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Yes, I have created yet another Multi-Chapter story! One that I know I'm going to finish! How? I made a plan. This was inspired by finishing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Hope you guys enjoy it. Okay... PP never happened, Danny is 16, and this is based on The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess's geography, although still in the present time. (ie: 21st century) Okay, enough blabbing, on with it!

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For some reason I don't own either Danny Phantom or The Legend of Zelda. Danny Phantom and anything related to it is owned by Butch Hartman and Nickelodeon, while The Legend of Zelda is owned by the Japanese guy who created it and Nintendo.

Infinite Twilight

Of all the things that Danny couldn't have studied for because of Ghost Hunting, it had to be history. The most horrible of all subjects to remember. For the last hour, he'd been listening to Jazz (who insisted that she'd help him study) He had only the weekend before the test, and had forgotten to take his history books in the process of fighting Skulker all the way home.

"Thousands of years Before Christ, Amity Park was called the Eldin Province. Okay?"

"...yeah." Danny replied. "And The Bridge of Eldin connected to the Lanayru Province, and that's the City of Lanayru ... right...?"

"That's it." Jazz said, nodding. "Now, I need to test you. I've already done the test, so I know what kind of questions they're going to ask you. If you can get these right, you should be fine. What specie lived on what was formerly called Death Mountain?"

"The Gorons." Danny replied. "They ate rocks."

"Good, now, what was Lake Eerie formerly called, and what did it connect to?"

"Lake Hylia." Danny replied. "Water came down into it from the Zora Riv-"

Danny was cut short by the booming voice of his father, who burst out of the basement, talking so quickly that it was barely understandable. Danny caught the three words "new", "breakthrough" and "ghost", but that was about it. With little-to-no hesitation, Danny and Jazz's father promptly dragged the two siblings into the basement laboratory so he could test-drive it with them watching.

As Maddie saw her son and daughter's arrival, she clapped her hands with excitement. "Kids, today we're going to make another breakthrough!" Danny and Jazz looked at each other nervously before allowing their mother to continue. "As you know, a few months ago, your father and I found out there was another parallel dimension connected to Earth and the Ghost Zone! Well today, we finished a device that will allow passage to not just the Ghost Zone, but the other dimension as well! What do you think?"

"I think that for the sake of the people of this town, that you don't allow any more supernatural beings through this portal." Jazz replied with her arms crossed. She eyed the square device on the 

workbench suspiciously, knowing that whatever anything her parents made did, it usually wasn't good - especially for her little brother's health.

Jack sighed at his daughter, shaking his head. "Jazzy... don't you see the potential of this? We busted open a hole in another dimension before, and we learnt so much. Now it's time to look into a different dimension!"

"Look, I'm leaving." Jazz said, angry at her parents' eagerness to yet again endanger Amity Park. "This ghost stuff never turns out well, and I don't want to be a part of it."

Danny watched as his older sister quite promptly left the room, saying nothing more. He, however, was going to stay. He was, after all, mildly interested, even if Jazz wasn't. Danny had never really thought about the possibility of another dimension other than the Earth and the Ghost Zone, but now, assuming his parents had gotten the device right, he'd be able to see one ... and hopefully be able to fix any of the disastrous effects that followed.

Maddie carefully picked the device up from the table, attaching it to the ghost portal. She screwed in a few nuts and bolts and then pressed a small grey button on the front of it.

And in exactly the same fashion as the Ghost Portal, a few sparks of electricity flew off of it, but that was it. Maddie sighed depressingly, gently hitting the square attachment. It did nothing to help it, instead making a shower of bright orange sparks fly outwards; the HAZMAT suit being the only thing protecting her from them.

The Fenton parents, now knowing that their new device didn't work, sadly exited the basement. On the other hand, once they were out, Danny took a look at their new square device. If it was explosive - and there was a fairly high chance that it was – he wanted to dispose of it as fast as possible.

Having some technical knowledge (that came from living with his parents) Danny came to the conclusion that it was, for now at least, harmless.

Danny went to bed that night, falling into an uneasy sleep.

I just know I'm going to regret deciding not to destroy it...

At an ear-splitting volume, the clock radio went off right next to Danny's head, the sound ringing and vibrating in his ears.

"...It's too early to be conscious..."

The alarm however, had other ideas and continued to ring. Danny smacked the snooze button, missing and dragging his finger along the volume ring instead.


"Gah!!" Danny yelled, sitting up in shock, heart thumping wildly. An enormous feat, considering his heart rate was usually barely anything at all. On impulse, he smashed his hand into the snooze button. The alarm clock radio stopped ringing. Forever.

Drowsily, the youngest Fenton dragged himself out of bed. A bed that seemed extremely comfortable and warm, in comparison to the cold morning air. He changed into a shirt and a pair of black jeans, before heading down to the kitchen. He was so incredibly tired, however, that when heading down the stairs, nearly fell down them in the process. At the table, Jazz was sipping coffee and reading the morning paper. She stopped abruptly to look at Danny.

"My God, what happened to you Danny? You look like you haven't slept in days!"

"I feel like I haven't slept in days..." he replied, slurring in a few places, before eventually collapsing into a chair. Jazz put her coffee and her paper down, not even asking before she made him some toast. She also brought with her, a mug of coffee.

"Here, you can't keep having late nights like this. Either that - and I can't believe I'm saying this - you have some caffeine. We can't have you falling asleep during a ghost fight."

Too sleepy to complain, Danny took the caffeine-filled mug of coffee and sipped it, trying to ignore the taste.

