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Chapter 5: Feelings

Loud booms of thunder and flashes of light became the night. Not a star in the sky. The moon could not be seen. The clouds were too viciously livid to allow such a gift.

"The sky agrees with me. It is angered, too."

"It would seem that Hyrule's climate follows its princess just as evenly as its people do. Quite an honor, I believe."

Zelda peeked at Link through the wet mess her bangs had become. They had been forced to take shelter in a cave that Link had once fled to on his journey. Link had found and slain a deer before the rain started. The meat was currently cooking on the open fire the pair had made from wood Link had left there for safe keeping.

Though still not use to the rugged conditions that he was, Zelda did not comment on their "meal" or their home for the time being. Link was sitting close enough to her so that their thighs, bare of any cloth due to the fact that they had shed all but their under garments so they could dry their clothes, touched.

It sent electric thrills through Zelda and she could only pray that it did the same for Link. It would be extremely embarrassing if she were the only one among them being teased into arousal. Deep, unbearable arousal.

While Navi lay sleeping upon Link's dried hat, they had been discussing various topics. Link usually started the conversations, all but the one concerning the weather's anger. He was careful not to bring up the topic of Ike, Marth, or Peach. Especially Ike. Zelda was clearly upset over it. He was not about to release any hidden fury upon himself.

His glances at her became more elongated and more thorough with each moment. Zelda's amazing scent was intensified in the rain. It circulated through the cavern, flaring up Link's nose with each breath and further thrusting his mind into a violent tailspin. His vision was slowly becoming more and more hazed. He began to fear that his dear Zelda would be the victim of his lust if he could not clear his head.

"I'm a princess."

It was not a question, but a statement; one Zelda did not quite comprehend. The memories were indeed real, she was certain of that, but how could it be? She had gone from village girl, to uncertain warrior, to…princess? It seemed too fairytale to be reality.

"Yes. The princess of this great country of Hyrule. You are Princess Zelda."

Gaze averted, she nodded. But, if she was a princess, then…?

"And…who are you? What are you, truly, Link?"

The question did not surprise him. He expected this. Link presented his left hand before Zelda's line of vision. The mark of the Triforce of Courage shown clearly upon his hand.

Zelda sent him a confused look. Smiling gently, he took her right hand in his left, allowing her to watch as her own mark glowed with pure light and life. The stunned princess traced the glowing emblem with the pads of her fingertips.

"You are Zelda, princess of Hyrule. The bearer of the Triforce of Wisdom. And I am Link, the Hero of Time. Your childhood friend and the bearer of the Triforce of Courage."

Sapphire eyes met swirling cobalt oceans and a silent agreement that understanding had taken hold of Zelda's mind was exchanged. Petite hands grasped Link's face, pulling his lips toward hers. Passion sparked within the two as they willingly lost themselves to the other's eyes.

Their lips met hastily, clashing in hopes of regaining some sort of normality for the distraught princess. She had lost those who had once been like family to her. A gaping hole was left in her heart, bleeding. They both wished to fill this hole with the love and warmth Link could provide her.

Zelda grasped the back of Link's head, forcing him to follow her as she lay on the blanket they had been sitting on. His body aligned itself to hers, his pulsing manhood matched up with her burning maidenhood and their chests rubbing against each other erotically with every breath. Only Link's tights and Zelda's thin corset and panties remained between them.

Link's tongue begged for entrance into her mouth, pressing against her lips. She allowed its passage, meeting him halfway so that their tongues began a heated tango. His tongue, experienced from kissing her before she lost her memories, massaged hers sensually. This forced moans and gasps from Zelda.

Link ate them up eagerly.

Zelda could do nothing but lay, moaning in pleasure as Link's hands roamed her body eagerly. Slightly calloused fingertips danced across the flat plains of her stomach, over the corset and onto the swell of her luscious breasts. One thing Link knew better than his name at the moment was that he wished to see this beautiful goddess naked. He wanted to see her like no other man would ever sight her. He wanted to show her he loved her. He wanted to make her his.

