Jessica has never looked at so many newspaper articles in her life. She has gone back to the 1980s, but still nothing. Every once in a while her mind drifts off, wondering what supernatural being could possibly make a healthy, somewhat successful woman want to drive over a ravine, knowing she would be killing herself on impact.

"How are you getting on?" asks Bobby, coming up behind her, setting a mug of coffee down in front of her.

"Not very well. I have gone right back to the early 80s, but I just can't find a woman who fits the profile. I've even been keeping an eye out for possible homicidal men, just in case, but that's not getting me anywhere."

"Man in white? Always a possibility. Do you want me to have a look for a while?"

"No, it's all right. I've started it, so I want to get it finished. How did you get on with Meredith's boyfriend?"

"He is a nasty piece of work. He wasn't very upset at his girlfriend's death."

"Maybe whoever is driving these women to their deaths is trying to save them from finding out just what jerks their boyfriends are?"

"And ending their lives is the way to do that?" he asks, horrified at the notion.

"Well, whoever is doing this could believe so. I'm just guessing, but perhaps this supernatural being is trying to end the suffering of these women. We know that Meredith's boyfriend was a cheating idiot, so perhaps the other women who died were in bad relationships as well."

Bobby nods his head.

"You could well be right. I'll get the information on the other women and see what I can find out about their relationships. You keep looking for a malevolent woman. Or man," he says, gently tapping her on the shoulder before leaving. She's learning.

After another couple of hours, Jessica is no closer to getting an answer, and she's starting to give up. She's just about to give up for the night when she spots something. There is a newspaper report from 1972. It talked about the death of a woman named Grace Moyer. She was found at home with a gunshot wound to the head. At the time, the police were looking at two different possible scenarios: one was that she committed suicide to get away from her bad relationship. The second scenario was that the other side to the bad relationship killed her. The police were just at the start of the investigation, and so they weren't too sure which theory was going to turn out to be accurate.

Jessica starts to look closely at this time period, checking for further reports on the case of Grace Moyer.

It takes a while, but she finds another report, this one is an interview with the man in Grace's life, Robert Dunn. He talks about how devastated he was about the loss of his girlfriend. He said that, contrary to police reports, he was deeply in love with Grace. They had even been talking about marriage and children before her death.

When asked about what he believed caused the death of his girlfriend, he said he was under the assumption that she had killed herself. The reporter asked why she would do such a thing, and he said he thought her family had driven her to it. They didn't like him and repeatedly told Grace to break things off with him. Perhaps they pushed Grace too far, and she couldn't cope anymore.

Another reporter spoke to the parents of Grace. They admitted that they didn't like Robert, believing that he was not good enough for their daughter. He had been in trouble with the law as a teenager, and although they accepted that he had been behaving himself with the law since he and Grace got together, they couldn't escape the fact that he had spent a good proportion of his adolescence in prison after committing robberies and assaults. This was not the type of man they wanted their daughter to spend time with.

The reporter asked the question Jessica had wondered: did they believe their actions toward Grace's relationship could have driven her to take her life. They insisted that if anyone was guilty of her death, it was Robert. They had last spoken to Grace the morning of her death. She called them in tears, telling them that she walked in on him in bed with another woman. She stormed out of the house, and didn't want to return. Her mother told her to come over to their house and they would work out her next move. She said she was going to get some clothes and things and come over. Grace certainly wasn't on good form at the time, but she didn't sound suicidal. They said they will never understand how she went from assuring them that she would get some things and then head over to their home to shooting herself.

Jessica's eyes are getting more and more tired with each word, and so she prints everything off and puts everything away and heads back to the hotel. Thankfully, it's a very short walk, as she doesn't have the energy to go very far. She's not even sure if she will get something to eat, although she knows she would be better off. She is just walking to her room when she notices Bobby coming towards her.

"Hey. How did you get on?" asks Bobby.

"Pretty well. I think I might have found our Woman in White. I've printed everything off to show you. Do you want to get something to eat?"

Bobby smiles, swinging a bag of food from behind his back.

"Always be prepared, that's my motto. I was actually just coming to the library to get you when I noticed you walking up to the hotel. Come on, food, then bed."

Just as she opens the door to her hotel room her stomach rumbles. She hoped it was quiet enough that Bobby didn't hear, but when she hears him laughing loudly behind her, she has no choice but to shake her head and smile to herself.