Halfway through breakfast, there was a muffled yell from the basement. Jazz groaned, face-palming herself and slouching in her chair. "Not again... I was hoping they'd give up on that box..."

"Jazz, our parents never give up on anything – you know that." Danny found himself slightly livelier from the coffee already. Although, he assured himself a good night's sleep tonight so he wouldn't have to drink it again. "I better go down and see what they've done. Hope it's not too bad..."

Jazz motioned towards the basement door. "Make sure you tell me what's happened when you get back."

"M'kay." Danny replied, still a little drowsy. As he walked down the stained stone steps of the basement, he found his parents examining their device very closely. From what he could see, it was emanating a very strange black aura with tiny little black squares drifting lazily off of it. Maddie noticed her son's presence, ushering him over.

"Look, isn't it strange?"

"Yeah." Danny replied, eyeing it carefully. "You sure you want to get so close to that thing?"

Upon hearing Danny's words, Maddie and Jack both backed away from the device, as though they'd been intending to do it all along. Maddie seemed lost in thought, and Jack seemed to just be staring at it rather than thinking.

"Um... how did it get like this?"

"All we had to do was screw a loose bolt in!" Jack said proudly ignoring the aura and patting the device with his gloved hand.

"And... what exactly... does it do now that it didn't do last night?"

"Well, it emits this aura." Maddie said, before dragging her hand through her brown coloured hair. "But there's no physical change to the Ghost Zone as far as we know. We can't really go into the 

Ghost Zone and check right now – Vlad's borrowed the Specter Speeder." Maddie finished the sentence bitterly, and looked angrily over at Jack.

"What, he's our old college buddy, Mads! Don't you know what friendship is?"

"Not with that man..." Maddie replied with teeth gritted, too quietly for anyone to hear anything but a mumble. "Look," she said a little more audibly. "It'll be fine where it is, we've got to go to the shops and pick up this week's shopping. Danny, just make sure you and your sister don't fiddle with it while we're gone."

"Are you sure you want to leave it?" Danny asked, looking at them crazily. Jack ignored the look on his son's face and continued.

"It'll be fine, Danny-boy! So far we've stabilized it, so nothing will happen."

Before Danny could get another word in, his parents sprinted out of the basement to avoid being questioned further. Danny knew they were being far too naïve about this whole thing – how could they possibly just leave it like that? It was unconscionable, at the very least.

Immediately, he headed upstairs to his bedroom and got on his computer, messaging both Sam and Tucker, who were conveniently online.

Hi, it's Danny, he began to type in both windows.
strange device my parents made my house. i think it's dangerous, and my parents don't care. can u meet me here? i want to see if the ghost zone is ok and i need cover.

Sam was the first to reply, telling Danny she'd be down immediately. Tucker's came a few seconds after with the same general answer.

Eventually, after both Fenton parents had left to do the weekly shopping, Sam and Tucker arrived together. Sam smiled and thanked the driver of a long black limousine, passing him a hundred dollar bill and telling him to keep the change.

"Sam, why didn't you tell me you had a limo earlier?!" an ecstatic Tucker said. "That was so awesome!"

"You answered your own question." Sam replied bluntly. "Hi Danny!"

"Hi guys." Danny allowed them into the house, reminding them to keep their shoes on as per usual – some of the chemicals had been spilled on the carpet, and it wasn't a great idea to be walking directly on them. "Come into the basement and have a look."

"...Okay..." Tucker sounded somewhat nervous. But then again, he always was when it came to things like this. Heck, even Danny was slightly nervous of what was to come. He had no idea what would happen when he visited the Ghost Zone now...

Jazz told them she'd stay upstairs in case Maddie and Jack came back, to provide some additional cover. So the trio made their way down the dark, dank steps of the Fenton's basement laboratory, for not the first time.

When Danny opened the portal with the Fenton Genetic Lock, he expected to see the usual swirling green – not a swirling black colour, with small dark green squares drifting in it. "Holy..." Sam didn't finish what she was going to say, although would have liked to. All three of them took a big step back, mesmerised by the foreign portal that had presented itself to them. Danny changed to his ghost form immediately on impulse.

"Are you sure you want to go in there, Danny? It looks... sinister." Sam asked, her voice very quiet, as though she was scared. Then again, Danny thought, she probably was.

"I have to." He replied sadly. I know that they're my enemies, but not all of them are bad. They don't deserve any harm that this device could or could not bring them..."

"Well, then promise me you'll be careful. Promise us that you'll be okay."

"I promise." Danny finished, before approaching the portal. He tried to walk through it, but it wasn't penetrable, even though it didn't actually feel solid.

To everyone's surprise, the portal began to glow a blinding bright white, shining on the back wall, straight through Danny. Circles with a strange, ancient language covering the outer ring burst out of the sides of the portal, glowing brightly and defying gravity. They kept coming, flying over to the wall and making it look as though it went through. In the middle, three triangles swirled.

The trio stared at the new portal that had come from the Ghost Portal in disbelief. None of them moved. However, they all regretted not doing so when Danny screamed in fright, before disintegrating and being sucked into the new white portal, the strange extinct language still contained in the circles.

"JAZZ!" Sam and Tucker both screamed, before running as fast as they possibly could up the stairs.

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Wow, this is writing itself! I gotta say, I'm seriously enjoying this. The more I think about it, the more ideas I get. I hope you readers enjoyed it to, and please, help me out with my writing and review! Cookies to everyone who reviews! Chocolate chip cookies!