"The Day Snorlax Flew" by Granite Vulpix

I got out of bed,
At a quarter to nine,
Have some breakfast,
And changed out of my PJ's.
I stepped outside,
For a bit of fresh air,
When suddenly,
I noticed a shadow,
Hovering above me
I looked up fearfully,
Thinking it was a rouge satellite,
However what came to my eyes,
Was not short of a shock,
A snorlax was flapping its arms,
And flying...
I felt weak,
And my knees started shaking,
Head started spinning,
And mouth felt dry,
I gulped once, then again
As I stared wide-eyed at
1000 pounds of airbourn, 100% fat
Snorlax looked down
And smiled at me,
And asked me this
"Would you care,"
"To come with me"
"On a trip over the sea"
"To a land where trees"
"Are 1000 feet high"
"And mountains which"
"Lead to Jupitar?"
I shook my head
To mean a no,
While trying to control
The pee running down my legs.
"Suit yourself" Snorlax replied
As he continued flapping
Towards the sun
By now the pee,
That was running down my leg
Had become something,
Like Nigaura Falls.
Suddenly I heard grunts
From way above,
I noticed Snorlax
Flapping his arms much more
Suddenly he stopped
And began to fall.
I stared bug-eyed, paralysed,
Unable to move
Like i'd suddenly
Grown roots
And planted them into the ground
Oh no! He's going to fall on...SPLAT!

Jake woke up, sweating all over from his grim nightmare. He laid in bed for a while and promised himself, never to drink honey and vinegar while watching TV in the morning

At about nine, he went out side for some fresh air, looked at to see...SPLAT!

It was a oval shaped satellite, which spookly enough weighed

Exactly 1000 pounds...