Hi everyone! I'm back from my vacation, and I'm ready to continue with my series about the Winx Club. Now remember, this is the second fic in my series, so if you haven't read the first one, I have to seriously recommend that you read it. I'm not going to be referring back to it much, but it sets the stage for why all these things are going to happen to the girls. You aren't going to understand the series if you don't read the fics in order.

Anyway, this takes place at the start of the Winx girls junior year. They've had a relaxing, care free summer and are ready to start the new school year with enthusiasm and energy. This fanfic and the ones following it are all going to take place in the junior year, except for the very last one, which takes place in the senior year. It's a lot to fit in one year, I know, but bear with me. Also remember, that Baltor has not shown up yet, nor will he until story #8, which is where I've worked in Season 3. We will get to Season 3 soon, but for now, everything's the same since Season 2, just like in the previous fic.

Now, we're going to start this story off with a prologue, and then we'll get to the main story with the Winx girls. Trust me, you need the prologue if you want to understand the story. This section is crucial! If there's anything in it you don't understand, just tell me, and I'll explain it in the next post as best I can. Happy reading!

Prologue: Princess Lilia

A thousand years ago, in the realm of the Lynphea, there lived a fairy princess named Lilia. She was the most beautiful girl in the kingdom, with chestnut brown hair, with lighter brown streaks in it that reached eight inches below her shoulders. She had tanned skin and green eyes and had the sweetest personality. One of her greatest qualities was that she loved to help her kingdom. She helped anyone who needed it and she never said no to anyone. Her people loved her because she brought peace and prosperity to the kingdom, using her magic to do many good deeds. She cast spells on the gardens to make all the plants bloom and never wilt. The kingdom was in a golden age and all her people yearned for the day when she would become queen and be able to take full control of her magic. She would then be able to do even more good deeds for her realm and would be a wise and just ruler.

But even before that, she learned that she was the heir to a great power, a power that no other fairies in the kingdom were able to control. It had entered her body once she was born and had waited for several thousand years to come to her. It had slept for generations and could only be controlled by the kingdom's royalty, but there had been only one other that was worthy to handle it. Lilia was the next one to use it and she knew that she would use it to do more for her realm than she could ever imagine. However, the time to use it came more quickly than she anticipated.

One day, dark magic entered the land and evil forces swept over the kingdom. They were led by a princess from Rampara, a neighboring realm. Her name was Earshra, she was a witch, and she was evil through and through. She had waste length, black hair, pale skin, and a bad attitude. She wanted to conquer all the realms and make the people her slaves. This shocked everyone, especially Lilia, for the people of Rampara used to live in harmony with the people of the 

Lynphea. There was even a gate between the two realms, so that people could commute between them as they liked.

Like Lynphea, Rampara had a great power that could only be controlled by royalty. It also had only been controlled by one other member of the family, in the days when the realm was good. But when Earshra was born, the power entered her body and was made evil. A wave of darkness spread over the kingdom, making her people slowly turn against their friends on Lynphea. Finally, when Earshra was sixteen, she led the forces of her realm against the neighboring one.

The forces of Lynphea fought valiantly, but were no match for Rampara's infantry. They easily overpowered the people of Lynphea and it seemed that victory was theirs.

Lilia had been watching everything from the palace, from her bedroom, from the towers, and what she saw scared her and angered her. She knew that her people could still win, if they were given the motivation and the help. She transformed into her Winx apparel, and flew out to help them. She wore a pale pink dress with straps across her shoulders and reached her knees with a deeper hue of pink at the top and bottom. She wore a pair of pink boots and snow white wings appeared on her back. She flew out of the palace and aided her soldiers wherever she could. With her help, the armies of Lynphea fought back and started to force the armies of Rampara back into their kingdom. But there were many more soldiers to face.

Earshra had been enjoying her victory, but her attitude changed when she saw Lilia coming forward to help her people. She knew that the only way she could really take over this kingdom was to get rid of its princess. And from what she could see, she was going to have fun destroying the princess in front of the very eyes of her people. She flew forward and attacked Lilia. Everyone else who was fighting stopped to watch the battle between the two princesses, knowing that the outcome of that battle would also determine the outcome of the entire war.

Lilia and Earshra sent their strongest attacks at each other, but they were very evenly matched, so evenly matched that their attacks negated each other and each sent the other sprawling backwards. The powers of their realm had been made by the same family, so of course they had practically the same energy. They could anticipate each other's moves and stop each from making some key attacks that otherwise would have been very effective.

"I will not let my people down!" Lilia told herself determinedly. "I can win this!"

"I will not be made a fool of in front of my own soldiers," muttered Earshra. "I must defeat this pitiful excuse for a creature."

