Character Profiles by Sonar

Note: I'm still working on their profiles so this one may be edited from time to time.

Rahime Skarterra
Gender: Male
Age: in his 30s-40s
Race: Ishballan
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Red usually wears sunglasses to cover his eyes
Skin Color: Tan
Height: 6'1
Village: Ishbal-destroyed
Currently lives: In a Ishbal refugee camp
Siblings: Kalida Sister- deceased

Bio: Rahime may seem cold but he is a bit different from the Ishballans. He does respect his religion but unlike some, he does not rob people that are not of his race. On one fateful day, he found a girl outcold in the desert. Instead of just turning away from her, he took her to Ishbal and treated her. He had seemed to be a rather kind person but he was serious.He had to take care of her and she was rather silent for a while. Some of the Ishballans did help as well even if she was an outsider. However, he seemed to help her.Once finding out about her alchemy, it seemed that he still remained with her though his people did not accept it. Along the way, the Ishbal war happened and he was able to escape though his family was mostly unlucky.

Name: Unknown
Nicknames: Visionary Alchemist, Spirit Alchemist
Age: in probably her late 20s but unknown
Gender: Female
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Brown-black uncertain really
Skin Color: White
Height: 5'8
Village: Hildan-destroyed
Siblings: Uncertain..might have two older brothers

Alchemy abilities: To heal people and see visions.She also sees the memories of others by touching things. She can do shields and other sorts of things with her alchemy and she doesn't always need to make a circle.

Profile: When she was young, she witnessed the destruction of her village. It is assumed that she may of had two brothers. During the destruction of her village, she had been spared death and there was few that survived. However, two men gave her the power of alchemy before they died.

She was the youngest exile at the age of 3. However after she left, the remaining survivors were killed. She had no idea about this. She has no idea of who she is and what family she did have. However, she did remember the face of the person that destroyed her village.

While she was traveling, she was near death and of course passed out at the desert crossing. She was saved by an Ishballan but it took her a long time to talk about what happened. She felt rather traumatized due to what happened. She lived with nightmares and they came and go. However, she was taken care of by a man called Rahime who was older than her. When her alchemy was discovered, it seemed that she had no where to go.It could of been possible that she might of seen Scar's brother during his time away from the village. For now, her memories were pretty much vague but she was also there at the Ishbal massacre.

Some time had passed and she suddenly appears out of nowhere. Of course her purpose was to help people and stop some bad events from happening such as the destruction of Lior. She was out to find out the truth of why the army attacked her village and also took out Ishbal. She had no interest in the philosopher stone.

Along her journey, she also has to deal with her past and the memories of everyone that died back in Ishbal and Hildan. It's only a matter of time until she finds out the truth but her meddling may have an impact.