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The sky was remarkably dark and the wind was of a demonic sort. The sounds of metal clashing with claw and the battle cries of both hero and monster filled the air. Her dress was at the wind's mercy as she stood silent, watching her beloved fight the evil king they loathed so very much. An angered roar came from Ganon and the Hero of Time was thrown aside. She couldn't take much more of this. He was being harmed and it was her fault. She was the one that threw him into this whole mess. Link's bow came to a choppy landing beside her; arrows were scattered in reach as well. She started this fight and so she would end it.

Link stood shakily, holding the minor wound in his side. Navi flew silently to him and asked of his safety. "I'm fine, Navi, just a bit shaken," he answered with a smile as the monstrous being neared them. Link grimaced as he reached for an arrow. Wait, where's my bow?! He searched the area frantically before returning his gaze to his foe. "Damnit! This isn't good," he cursed mostly to himself. A bright flash caught his attention as Ganon doubled over in pain. He glanced at the Princess he fought to protect as she stood brashly, bow and loaded arrow in hand.

"What is she doing?" Navi's voice brought Link back to his mind. He shook his head and ran towards her, fierce determination to defeat Ganon burning at his heart. Zelda acknowledged Link's presence with a smile. Link returned the smile as he neared the cliff-like peninsula she stood on. A loud roar wiped the smile from his face and filled him with fear instantly.

Zelda looked up to see Ganon's menacing form growling at her from afar. A forceful stomp of his foot and the ground began to quake. The ground beneath her cracked and split. She gasped as the cliff gave way and she fell toward the abyss. A strong hand caught her free one in it's own before she could fall too far out of reach. She looked up to her savior and flashed him a smile. "Link!"

He grasped her hand tightly, desperately attempting to save his loved one. "Zelda, please hold on! Whatever you do, don't you dare let go!" Zelda's small hand, as if on cue, slipped a bit from his grasp. He looked into her fearless cerulean orbs, silently begging her to hold on. The bit of land he lay on began to crack under their combined weight.

"Link, it can't hold us both," she stated sorrowfully.

"It can! The cliff will hold! Please, Zelda, don't say such things!" His voice held such unsure confidence, she was sure of what she wanted.

"Defeat Ganondorf, Link, and live happily. Do that for me, and I'll rest at ease," she claimed blankly.

"Stop it, Zelda! We'll do this together! I'm not giving up on you," he exclaimed, feeling her slip a bit more.

"I love you, Link. I've always loved you. Remember that and never forget me." Before he could revolt, she pulled her body up with the last of her strength. Her rosy lips met his for a split second before she plummeted downward. Link's hand remained extended as he screamed her name in agony.

"Zelda! Zelda!"

Her blond locks floated around her, slightly obscuring her vision. Her gaze remained on Link's retreating form. His mouth hung agape in disbelief and horror. Tears poured from his cobalt eyes as he reached for her in vain.

His eyes.

She had always loved his eyes. They always held such love for her. Even as they were invaded by sorrow and hurt, his love for her still remained. She closed her eyes and smiled as the world around her faded into nothing…

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