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Infinite Twilight
Chapter 2: An Escape and a Mistake

Danny found the cave that the other ghost spoke of fairly quickly, entering it and hoping to find Wulf. At first, he thought that there wasn't anyone there – but then he realised that the cave was very deep, and it was a fairly long way until he got to the end before he found his werewolf-like friend waiting at the back.

"Amigo, me get better English now."

"That's great Wulf, but now, um, I need a favour." Danny replied, patting Wulf on the back for learning some English so he could be understood properly.

"Yes, Wulf know what amigo want. Amigo want into real world. Go there, wait for others. Si?"

"Right." Danny nodded. Wulf turned from him and proceeded to tear a hole in the dimension with his long, savage claws. The rip shuddered for a moment, before opening.

"Go amigo! Me meet you soon. Amigo wait for Wulf."

Danny nodded, climbing through the small portal that Wulf had made for him. When he was out of the Ghost Zone, he didn't care at all where he was – he was just glad to be in the real world again.

...unfortunately, he didn't know exactly where in the real world he was, or how he was going to go about getting back home. The wind was exceptionally cold, and even if Danny couldn't feel it, it was a gale-force wind blowing. Being an essentially weightless being sometimes had its minuses, and this was one of them. Danny was blown around to the point of forcing himself to change back to his human form, merely so he didn't blow away into the wild grey yonder of the clouds. Despite the terrible weather conditions, the portal at least stood strong, and Danny desperately hoped that the others would get out of there soon.

But now that Danny had changed back – the wind bit into his unprotected sleeveless arms like needles of ice, chilling even the half ghost to the very marrow of his bones. It should have been a blizzard, judging by the temperature, but there wasn't any sight of snow.

Danny waited and waited, but no one else came through the small rip in time and space. He was sick of feeling cold, sick of waiting and almost being blown away from the weather, and sick of being somewhere where he didn't know where he was.

The location was covered in grassland – it was all open paddocks as far as the eye could see. Nothing interesting – no animals, just grass and dark grey storm clouds.

Finally, a figure appeared through the portal and was almost blown away the instant it stepped out of it.

"Well, I say!" one of the British ghosts from before exclaimed, gripping Danny's shoulder so he wasn't lost to the heavens. "I think I preferred in there than out here! I mean, really! This wind has already made a bloody mess of my clothes!"

The second British ghost that came through the portal had to grab the hat that flew off of his head immediately, before attempting (and almost failing) to plant his feet into the ground. "Good lord, what a storm!" he exclaimed, before spotting Danny and his British friend, and hanging onto both of them. "Not everyone coming can hang on to you, what exactly are we going to do? Half of us will be blown away never to be seen again."

"I say that we go back in there and get Wulf to tear open another portal." the first English ghost replied. "Ghost kid, could you take us back in there?"

"Are you sure that that's not too risky?" Danny asked hesitantly. "I don't want to end up like the Box Ghost..."

"Neither do we, but we can't stay here!"the second ghost said, trying to point his view out. He then began to yell through the portal. "Wulf! Open another portal – this place isn't fit for a ghost! We're coming back!"

"Oh – all right..." Danny said angrily. He trudged back through the wind, dirt and grit stinging in his eyes as a miniature dust storm began to whip up with a particularly strong gust of wind. Both British ghosts were lucky they didn't lose their grip on Danny's shoulders, which they were clutching on to so hard that it was beginning to hurt him. He pushed onwards for the entire meter it took to get to the portal, and then climbed through it. The pair hanging on to him, upon re-entering the Ghost Zone, immediately felt their hands slip right through his shoulders.

Wulf and about eleven other ghosts saw their windswept appearances, and immediately realised why it was better to open up a different portal.

"Wulf, can you get us to Amity Park?" Danny asked hopefully. He wasn't exactly sure how much control his werewolf-like friend had over where his portals led to.

"Wulf can try for you, amigo." The first portal vanished as Wulf extended his sharp claws and slashed open another time/space rip. "Amigo, this Amity Park?"

Danny changed back to his Ghost form and approached the portal. He took a quick look inside, and then pulled his head back through. "It's my parents' basement." Danny said with a grin flashing over his face. "Wulf, you picked the perfect spot! Everyone, go through there and don't touch anything."

The ghosts began to smile as they headed through the portal. They knew they were safe from the Ghost Zone and the monstrosities that now lurked within it. He waited for ten ghosts to go through – first the three British ghosts, then five that Danny didn't know, then Ember. She stopped to say a few words to him before she exited.

"You better fix this, dipstick – because I know it was your parents fault. Everything always is."

The last one to come through was Amorpho. He stopped before he headed in and looked at Danny with his bright red pupil-less eyes. "Danny Phantom... I wish I had the ability to imitate your 

appearance right now, but for some reason I've lost it..." the faceless spirit rubbed his chin for a second, appearing deep in thought, then sighed. "Well, I've been stuck in worse forms before. I'm sure my original one will have to do for now."

