Title: Jessica. Part of the What If Series.

Betas: the awesome Brittany and Merisha

Rating: GeneralCharacters: Jessica Moore, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester

Warnings/Spoilers: Goes through to season 3, eventually

Disclaimer: The characters belong to Master Eric Kripke, I'm just playing with them for a wee bit!

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Jessica and Sam were the perfect couple. Everyone who knew them believed they would be together forever. They would be the couple to make it when most others were falling by the wayside. They were blissfully happy. They spent as much time together as possible.

They met at Stanford University, where they shared some of the same classes. They discovered each other on their first day in the lecture hall. Most of the students had already paired off. When their eyes landed on one another there was instant chemistry. Sam sat beside her and almost forgot to introduce himself he was so mesmerised. She asked him out to lunch at the end of class, and they have been together ever since.

Sam had always hoped that leaving his family behind for college would have a happy ending. With the unusual upbringing he and his brother Dean had lived through, anything would be better. But in his wildest imaginations he never expected it would turn out this well. He was studying a subject he adored, he had the fantastic opportunity to move into law, with a full ride no less, and he was living with an amazing woman who was going to take on the world in her own way.

Throughout their relationship he found himself wondering if his father and mother had been this happy during the early days of their relationship. He didn't remember his Mother, and his father didn't talk about her much. All the information he gleemed came from his brother, who himself was only four when she died.

Sure there were trouble spots. Like Sams reluctance to speak about his family, for instance. All he would say was that his Mother died when he was a baby, and he and his brother were brought up in something of a nomad existence by their father, John. She always thought it was strange that he never rang his brother or father, especially considering they seemed to be the only family he had.

He wanted to tell Jessica all about his mixed up family. He adored Jessica, and knew his life was with her, but how could he explain that his Mother had been murdered by a demon, and his brother and father, and for a long while Sam himself, made it their mission in life to hunt down and end as much evil as they possibly could. He had been trained as a warrior.

One of the first things he remembered from his childhood was how to shoot bottles from a fence twenty feet away. What type of childhood was that? Certainly not one he wanted to involve Jessica in. She was much better out of that mess.

One night, he was disturbed from his sleep by noises emerges from their living room. Believing someone had broken in to their apartment he leaves Jessica sleeping in their bed while he goes to investigate.

After a brief skirmish in the living room he discovers he's fighting Dean, his long lost brother. He asks him what he is doing there, but Dean doesn't have the opportunity to answer as Jessica interrupts them, appearing in the door way.

She finds Sam with a worried look on his handsome face, and some blonde guy giving her the horny eye.

"Dean, this is my girlfriend Jessica."

She smiles nervously as Dean admires her taste in t-shirt designs. She doesn't know what it is about him but he had a certain aura to him: a dangerous vibe that was rather intoxicating. He was certainly attractive, but he was also very cocky and self confident. She knew he was the type who had no problem getting girlfriends, or at least women to spend the night with him. She was glad Sam wasn't like that. He was the type of man she could see a future with, and a happy and successful one at that.

Dean tells Sam that their father is on a hunting trip, and hasn't been home in a few days. With the nature of their family business he and Dean knew that could either mean he was knee deep in a hunt and didn't have the chance to call, or his life had been stolen by the evil he was hunting. Either way, it wasn't good.

Sam takes Dean outside to talk. She hates the secrets Sam keeps from her. She goes over to the window that overlooks the front of the house to see if she could hear the boys talking, but there's nothing. When Sam comes back inside he has to leave with Dean.

"Wait, you're taking off? Is your Dad all right?"

"He's probably deer hunting at the cabin and enjoying some Miller time. Dean needs some help tracking him down," Sam tells her, heading back into their bedroom to pack a bag.

"Sam, what about the interview on Monday? It's a big deal!"

"I'll be back on time, I promise," he smiles, letting her know that everything will be all right.

He had the knack of calming down pretty much any situation. Most of the time she was happy he had that trait, but occassionally she wished he would just let them have a massive blow out.

He kisses her quickly before heading out the door.

"At least tell me where you're going?" she says after him, but he doesn't respond.

She can hear a car rumble away from their apartment, leaving her in silence. She climbs back into bed and tries to get back to sleep, but she can't relax her mind enough to drop off. The evenings happenings were beyond weird. Sam barely mentions his brothers name, nor that of the elusive John Winchester, but when Dean shows up on their doorstep he immediately packs a bag and heads out with his brother. And to make matters worse, he won't tell her where he's going. She finally falls asleep a few hours later, though nothing but exhaustion.