Hey I haven't written in a bit so sorry if this starts slow. This is my attempt to remember what I had started on paper two years ago and lost.

IY/FB, pairings: Akito (boy)/Kagome, any others that can be thought up (suggestions welcome)

Chapter 1

She stepped out of the car and looked down at the dirt road. She hadn't ever been here before but knew without a doubt that they would know her on sight. It's been almost 8 years since she had last seen her friends and was hoping that they wouldn't be too mad. After all it wasn't her fault the well made her travel back in time, but it was her fault the jewel broke. But that was all behind her know, she was back to see everyone and hopefully stay this time.

With a sign she started down the dirt road glancing to the sides looking into the forest that surrounded her. She noticed a small garden growing on a side path that led off the road not far from where she knew the house would be and was glad to see someone had a green-thumb.

As she turned the last bend she smiled at the sight of the Japanese style house in front of her. And despite the loud arguing that she could hear coming from inside she felt like she was home. Walking up to the door, she knocked politely waiting for someone to answer. Not hearing anyone coming she let herself in quietly, toed off her shoes, and headed towards all of the noise.

"You stupid Rat! How dare you eat that! That was mine!" She could hear right before entering. She smiled as she imagined the one who was screaming. It must be Kyo, she thought to her self. As she peeked around the corner all of the noise in the room stopped. It became so silent you could hear a pin drop.


"Hey, Shigure. How are you?" The newly revealed Kagome replied.

"But. You, you left."

"I came back."

"Does he know you returned?"

"I was kind of hoping you could call him. Yours was the only address I had." Kagome shrugged looking helpless.

"Tohru, call the main house and tell them she has returned." Shigure said not even looking at Tohru. Tohru got up confused but compiled with his wishes.

"Sit down, won't you." Kagome sat down near Shigure as Kyo and Yuki stared at her.

"You must be Kyo and Yuki, right? I haven't seen you since you were younger!" Kagome smiled at them ignoring their shocked faces. "So I guess you weren't expecting me to return huh?" All three men shook their heads still shocked that she was there in front of them.

"He won't be happy you know." Yuki said.

"I know, but mom couldn't keep me away forever. I had to return." It was then that they heard the car door slam. Seconds later doorways were being slammed open as the rest of the Sohma family crowded into Shigure's home. They all stopped in surprise except for Akito who stocked forward and grabbed Kagome. To everyone's shock instead of beating her or screaming at her, Akito kissed Kagome as hard as he could.

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