Chapter 1: Dreams of Past Forgotten

Everyone had their beginnings. We all had to start somewhere but how do I start my story? Well I might as well tell you about myself and what I know about my life. You see, I don't know my real name but my life was interesting since that day my home was destroyed. It was something that I could never forget but anyone that saw a massacre would remember it if they were there.

Of course, I was dreaming about this after so of course, it is in the view of my dream and not my actual point of view even if this is my story. I never could get any sleep after that day really and it took me some time to speak about it. Anyways, on with my dream.

Apparently, I lived in this village called Hildan when I was still young. I could not really remember the faces and yet they were in my mind. At the time, I was about 3 years old. I was with two older men that could be possibly my older brothers. Like I said, my memory was still a blur and yet it was clear to me. It was quite a warm day and there was a few flowers in the ground. There was a slight breeze but it did not seem to change anything.

I had my brown hair tied up behind my back. Of course, I was being watched and it seemed that there was many people. I was feeling happy in a sense and yet, it was hard to determine what I felt. So many pieces were missing from my life. At that time, I did not have the power I had now.

It was certain that this day would remain in my mind forever. It was the day that my life would change forever. Alot of empty spaces were in my head about this day and this was before the Ishbal Massacre even happened. To make things clear, the attack was unexpected and there was no reason for it really. Or was there?

However, it seemed that someone might of known about the battle. Alot of questions still remain after that day that we were attacked. I was uncertain about what really happened but the next thing I knew, there seemed to be noises heard. Something had changed and it caused confusion.Next thing I knew, there seemed to be panic and I was running for cover. I could hear the screams of people before they met their deaths. Blood was flowing as if it was a river.

It seemed that it was some miracle that I did survive. It did take a while for the fighting to stop but it seemed that out of all the people, several might have survived. I came out, feeling terrified and looking around as if I was trying to find someone. I heard something and ran over to see two men laying there bleeding. I never could remember their names. I had came over to them and they looked at me, knowing that they were dying. For a moment, I thought I saw a smile.Still, the details were a bit blurred. I could not see the faces well.

The two men looked at me as if there was something to hide. Still, I might of remembered seeing a man with an eyepatch in an army uniform before I came to the mens' bodies. Of course some words had been said and I remember reaching my arms out. Then there was glowing.

I suddenly awake with a start, realizing that I had been dreaming again. It felt like a reoccuring nightmare to me. I was feeling a bit warm as my head was probably sweating a bit.

"Just a dream.", I thought as I moved my hand along my head.

I knew that something might be happening very soon as my mind cleared up a bit. It was hard to think of sleep as some wind picked up. I was in some tent but there was one other tent next to me. You will soon learn about who I been with about my past in time.

I couldn't sleep so I got out of bed, a light sigh escaping my lips.The past had to stay behind but so many questions were in my mind. I went outside the tent and saw there was a bit of wind. The moon was on the left side as I walked a short distance.

As I touched the ground, my eyes seem to go almost wide open. I had a strange feeling that something was going to happen. I had no idea where I was since I did seem to travel. It was either I was with someone or alone. As I said, my story will be explained good enough. The past was on my mind.

I still think about how I was missing bits of pieces of my past, looking at the ground while I got up to my feet. The moon was not quite full and I was looking at it. Things did feel calm for now but how long would that last? There was so many struggles and it was never ending. What would happen next? No one really knew except for myself perhaps.

"That dream again...what does it mean?", I asked myself as I raised one arm which was actually covered so the marks could not be seen. Might as well get over the bad dreams that I had and get to where the real action is because the future depends on it.

I lowered my arm and thought that I might try and get some sleep. It was really hard to sleep anyways so I figured that I might as well try. Those dreams were the reason I could never get sleep and in time, my alchemy would play a role that would change my life forever.