Authors note: Ok, this story is based on Yukimaru by Escaped from the Twilight Zone

Authors note: Ok, this story is based on Yukimaru by Escaped from the Twilight Zone. Please R&R.

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Jinx Yokoshima.

It was raining outside, the pitter patter echoing on the windows and roof of a house deep within Kanoha. It was small, only one bedroom, neat and orderly. It had to be, the person living in it was blind.

Yuki was a simple person, he didn't like to bother with other people and he hated to be in crowds, that's why he wasn't at the hokage's funeral. The crowd would have been terrible for him, let alone the sad feeling of loosing the man who had been like a father to him, that and the rain really disoriented him. He sat on a chair in his living room, wearing the all black attire the rest of the village was and his forehead pressed to the cool surface of the glass, clouded gold eyes half closed.

He had paper like skin, so pale and smooth, with no marks on it, apart from the small scars around his eyes. His hair was black with white roots, natural too, his bangs were long, coming down over his face, but the back had to be kept short seeing as it flicked up wildly. He was tall, pushing about 5' 11" and his build was lean yet muscled at the same time, it coming from the ninja training he had gone through.

Yuki was used for special missions for the ANBU black ops, his blindness allowing his other scenes to be heightened and enhanced. He was often used on tracking missions along side his partner Kai, who had very good eye sight and was fast. The two were good together and Yuki found himself thinking of Kai with his free time.

Kai was….Kai was mystery to him, this tall man with long hair and a strong body, his voice deep, commanding, yet emotionless. He had felt his face and from what he could tell, Kai was very hansom, thinking about that made him blush, but he'd never admit it to the man.

Sighing ran his fingers through his hair. Sarutobi-san had been like a father to him because he had never known his parents. He had asked the old man what happened to them and he had told him that they had died on a mission when he was young.

Everyone in the village had good memories of the man, but Yuki couldn't help thinking that he was keeping something from him, something important, but he knew the man has understood his world of sightlessness just a little better then most; the world of feel and sound, of taste and smell that was unclouded by sight.

Letting silent tears fall, Yuki lightly hit his head off the window. He hated feeling helpless like this, having the world change on him so suddenly. It was just too cruel, too heartless, to cold, but things were often like that in the world.

Hearing a knock at his front door, he sighed, "Come in!" He yelled, wiping his tears away. After hearing foot steps get closer, a voice spoke.

"Yuki, a letter was left to you by the hokage." The deep monotone voice of Kai said and Yuki blinked.

"Do you have it with you?" He asked.

"Yes. Would you like me to read it?" Kai asked, pulling the letter from the pockets of his shirt.


"Dear Yukimaru,

If this is being read to you, I am dead now and I should have told you what is on this letter long ago.

I think often, back on what I had done to you and your parents, wondering what would have happened if I didn't take you away from your mother. You were the result of an experiment, your mother being male. He wanted a family with the man he loved and he did what he could to get there. His experiments on others where un-humane and the experiment he did on himself to make you was unnatural, or so I thought.

I took you away from him, thinking that you being raised by him would only lead to heart ache and pain. Also for the reason that I did not think he could handle a child.

I remember the night you were born so well. It was cold out and your father had come to my door step panicking. Your mother was dying because he was having you, losing too much blood and he needed me.

I cut you out of your mother and took you away from your family that night and each day I wonder if that was the right thing? Would things of gone differently? Would it have been for the better?

Your mother left the village not long after, betraying all of us to gain power and immortality; maybe I drove him over the edge.

Your parents, if they could see you now, both I know would be proud of who you are, both Jiraiya and Orochimaru.

Orochimaru had given birth to you and I am sure you've herd stories of both of them seeing as they are Sanin.

I am sure that Orochimaru has probably killed me and no doubt you are angry at him, but do not blame him, I deserved to die at his hands and I hope I died protecting this village. It's the least I could do.

I'll never be able to atone for what I did, but I hope in someway you can forgive me.


Yuki's eyes were wide, hands shaking as he took it all in, tears falling like rain. He was angry, upset, frustrated all at the same time.

"How could he? HOW COULD HE!?" Yuki yelled, kicking the table in front of him over, "Why? Why didn't he tell me…?" He sobbed, burying in face in his hands. Kai put the letter up and walked over to Yuki, wrapping his arms around the smaller man, letting him sob on his shoulder. They stayed like that for along time, until the rain stopped and Yuki's tears along with it.

"He lied to me." The blind man muttered, clinging to Kai's shirt.

"I think he was scared of losing you. He'd often talk about you like a son."

"I know which makes it ever crueler to be lied to by someone like him." Yuki's words had stung, but they were so true. Holding onto him Kai, kissed his forehead, his voice portraying emotion for the first time to Yuki.

"It was a cruel act, it's unforgivable to take a child from his mother, but will you let this take you down today or will you look on to tomorrow?" Kai asked, anger and sadness under his words.

Yuki thought for a moment, chewing his lip, "I must move forwards Kai, it's the only thing I can do right now. Maybe one day I'll meet them, don't you think?"

"I think so." Kai nodded and smiled, a hand running through Yuki's hair, "Always have hope, that is what you born from."

"What do you mean?"

"I think your mother had always wanted a family with your father and when he did what he did to make you, I think he always hoped you would be happy and the light of his life." Kai said, voice back to its normal monotone.

"Thank you. That means a lot." Yuki said, smiling sweetly, his misty gold eyes glittering in the sun light that came in through the window.

Looking down at him Kai ran his fingers across Yuki's jaw line, gazing at his dazzling eyes.


Yuki didn't know one word could make him blush, or that he could be so sensitive to touch as he felt Kai's fingers on his face, sending shivers down his spine. Before he knew it, they were crushing their lips together as if to somehow melt together in someway.

They made love, the light turned off, both engulfed by a world of only feeling, sounds, taste, and smell, Yuki's world. Sweet words were uttered, desperate moans echoed and soft touches were felt as two men melted into one another.

They lied awake for along time, holding one another in the dark.

"If finding your parents is what you want to do Yuki, I will be by your side, always." Kai whispered in his ear, squeezing his hand.

"Someday, but not today. Kanoha needs rebuilding and we have to help." Yuki whispered back, kissing his new lover, "Now, it's time we sleep."

"I agree." Kai nodded, pulling Yuki into his arms and the two fell asleep almost instantly.