His cobalt eyes burned this message into Zelda's mind. He was more than pleased when she gave an open mouthed nod, arching her back a bit to offer the threads of the silky corset to him. With surprising skill and ease, Link striped her of one of her two coverings; one of the barriers keeping him from joining them in every sense of the word.

Since he discovered that Sheik was indeed, Zelda, he had found her breasts most appealing. When he was in a position that did not allow Navi to catch him doing so, he stared into space, trying to sum up what they might look like bare. He originally thought that he did a fair job, but now he saw that he had no clue whatsoever.

It was as if her breasts were made for him and him alone. His hands, which were quite large, could perfectly cradle her. Not frightfully large, but more than he would have thought possible. The corset truly held the secret of life behind silk threads.

Like the rest of her body, her chest was milky white. Flawless in every way. Pleasantly pink nipples sat symmetrically upon the tops of her soft, fleshy mounds. Whether from arousal or cold, her nipples were hardened in the best way. She was a dream, a treat.

Yes, a treat that he wanted savior, to suck on as he would a lollypop until the pale flesh turned to bright red. Saliva gathered in Link's mouth as he examined her, the look, the feel and the way they raised and fell harshly with her ragged breathing.

As his hands cupped her securely, Zelda threw her head back and let out a deep, guttural moan. The pure ecstasy the simple touch brought made her strongly consider how sex could be any better. His name became a mantra that fell from her lips like a prayer. The more he explored with any combination of his fingers, mouth or tongue, the more heavenly her gasps and pleads became.

Lust and love swirled dangerously in the eyes she adored so very much. Soon, gentle, loving fingers wrapped around her panties, slowly tugging them from her hips. Fear was melted away, tossed outside so that it might float away with the rain water. She knew, despite their virginity, he would do his very best not to harm her.

Link was her protector, her hero, after all.

A dreamy look in her eyes and a smile upon her rosy, swollen lips, Zelda prepared herself for the moment she had been waiting for since that first meeting with Link, that day in her room. It was sort of funny, actually. She had just gotten it through her head that she was face-to-face with her dream, her hero. Then, decided to change for the day.

A sigh escaped her as she rummaged through her wardrobe. The morning was strange, but she would deal. She wished to change and then enjoy her breakfast. That was all.

However, Link had made himself comfortable, sitting upon her bed, examining the room. Zelda turned, holding the dress she would wear for the day over her arm.


He favored her with a happy smile and a merry, "Hmm?"

Although she believed he was nothing short of adorable and beautiful, even for a man of nineteen, she wished to change and it was improper for a man to see a woman nude. It would be the close equivalent of nudity since she was wearing only a loose undershirt, cloth to cover her breasts, and panties.

She would warn him, but she still felt sort of cross about him making jest at her blushing. Perhaps if she were to make him blush…

"I'm going to change."

Link seemed to think about it and closed his eyes momentarily to give a disappointed sigh. After all, he did just get to see her again. Nonetheless, it would be rude to refuse such a gentle request.

When he opened his eyes and mouth, intent on asking permission to leave the room, he found he could no longer blink nor shut his gaping mouth. Zelda had thrust the undershirt over her head in an almost eager rush, revealing her panties and breasts, save for the crude cloth covering them.

His body shook in recognition that a body, meant to be matched and joined sexually with his own, was standing nearly bare just before him. Heat shot through him as his blood moved in a rush to his groin. Saliva gathered in his mouth and sweat coated his body. In his body's eager recognition of her body, some blood spilled from his nose, coating his upper lip.

And for a moment after, Link continued to sit there, dumbfounded. Zelda reacted first. Worry took over first at the sight of blood.

"Here, Link. Clean up your…face."

No later than the instant his hand pressed the tissue to his lip, Zelda burst out laughing. She was still laughing and holding her sides painfully when Link blushed profoundly and sprinted from the room, down into the kitchen, leaving the tissue behind.

However, hilarious, it was not his secondary reaction that made a difference to her. It was the original look of hunger and need and the obvious strain of his penis fighting to escape the confines of his tights and tunic that nearly set her aflame. That same look was now directed at her, but this time, he wasn't having a major nose bleed, though he was going to make love to her.