With this behind her, Earshra let out a blast of energy, which knocked Lilia to the ground. Everyone thought for a moment that Earshra had won, for a black light was glowing around her, radiating evil and darkness. It filled them with remorse and despair, which was exactly what she wanted. Make them more pathetic and dejected and they would be more likely to serve her than to rebel against her.

But Lilia still had power left and was not ready to quit. She thought of her beautiful kingdom, how she loved it and all it's people, and how she would be able to do even more for it once she became queen. That was all she needed to gain more strength. She closed her eyes and let her power flow uncontrolled throughout her body, feeling it running like adrenaline through her veins. She did what hadn't been done for several thousand years, and gathered it all into one large attack, to be administered on her adversary. She began to glow a bright pink glow, which made Earshra look over at her in surprise, wondering what the heck was happening now.

When she saw that Lilia's powers were strengthening again, she flew forward, ready to unleash even more power on her. But she didn't get close enough. Lilia was ready to attack long before her opponent knew what was going on. She raised her hands in front of her and a large blast of energy was released from her open palms. She sent it to Earshra, and the dark princess was not able to handle it all. It enveloped her in a ball of light, and she was forced down to the ground, landing sprawled on her back. Lilia had won.

Her powers were not able to destroy Earshra entirely, and even if it was powerful enough, she would not have done so. She was not a princess like this girl was. She raised her hands again at her enemy, and Earshra's powers collected into an energy ball, which drifted out of her body and into Lilia's hand. This was not the witch's own magic, which was impossible to take from her, but it was the full power of Rampara, making Earshra just another witch without it. She then pointed her free hand at Earshra and sent her back into her realm, along with the rest of her soldiers. She then sealed the gate that separated Lynphea from the Realm of Rampara, so nothing and no one would be able to get in and out. She knew if the seal was ever broken, evil from Rampara would be unleashed once more.

Lilia knew that she could not control both her own power and the power of Rampara, so she built a secret chamber underneath her palace, and sealed the power away inside it. She then put all the best defense spells and cloaking spells on it, so that no one would be able to go down there and retrieve the magic inside it. She then flew to the highest point in the realm and used her power, the grand power of Lynphea, to restore the realm to its original beauty. She smiled in relief as she saw the plants coming back to life and the people go back to their normal lives.

As she got ready for bed that night, she thought of something that had happened early at the battle, something only she knew. Just as Earshra was being sent back to her own realm, she had said something very quietly. Only Lilia had heard it. She had said, "you haven't seen the last of me or my family. I may not live forever, but my power will. I know you will seal me in, and one of your descendants will have the power to break that seal, and at the same time, one of my descendents will be making her do it. Then, my heir will control this realm and all others and there will be nothing anyone will be able to do." She laughed evilly just as the gate was closed and that was the last Lilia ever saw of Earshra. When Lilia heard this, she was shocked at first, but she knew that neither Earshra, nor anyone in her family would ever be able to conquer all realms because good always triumphed over evil.

Deciding she needed more reassurance, Lilia got dressed, went upstairs to the highest tower of the palace, and entered a special room, the Room of Time. In the middle was a small pool of water that showed everything, past, present and future. She looked into the past and saw how 

Lynphea was created and how the power ruling it was established. She then saw how Rampara was created and how the people there had always been friends with the people of Lynphea, but turned on them because of Earshra. Something had gone wrong with the power of Rampara, and she knew something was going to have to be done about it, but it was not for her to do.

She then looked into the future and saw that Earshra was indeed right. She saw one of the future princesses of Lynphea, one that was exactly like herself in looks and personality, except with longer hair and slightly different Winx apparel. This girl did have the power to unlock the gate to get into Rampara. She was unaware of her powers and what she was capable of, but when the time was right, she would find out. She also saw that this descendant may have the power to release that evil, but she would also have the power to stop it once and for all.

"I'm not worried," said Lilia quietly. "I know that everyone in my family will always be on the side of good. This realm will always be in good hands. As I am the most powerful of all the princesses in this family, this power I have must be saved for when the evil of Rampara rears its ugly head again. When this princess is born, my powers, which will have hid themselves for all those years, will enter into her, and she will restore peace between the two realms, and she will become a great queen of Lynphea."

Seven years later, Lilia became queen and she ruled her realm with wisdom and kindness. After she died, her power hid itself away and slept for a thousand years, waiting patiently for the next person to use it. Finally, a thousand years after the great battle, the heiress to the throne that would be able to break the seal around Rampara and control Lilia's ancient power was born. Her parents knew at once it was her and were determined to protect her at all costs. They named her Flora.

All right, the prologue's over and we're back in the present day. So what did you think, good opener? Like I said above, if there's something you don't get, just tell me and I'll try and fix it. I hope you enjoyed it and keep an eye for the next chapter. See you later!