Entry #2 for the 'trouble' prompt at 100foraslan. Because, you know, I just couldn't bear not to submit something slashy.

Peter grinned to himself as Caspian came storming into the room, fuming.

"What is it this time?" he asked, raising an eyebrow at the irate Telmarine.

"That accursed Council," huffed Caspian in reply. "They are always causing trouble. Now they're raising a fuss about the lowered taxes…we don't need to tax our citizens so harshly now that they've doubled in number, but-"

His rant ended abruptly as Peter pressed his lips heatedly to Caspian's, pushing the other king roughly against the wall. "I think you need to relax," he muttered teasingly into the kiss.

Tax rates could wait until later.