Posted on October 13th 2008

Fc: This is it everyone. LAST CHAPTER.

Taming the Frontier
Parting of the Ways

"Flamon Digivolve to! Agunimon!" This was the final showdown. Warrior against warrior. Flame against Darkness in the battle that would determine which side was stronger.

Takuya snarled and launched himself at Duskmon. Duskmon was clearly taken by surprise and toppled over. The flame Digimon seemed determined to make the dark warrior pay for all the suffering he's caused and damage he's done. Takuya clawed, punched, kicked, and bit at Duskmon. He was literally on fire with determination.

"Insolent brat!" Duskmon finally knocked Takuya away and got to his feet. He drew his blades and turned to face the flame spirit. Takuya had jumped right to his feet as well and was ready to fight. He had redrawn the light kendo and stood at the ready. They both charged at the other, their blades slamming into their opponent's. They struggled, blades pressing into the other, locked in the effort to live. They seemed evenly matched, Neither Takuya or Duskmon gave any ground.

Takuya gritted his teeth and began to put all his strength into forcing that sword past Duskmon. Duskmon seemed to do the same, trying to break Takuya's force with his own. The stood, locked in the seemingly eternal struggle for dominance. Takuya put all his strength into Lobomon's light kendo. He wasn't going to be defeated by Duskmon here. Not on his life.

Then the impossible seemed to happen. Duskmon took a step back, then another. Takuya was pushing him backwards, he was winning! Takuya opened his mouth and began to yell. The Light Kendo ignited as the warrior of Flame forced Duskmon back again.

"Shining Burn Slash!" Fire emerged from Agunimon's gauntlets and took the shape of large twin flame dragons. The dragons crashed down on Duskmon, showering him in fire. The Dark warrior screamed in pain and feel to his knees. Agunimon stepped backwards, holding the light kendo to Duskmon's neck.

"You have won this round, Warrior of Flame. You will not be so lucky next time…" Duskmon growled darkly. He raised his blades and slashed the air before him, creating a dark swirling portal. Duskmon dove into it before anyone could react.

Takuya de-digivolved back to Flamon, as everyone else ran over. He looked at the swirling portal and realized this was it. "This is how we're getting back…" he whispered.

"You think so?" Kouji asked quietly, not really ready to leave just yet. Takuya nodded solemnly.

Takuya and Kouji looked at the portal. Their time in the human world had come to an end. The look on everyone's faces was sad. The Tamers had really come to like the two legendary warriors over the past couple of days. It felt like losing their Digimon partners all over again.

Guilmon sniffled a bit. Takuya gave a weak smile, "Don't worry. We'll meet again someday…"

"Do you really think so?" Henry asked, hugging Terriermon a little closer to his chest.

Kouji nodded. "Why not? I mean… We do LIVE on this plane…"

Ryo nodded. "Anything's possible right?" he said with a grin.

The portal flared violently. They had to go now or risk being trapped in the human world.

"I think that's our cue to leave" Kouji said softly, turning towards the portal. Takuya took his place beside Kouji, facing the swirling gateway.

"Be Safe!" Takato called after them. Rika rolled her eyes and looked away.

"And bring bread next time!"

"Guilmon!" Takato groaned.

Kouji and Takuya grinned back at them and stepped into the circular entryway. There was a bright flash and they were gone. The tamers and their Digimon stood in silence for a moment.

"I'm going to miss them" Ryo breathed after a while.

Takato nodded. "We all will."

"Momentai! We'll see them again!" Terriermon exclaimed confidently.

Guilmon nudged Takato's side. "Takato? I'm hungry."

Everyone did a face palm. Terriermon grumbled, "Way to kill the moment Guilmon…"

So in the end… Takuya and Kouji returned to their digital world. It was just the way they had left it. Actually, No one seemed to recall them being missing for more than a few hours after Duskmon tried to attack them. It was strange but neither Takuya nor Kouji pursued the subject further. They went on to learn that Duskmon was Kouji's twin brother, Kouichi, who had been corrupted by the evil Cherubimon. They managed to purify his spirits of Darkness and the new group of six went on to save the digital world.

The Tamers went back to their daily lives. They occasionally would think of Kouji or Takuya when they passed the place in the park where Cerberumon first emerged, or where Duskmon had shown up. They were beginning to think they maybe had a new member to the strong team of Tamers… Only to discover it would not last. They didn't know if they would hear from them again… But when there was a report on the news in the days following about a power surge that resembled a gigantic purple dragon… well that gave them hope.

"Are we there yet?"

"Gods Takuya! How is it that you matured at ALL?" Kouji sighed with exasperation.

Takuya grinned sheepishly. He was more responsible… that was for sure, but he still knew how to complain like the best of them. "Sorry."

Kouji rolled his eyes and returned his attention to the passing city. It was a nice Saturday afternoon. They had been back in the real world for a full week and today Kouji and Takuya were on a special trip. They had been the only ones who recalled their adventures with the Tamers. So they were now traveling to the Shinjuku district, in hopes of finding the Tamers once more.

They planned to first go to the park and look there… Then possibly find Rika's house if they struck out there.

"Do you think we'll find them?" Takuya asked softly, also looking out the window at the passing buildings.

Kouji shrugged, "Who knows…"

An announcement rang out as the train slowed, "We are now arriving at Shinjuku Station." Takuya and Kouji stood up and exited the train.

They followed directions on a map to the park. It was just like they remembered it. Soon they were running up the familiar path to Guilmon's shed.

"Hey! Takato! They're back!"

I'm glad you enjoyed this as much as I have. I really have enjoyed working with these characters... So much that I left it open for the sequel! Look for "Secret Rendezvous" real soon guys!