Amorpho slipped through the portal. Danny couldn't see any sign of the ghost who had directed him into the cave in the first place, but he reasoned to himself that she was coming as he exited the Ghost Zone through the portal. The Fenton's basement looked entirely normal again – no strange white glowing rings anymore at all. However, the box attached to the portal was still radiating darkness.

Once in the Fenton's basement, the ghosts all waited patiently as directed. The last thing any of them wanted was to go back into the Ghost Zone again. Ember looked as though she wanted to just run, but distracted herself by tuning her guitar instead.

Danny looked through the portal, and waited for Wulf to come through. He could see him approaching it, but... for some reason, the portal closed just before he'd gotten to it. Danny begun to wonder if he'd lost the concentration he needed to keep it open, but the horrible thought covered him like a dark grey storm cloud that maybe, just maybe, Wulf wasn't able to keep it open because the new atmosphere in the Ghost Zone had... changed him – like the Box Ghost...

The ghosts turned to look at the now-closed rip curiously, muttering to themselves with their own speculations of what had just happened. Danny stared at the same spot, passing more than just three minutes, before finally dragging his hand through his snowy white hair and gritting his teeth – either Wulf couldn't put the portal back in the same place, or something very bad had happened.

"Well, what do we do now, dipstick?" Ember said angrily. "We've lost our tour guides!"

"We have to get out of here – if my parents come down and see all of us, it won't be good."

"And where to then?" Ember questioned, now leaning on her guitar. Danny just shrugged, being able to give no real answer. It was the perfect truth – he had absolutely no idea. Basically, the best he could come up with was scatter and don't cause any trouble... but then he had almost a dozen ghosts on the loose with no leash to hold them back. But... what other choice did he have...?

"You're all going to have to make yourself at home in this world. And trust me, if I here of any, I repeat, any funny business going on, you'll be in the Fenton Thermos and back into the Ghost Zone faster than you can say one of my dad's weird catchphrases, got it?"

None seemed wanting or willing to go back into their former home, not even Ember, who looked majorly annoyed at the situation at hand. Many had began talking very quickly among themselves, probably figuring out their next move. Danny ignored that, because he could hear something else... something that sounded like...

"Galloping ghosts! Danny-boy was sucked into the Fenton Portal?! I'm going to rip the ghost who did this apart molecule by molecule, and then incinerate the remains!"

The Fenton parents. His parents. The obsessive ghost-hunting Fenton parents, about to come down into the basement laboratory and find it infested with ghosts.

"All of you, stay here for a minute – and in case you were thinking of running, the walls here are now phase-proof."

Danny transformed back into his former self and wrenched the door open, hastily slamming it shut behind himself.

"Dad!" the massive figure of Jack Fenton stood in front of him, towering over Danny's head.

"Danny! You're okay! How about a nice father-son hug?! I bet being in the Ghost Zone was a horrifying experience."

Danny began to back away from his father as he approached with a big smile plastered onto his face – a hug from Jack Fenton was the equivalent of being crushed into the Fenton Recliner. "No, dad – seriously, I'm fine! You don't need to-" all that Danny could make after that was a strangled guttural sound as Jack hugged him tighter than he'd hug a bowl of fudge.

Finally, when Danny managed to struggle free of his father's horrifying amount of grip, he took a few very deep breaths to get some oxygen into his lungs. Jack headed to the door of the basement, but Danny's hand shot out to stop him in his tracks.

"What are you doing, son? I'm going down there to tear the ghost who did this to you in two!"

"No, dad, it was my own fault – it wasn't a ghost. Don't worry about going down there right now. I'll – I'll give you my fudge at dinner tonight! Every last bit!"

Jack's eyes looked as though they were actually glowing. (and it was entirely possible, considering the amount of ectoplasm he'd been exposed to throughout the years) With a big grin on his face, Jack Fenton pulled Danny into another choke-hug that Danny wasn't ready for. After more gasping for breath from his son, the Fenton father dashed off somewhere else. Danny wasn't sure if anyone else was still in the house, but decided that the faster he got the bunch of ghosts downstairs out of the basement, the better.

Careful not to make it creak too much, Danny opened the door ever-so-slightly. "Guys, it's clear. Come through the door, then phase outta the house and split – got it?"

The ghosts didn't reply back, knowing that they were in a house of ghost hunters and they didn't particularly want to get caught. They just headed immediately out, Danny hoping that they'd keep their promises of not making mischief. Ghosts weren't known for making promises.

Danny headed back down into the basement, avoiding the portal and anywhere directly in front of it by a two meter radius. He had absolutely no desire to be returning to the Ghost Zone in its current state. Maybe, just maybe, if he destroyed the strange box that his parents had made, things would return to normal.

Danny fired an ecto-beam at the square object, but nothing happened at all. Damn, it's ghost-proof... Danny thought angrily, but then saw a mallet lying on the bench used to flatten metal. Perfect.

Danny picked the wooden mallet up and approached the box. And with a swift motion, smashed it with the mallet. Danny had thought he had done the right thing – darkness stopped emanating from it.

But as the Fenton Portal opened again, he realised that he couldn't possibly have been any more wrong.

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