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Re-cap from chapter 5:

Then, without warning, spears of ice rain down upon the two. Yamaneko reacts quickly and shoves Kagome out of the way into the arms of Akito and the others who had run up when they saw the ice.

"Bad, bad servant. You know that any rude talk about your master brings trouble." A voice says from the trees.

"Show your self!" Akito demanded as Toru ran off to find the others for help.

"Hehe. Sure why not after all the miko already knows me." They all see a shadow fall from the trees and land. The crouching figure slowly stands up and raises his head.

"Long time no see, Kagome."

Chapter 7 (present day)

Kagome stumbled back a little at the sight of his red eyes while pushing the others out of the line of fire. She could hear the other groups joining Akito. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Yamaneko getting back up with a gash on his side from where an ice spear hit him.

"Dear Kagome, tell me. How have you been these last 500 years? Well I guess for you it would be just a couple of days."

"Hello Inuyasha." Kagome said calmly. "I see you still have your temper."

"And I see that you are still a weak human bitch." Inuyasha's eyes became more demon like the longer they talked.

"It seems that the years haven't been good to you Inuyasha. What. Did the demons not like a half blood lord?" Kagome taunted while looking him over. Inuyasha no longer wore his red hakama but now wore an outfit more similar to Sesshomaru's lord outfit. He was also missing any sign of having a sword on him meaning that Tetsusaiga probably didn't work for him anymore. In fact it didn't look like he had any weapons besides his claws and fangs.

"Like what you see?" Inuyasha sneered.

"You looked better attached to a tree." Kagome answered flippantly. Inuyasha growled in anger, paused, then started laughing evilly.

"Let's see how well you survive in modern Japan without help." Inuyasha said before a blue demon dressed in a tight outfit jumped out of a tree and attacked Kagome. "Meet Aoki, my newest follower. He loves working with ice."

Kagome jumped back from the attack while looking around for anything she could use to channel her miko powers to fight with.

"Use this." Yamaneko called out while throwing a pole that once held up a lunch table's umbrella.

"Thanks! Protect my friends." Kagome called out as she swung the pole towards Aoki. As she swung she charged the pole so that when it hit it sent waves of miko energy at Aoki, charring his side. Aoki snarled and threw shards of ice followed by a dusting of small ice particles. While she was able to dodge the shards by jumping out of the way the ice dust coated the ground making the area slippery. As she went to get back up Aoki jumped at her while creating a blue glow around his hands. Kagome rolled out of the way and noticed that the area she was just in had two mounds of solid ice.

Inuyasha stood off to the side laughing at Kagome's attempts to keep fighting on ice. He was laughing so much that Yamaneko decided to try and get a hit in while he was distracted. However, Inuyasha turned around right before Yamaneko reached him and grabbed Yamaneko by his neck.

"It seems you need to be re-taught a lesson. You and your family will suffer for your impudence." Inuyasha squeezed tightly and gouged out a chunk of Yamaneko's side before throwing Yamaneko away from him. Inuyasha turned back to the battle just in time to see Aoki be hit in the chest with a blast of miko energy just before he could get back up from an earlier attack. In seconds all the ice in the area disappeared and Aoki melted into the ground. Scoffing Inuyasha left the area before Kagome could for him.

"Shit." Yamaneko mumbled as he tried to get back up. Placing a hand on his bleeding wound Yamaneko worked his way over to Kagome.

"We need to get out of here and you looked at." Kagome said seeing Yamaneko injured.

"This is nothing, but you need to start training by the looks of it." Yamaneko replied. "Aoki was one of the weakest demons master owns."

"He was your master?" Kagome questioned.

"Yes and he will punish my family for helping you out." Kagome frowned before sneaking everyone back to the van and the main house.

"We are going to have a serious discussion about your master." Kagome muttered knowing that Yamaneko would hear her anyways.

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