"You're the most beautiful woman in all of Hyrule, did you know that?"

She smiled angelically and replied, "Only if you admit that you are the most handsome man ever created by the goddesses."

A chuckle. "Well, many women I've met would have you believe so. I don't care about that, though. You're perfect to me either way."

He positioned himself at her entrance, having stripped himself of his tights and crawled in between her open legs. She drew in a breath, nodding for him to continue.

One precise, hard thrust allowed his member to slide in to the hilt and rid them of their virginities forever.

Zelda cringed in pain, but refused to cry out or bite her lip. If this little amount of pain was all she had to bear, she would embrace it, then sent it off, smiling.

Link stroked her face gingerly, whispering sweet nothings and reassurances. Cobalt met sapphire and the world seemed to slow on its axis. There was nothing, nothing but each other. The rain, the thunder, the food, the cold and even Navi disappeared completely.

Their hearts had been melded into one long before, their souls were sold to one another the moment they confessed their feelings, and now, their bodies were finally one as well. Tears blinded both the young lovers as they continued to pet each other affectionately.

"Link, I am fine. Continue."

With Zelda's signal, Link withdrew nearly all of himself, before rushing back in eagerly. Her moans became more and more erratic, more pleased with every deep thrust he gave. As Link set a slow tempo, increasing it as he saw fit, he also began groaning and moaning in pleasure.

Zelda knew that men who were virgins did not last long in their first time, so she persuaded him to go all out by cupping his testicles gently with a free hand and massaging them. Link nearly screamed as the shivers and heat took him. Still, though, he did not show dramatic loss in control, though it was apparent that he would not last.

"Link, more!"

A violent thrust of her hips and she could not longer keep up. Link's hips no longer merely rocked against hers, but humped desperately. Her hands flew to his hair, grasping and tugging to extract the beautiful and arousing moans she enjoyed so very much. Her toes curled and her back arched to the extent of snapping her spine. It was still not enough for Link, though.

He latched his lips and teeth around one of her nipples and sucked for all he was worth. Between his swift thrusting, the burning friction, and Link's mouth working over her chest skillfully, Zelda was thrown into oblivion.

"Ah! Oh, Link!!"

Her muscles clenched like a vice and she came violently.

Suddenly, her life was complete again. All memories revived, all pain silenced. The world was coated in white and a thousand stars exploded before her eyes. Millions of supernovas, each of color and brilliance. They left no black hole in their wake.

She returned to her body, back from the heavenly sanctuary she had been in. And then, there was nothing but Link. A final cry of ecstasy and Link, too, experienced his first orgasm. His cobalt eyes shot open, wide in awe of both her and the pleasure flowing through his body. Every muscle in his body contracting in euphoria as his seed shot forth, filling her completely.

Zelda's hands stroked his chest and stomach lovingly; smiling blissfully as he was rewarded for being patient with her while she regained her memories. One hand crept around to the tense tissue of his bottom, aiding him in giving several more thrusts as her tight walls milked him dry.

Link's arms now shook with fatigue. He could no longer hold himself up. Heading his wish for rest, Zelda pushed his head down until he was cushioned between her breasts. Allowing his body to relax, he panted for breath, registering a foreign sense of wholeness filling him.

Glancing up at the equally fatigued woman, the one that granted him such feelings, Link realized that tears were spilling from his eyes. Zelda let out a pleased sniffle and graced him with her smile, crying in pure delight.

"I love you, Link. So much."

He nodded, "I love you, Zelda. Never forget that."

A familiar, knowing look came upon her. It dawned on the man that she had regained her memories. "I never did. If anything, I remembered that I was loved by you and that I love you in return. Nothing can extinguish these feelings. Nothing ever will."

Cobalt eyes once again brimmed with tears. Link buried his face into her chest and wept in joy and contentment, knowing that her words were true. When it had seemed that he would never see her again only days ago, she was now holding him in her arms.

The princess and her hero sunk into a deep slumber, content with the feelings they knew would never fade.

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