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Warning: Angst with a little fluff and a little cheese. Enjoy.

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Last Kisses

James and Lily

'Who am I, Harry? Can you say, "Daddy"?'

'James,' said Lily in exasperation. 'Don't rush him. He'll say it when he's ready. Won't you, sweetheart?' She leaned over close to a blue pyjama clad Harry and tickled his cheek, making him giggle as James huffed indignantly.

'He says "mum", he says "moo" for Moony, he says "azz" when he sees Sirius which is probably quite an apt description for him…'


'But he hasn't said "daddy" yet.'

'He'll say it when he's ready,' Lily said impatiently then she saw the troubled expression on James' face. 'What is it, honey?'

James shook his head and pushed himself to his feet, tossing Harry's soft puppy toy on the couch.

'James, tell me,' Lily insisted, standing up also and touching his arm as he turned away.

'It's just…shit…I'm being an idiot,' he muttered, dislodging his glasses as he rubbed his forehead.

Lily waited, knowing how long it took James to open up sometimes and after a few seconds, he sighed and turned back to her.

'What if I don't hear it? What if he finds us and I never hear him call me daddy?'

Lily stared at him, speechless, as her eyes filled with tears. 'Oh, James,' she whispered and hugged him tight to her, grasping his face in her hands. 'You'll hear it, alright? I promise you, you'll hear it.'

James cleared his throat, nodding and blinking rapidly to try and dispel his own tears. 'Yeah. Of course I will. Thanks, hon.'

His lips met hers, soft and sweet and she melted into his arms. He caught her bottom lip between his and she moaned, pressing herself closer, cupping his jaw in her small hands. James made a soft noise in his throat and deepened the kiss, meeting her probing tongue with his own. Suddenly, Harry let out a squeal and they pulled apart with a little laugh.

'We'll finish that later, Lily Potter,' James said, his voice rough and he winked before he turned back to his son. 'Now, Harry. "Da-dee". Can you say it?'

Lily chuckled as she left the room to fetch Harry's bedtime bottle and returned to see James waving his wand, making puffs of coloured smoke rise up into the air. She watched as Harry giggled and tried to catch the uncatchable.

'Time for bed,' she said softly and James sighed.

'Tomorrow, Harry Potter,' he said softly, kissing him on the head then scooping him up. 'Tomorrow you will say it.'

He handed Harry to Lily, who kissed him on the head as well, then threw his wand down on the sofa. He stretched, watching Lily help Harry wave goodnight to him then there was a loud crash.

Everything happened so fast after that. He was screaming at Lily to run, reaching into his pocket as he ran to meet the danger head on, to protect his family, but by the time he realised his wand was on the couch, it was too late.

He stared helplessly at the bone white hand pointing a wand directly at his heart and knew it was over. The last thing he heard before the green light hit and sent him crashing to the floor was a plaintive cry drifting down the stairs.


Remus and Sirius

'Nearly time, Padfoot.'

'Mmm, it is,' Sirius agreed, looking up from his papers to peer out the window at the sky. He saw some kids run past in Halloween costumes and thought of Harry, wondering if they'd be able to take him trick or treating next year.

Maybe this will all be over by then.

He glanced over at Remus, his heart clenching when he saw the almost translucent skin, the dark shadows under his eyes, the weariness that oozed from every single pore of his body. When he saw him like this, so fragile, he wondered how on earth he could even think that he could be a traitor.

His stomach churned and he looked away. There was a spy in the Order - they all knew it - but Remus? The man who taught him about love? The man he adored? The man that made him feel more alive than he'd ever felt before? Could that man really betray him?


He blinked, focusing his eyes and trying to smile, but managing only a poor imitation. 'Sorry, Moony. I'm just a bit…distracted, I guess.'

Remus frowned. Sirius had been pulling away lately, he'd been distant and secretive. He shook his head to rid himself of the disloyal thoughts that plagued him of late. There was a spy in the Order…could Sirius…?

No. He would never betray us. Betray me.

But still, the treacherous thoughts refused to be banished.

Sirius stood up, pushing the chair out and took Remus' hand, leading him down to the secure shed at the back of the house they shared. While he unlocked the sturdy door, Remus checked the wards, ensuring they would hold.

'You're going to James and Lily's?' he double checked, and Sirius nodded.

'Not that you'd get out of the shed, Moony,' he reassured the man, knowing he worried that he'd escape the shed somehow and hurt him.

Not the actions of a spy.

He sighed then squeezed Remus' hand. 'Are you ready, babe?'

Remus nodded resignedly. 'You can't stay with me?' he asked fruitlessly, knowing he couldn't. He and James had work to do tonight.

'I wish I could, Remus,' Sirius said softly, tucking a lock of the man's ashy hair behind his ear. 'I wish we could just lock ourselves in and stay here forever.'

Remus smiled and slipped his arms around Sirius' waist. 'Living on love?' he teased, making his boyfriend smile.

'And sex,' Sirius added with a grin. 'Lots and lots of sex.'

Remus laughed. 'Sounds like heaven.'

Sirius touched the shadowed jaw lightly and kissed him. 'I'll be here in the morning to unlock the door,' he promised and Remus nodded.

'I know you will,' he whispered then leaned forwards and caught Sirius' lips with his.

The brunette quickly drew him closer and the kiss grew, both of them desperate to lose themselves in the kiss, to push away the horrible thoughts of spies and betrayal; push them so far away that they couldn't torment them anymore.

For a while, it seemed to work. Tongues met and teased, lips caressed and teeth nibbled as their love took the deep seeded pain away, but when they pulled breathlessly apart, the doubts forced themselves back into their minds - betrayal a ghostly spectre that never truly went away.

Sirius kissed him one more time then watched Remus settle himself on the bed. 'I'll see you tomorrow, Moony,' he promised and Remus smiled.

'See you tomorrow.'

Fourteen Year later

Remus didn't think of their kiss in Sirius' bedroom at Grimmauld Place as their last kiss.

Even though they'd renewed their relationship after Sirius returned from exile, they were just shadows of what they once were - too much hung between them, too much still remained unsaid. Perhaps after the war, when they had time to really talk…

But, yet again, fate showed its fangs and claws - tearing them apart.

So, now, as Remus watched Sirius fall through the veil in the Department of Mysteries, he remembered that first last kiss.

That was who they really were.

That had been their true goodbye.

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