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Fc: Uh yeah... LONG story short on this one... I'm working on another Digimon X Over and that one kinda slowed... I also was watching one of the Tamers movies and well. Fan plus fandom plus overactive imagination plus bread equals... TAMING THE FRONTIER.

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Taming the Frontier
Chapter one: Destination, Shinjuku!

They had him now. There was no way that Duskmon would be able to survive four beast level attacks. No possible way.

"Now! Let him have it!" Takuya was smirking as he jumped away. He was able to distract Duskmon as Agunimon, while his friends surrounded them. It was a perfect plan.

"Hurricane Gale!" Zephyrmon unleashed a huge light purple gale of wind.

"Lupine Laser!" Kendogarurumon charged up and released a blinding white-blue beam from his mouth.

"Bolo Thunder!" Metalkabuterimon shot a large, electrical bolo.

"Avalanche Axes!" Korikakumon hurled his large twin axes towards Duskmon.

The attacks fused in a rainbow of swirling force around Duskmon. The legendary warriors looked victorious, if only for a moment. Duskmon roared and the energy dissipated.

Agunimon fell to the ground, "It's not possible…" His plan… It didn't even put a scratch on Duskmon.

Duskmon turned slightly. "You'll be the first" He said coldly. He appeared before Takuya in a flash. Kouji's eyes widened as Duskmon raised his sword. Kouji launched himself forward.

"Kouji!" A combined shout from Zoe, Tommy and JP echoed.

Takuya gasped when he saw Kendogarurumon dedigivolve back to Kouji. Kouji had thrown himself in the path of Duskmon's blade, and saved Takuya. Time seemed to slow as Takuya raced forward to catch the falling boy.

He dove forward and caught the boy's body. "Kouji, Why!?" It should've been me. Takuya thought as despair flooded his mind.

"Kouji… Kouji… KOUJI!" Takuya cried out in anguish.

Duskmon blinked. Kouji…? This boy; this… Kouji. Duskmon clutched his head. Darkness overwhelmed him and engulfed the legendary warriors. Takuya held Kouji close to him, protecting him. There was ripping sound and the pair was falling backwards into a Dimension Rip. Takuya pulled the injured boy closer and formed a tight protective hold.

Takuya squeezed his eyes shut tightly and they fell faster and faster. Objects collided with Takuya's back, causing the Warrior of Flame to flinch and twitch in pain. He was still Agunimon as far as he could tell, for if he was hitting the unseen things as a human, he'd be in much more pain.

He heard another loud ripping sound, like cheap cloth being pulled apart. Air was rushing around the Warrior of Flame. Agunimon cracked one eye open. They were falling from the sky in the human world, and falling fast. Takuya just held onto Kouji tighter as the plummeted to the unforgiving earth below.

They crashed through tree branches, and Takuya hit the ground hard and dedigivolved. He fell unconscious still clutching the other boy to his chest.

Morning broke over Shinjuku. The sun peaked over the horizon and started its ascent to the sky. Takato was up to see the morning, despite the fact it was a Saturday. He was walking to the park where he had hidden 

Guilmon, his partner Digimon. Takato is a Digimon Tamer. He helps to defend his home town from rogue Digimon attacks with his friends Henry, and Rika, and their Digimon partners Terriermon and Renamon.

Takato walked up the stairs to Guilmon's hideout. "Hey Guilmon!" Takato stopped; the red dinosaur like Digimon wasn't there in the shed. "Guilmon!? Oh not again…" Takato groaned, turning on his heels and sprinting down the steps.

"Guilmon!" Of course he would run off like this. He's probably chasing a cat. Oh Guilmon, Where are you? Takato walked around the park, searching high and low for the red Digimon.

Takato saw a flash of movement out of the corner of his eye. He pivoted on the stop and came face to face with a red dinosaur like creature. It was Guilmon, and he was sniffing some bushes.

"Guilmon! What have I told you about listening to me?" Takato asked, relieved that Guilmon hadn't left the park, but still annoyed that he was out in the open.

"There's a Digimon Takato! Here!" Guilmon exclaimed happily, gesturing towards the bush.

Takato patted Guilmon on the head. "Alright boy," He told the clearly enthusiastic Digimon, "Let's go see."

The pair pushed through the bushes and thicket until they came across a small cluster of trees, with a small clearing inside. A huge amount of broken branches were scattered all over the place. Through the trees in the clearing, Takato saw two figures sitting on the ground.

Kouji carefully opened his eyes. The sun was rising, where ever he was. He instantly knew he was no longer in the Dark Area, rather in the center a small cluster of trees. He didn't know or remember how he got in the little cluster of trees. The last thing he remembered was the sting of Duskmon's blood red blade.

He tried to sit up and found a pair of arms wrapped tightly around his chest. He pulled himself away from the thing holding him. He paled when he saw it. It was a small, brownish Digimon with a bushy mane of orange hair and a bright flame orange tail. It was wearing red gloves and red pants and was relatively human like in shape. It had pointed, pierced ears, and large feet with three red claws on each foot. Its chest was bare and had a white pattern on it, and similar white patterns on its cheeks.

Kouji pulled away from its grasp, tried to stand and get away from the Digimon; but a sharp, searing pain in his side forced him back to the ground, gasping in pain. Kouji reached into his pocket for his D-Tector. His fingers grasped the small device and he pulled it out. The white and blue device was scuffed and scratched badly. The screen was dark.

"Just my luck…" Kouji muttered to himself, "I'm badly hurt, my D-Tector won't respond and I'm with a strange Digimon. This couldn't get much worse." The Digimon's eyes fluttered and opened, revealing large, cat-like, green eyes.

"Or the universe could prove me wrong…" Kouji muttered bitterly. The Digimon's fingers twitched and its eyes were filled with pain.

It must have been attacked pretty badly… Kouji thought. He sighed alerting the Digimon to his presence. "I see you're hurt too." Kouji said quietly.

Something in the Digimon's eyes reminded Kouji of Agunimon. It was a strange mix of determination and kindness, not to mention ferocity, like the Warrior of Flame. It tried to speak, but no sound came. Its eyes became puzzled as it brought its hand to its mouth and then to its throat. It struggled to sit up. Kouji decided that this Digimon wasn't going to hurt him. He offered his hand to the Digimon.

Then Kouji saw the insignia on the Digimon's belt. It was the symbol of the Ancient Warrior of Flame, the same symbol on the belt Agunimon wore. Kouji's eyes widened.


The Digimon looked at Kouji, his expression clearly saying, "No duh genius."

"Takuya… what happened to you?" Kouji asked softly. Takuya looked confused. Kouji clarified himself, "You're a Digimon. But not Agunimon…"

Takuya pulled himself up with Kouji's assistance and finally saw his body. He would've screamed had he been able to. He looked at his hands and large clawed feet. Kouji put his hand on Takuya's shoulder, trying to comfort his distressed friend.

"It's okay Takuya. We'll figure it out…" Kouji trailed off. Takuya's body froze in place. Kouji realized that Takuya was no longer listening to him, but the surroundings. Kouji heard a twig snap and felt Takuya's body tense under his hand.

A boy wearing a blue hooded shirt, gray pants, and green sneakers emerged through the trees. He had blue and yellow goggles on his head, resting in his light brown hair. A red, black and white dinosaur appeared behind the boy. It was small and muscular, and had piercing yellow eyes.

"Told you, Takato." The red creature growled happily.

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