

"Um, that might not be a good idea." Hinata piped up.

Gaara turned to face her totally exasperated.

"And just why the hell not!" Gaara exclaimed.

He didn't know much of this he could take. He was already getting hard and all the boy had done was breath on him!

"Well, Neji's supposed to act his age and not do anything stupid. You take him home like that" Hinata gestured to giggling drunk off ass boy in the Kazekage's arms.

"And he's gonna be in for hell from my father." Hinata explained.

Gaara nearly screamed. He now had a full hard on full hard on and he didn't know how long her could hold out before he jumped the Hyyuga's hot ass.

'He does have a hot ass Doesn't he?'Gaara's inner said.(Yes Gaara has an inner)

'No! Bad thoughts!' Gaara thought mentally kicking himself.

"Then what the hell am I supposed to do with his drunk" 'Hot' "ass?" Gaara asked.

Hinata shrugged.

"Take him with you." She stated.

Not asked. Stated. Gaara groaned.

"Great. Just great!" Gaara said.

"Well think of it this way." Naruto stated, waiting for the Kazekage to face him before continuing.

"You could probably use him to get rid of that there Stiffy."

Gaara nearly dropped his Hyyuga. Stop. Rewind. His Hyyuga? Since when was Neji his Hyyuga?

Gaara felt himself turn the color of a cherry. Instead of replying he simply turned on his heel and walked out of the bar.

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