Hey guys! So, last time, we had the girls defeat the witches and break the spell over Lynphea and Rampara, and both the realms went back to normal. In this last chapter, we're going to have a really fluffy scene between Flora and Helia, and we're going to see Guinevere fully come to terms with who she really is. This is also going to be the start of a big mystery for Guinevere, which will continue within the next few fanfics. Happy reading!

Chapter 13: Two Future Queens

Flora and Guinevere smiled with pride and happiness as they saw the change in their realms; neither had ever been happier. But they'd used up all their energy casting the spell, and were as weak as could be, each just wanting to sleep for the rest of the day and night. They were able to take one last look at their beloved realms, before hovering in the gate for a moment, and drifting gently to the ground unconscious.

"Flora!" yelled Helia. The girl's eyes widened as they saw that Flora wasn't moving, and they all ran to her and Guinevere, hoping against hope that both were all right. Helia knelt down next to Flora, and he held her tightly in his arms.

"Flora, can you hear me?" he asked her softly. But she didn't respond. He gently took her wrist in his hand, and breathed a deep sigh of relief when he still felt a pulse. But that didn't stop him from worrying that she somehow might've hurt herself. "Please answer me," he whispered to her. "Open your eyes."

"Don't worry Helia," said Bloom, putting a reassuring hand on his shoulder. "She's fine, just exhausted. She used a lot of power to break that spell. Let's get her back to the palace and let her rest."

Helia nodded, and gently lifted Flora up into his arms. He was about to carry her back home, but a groaning sound from nearby stopped him. They all turned to see what it was, and saw the witches slowly getting to their feet, all as tired as the girls were. Flora and Guinevere's magic had not only broken the spell on their realms, but had also drained the energy right out of the witches. And when they saw what had happened to all their hard work, they were so mad that they would have attacked in a second, were it not for the fact that they couldn't cast the simplest spells.

"You may have won this round, but the war is far from over," said Icy. "You Winx girls make me sick!"

"That's enough out of you Icy!" said Bloom angrily, beginning to transform again. But Icy and the other two witches had already disappeared. Bloom settled down a bit, but was still ready to be on the lookout for when they appeared again, because those three always showed up again.

"Come on," said Sky, placing his arm around Bloom's shoulders. "Let's get these two home, then get some sleep. I think we've all earned some." Most of the group went back to the palace in Lynphea, Helia carrying Flora every step of the way, his eyes never leaving her face. Jason and Layla, on the other hand, took Guinevere back to the palace of Rampara and found it to be very charming, now that the evil magic around it since Earshra's time was gone.

Layla kept casting jealous looks at Guinevere, whom Jason was carrying back home. Unfortunately for her, he noticed. "Well, at least she doesn't like seeing me with other girls," he thought to himself. "That's got to count as progress."

After putting Guinevere to bed, and making sure that the servants would look for her, Layla and Jason started back for Lynphea, and on the way, Jason asked a question that shocked the girl with him.

"Layla, are you okay with me being your boyfriend?" he asked her.

"Yeah," she said, but she couldn't conceal her nervousness.

"Somehow, I'm not convinced."

"I'm just not used to having a boyfriend. I've always been on my own, no friends, no one I could really talk to. When I came to Alfea, it was amazing because I got five great friends and then when Stella set me up with you, well I didn't know what to think. It took me forever just to get used to having so many friends. I just need to get used to the idea of having a boyfriend."

"But you do like me in that way?" he asked hopefully.

"I do," she said and kissed him on the cheek. Both were blushing furiously afterward, but Jason breathed easier knowing that his affection was returned. Everyone else had already gone to bed by the time they returned to Lynphea, so they just said goodnight, and went to rooms that the king and queen had provided for them.

Back on Rampara the next morning, Guinevere got up fairly early, went to her balcony and looked out over her realm. She had no idea that at that very moment, Flora was doing the exact same thing. It was strange to see her realm this way, the plants growing, the sun shining, the birds singing. Everything was peaceful. She had never seen it this way, but she liked it. She'd never even seen the sun before she left Rampara, and she had to admit that having the rays shine down warmly on her skin was a wonderful feeling. She could hear the birds singing, and people bustling down in the marketplace. To her, these were the best sounds one could ever hear.

Suddenly, she felt a presence there in the room with her and for a moment, she wondered if it was her little sister, Elbereath. But in an instant, she knew it wasn't. She could sense that Elbereath wasn't in the realm, and it felt as though someone was there with her, but she couldn't see them.

"Is someone there?" she asked. No one answered. She could still sense this presence, but a second later, it disappeared as a knock sounded at her door.

"Come in," she said, turning towards the door. One of her mother's servants entered.

"Excuse me Princess Guinevere," said the servant. "Your mother wishes to see you in the throne room."

On her way out, Guinevere stopped and said, "Crystal, do you know where my sister is? I want to see if she's all right."

Crystal replied with, "I'm sorry, but Princess Elbereath has been gone for a few days. I don't know where she might be." Guinevere nodded her understanding, and walked out of the room a little puzzled and made her way down to the throne room, where her mother was waiting for her.

"Guinevere, my baby girl," said Queen Diamantine, giving her a hug. Guinevere hugged her back, a little shocked. Her mother had never shown her any kind of affection before. Until she met Flora, no one ever had. "Are you all right?"

"I'm fine Mother," said Guinevere. "I'm just a little tired."

"I suppose you have a right to be," said Queen Diamantine. "I saw what you and Flora did last night. I'm extremely proud of you. Don't look so shocked," she said, when she saw the look on Guinevere's face. "I've been under the spell on the realm, since the day I was born, but someday I knew the realm would go back to being a good one. I didn't like the idea, but you can't stop the inevitable. I knew you were the one who would bring about that change when I saw that you'd been born a fairy and not a witch. When I saw you at the gate with Flora casting the spell, I was angry at first, but then the spell was broken, and I became filled with immense pride. Wonderful job my dear."

"Thank you Mother," said Guinevere smiling. "It means a lot to hear you say that."

"You'll make a great queen someday" continued her mother, her smile simply radiating pride. "I also wanted to talk to you, because I have something to give you. I'm sorry you had to spend your birthday fighting to save your realm. But after seeing you in action yesterday, I found the perfect present for you."

Guinevere gave her a surprised look and said, "you didn't have to do that. I've never gotten a birthday present in my life."

"Well, it's time you started," said Queen Diamantine. "And seventeen is the perfect age for you to receive this." She snapped her fingers and a box appeared out of thin air. She handed it to her daughter, smiling with satisfaction at the look she knew was going to be on Guinevere's face.

Guinevere gave an excited squeal, opened the box and gasped when she saw what was inside, her expression going from excitement to amazement. It was a necklace, a gold choker, made of small gold rectangles and dangling from the center was a beautiful blue-green diamond. It was the necklace Guinevere had seen Isabella wearing in the Pool of Infinity.

"Oh Mother," said Guinevere. "It's stunning. Wherever did you find this?"

"It was in the royal treasury," replied her mother. "I went there last night, knowing you were the perfect person to wear it. It belonged to the first Queen of Rampara, Queen Isabella. She even received it herself for her seventeenth birthday. She was the greatest ruler of our realm. When Isabella died, it went into the treasury for safe keeping. No one else has worn it since, no one else was worthy to. The power of Rampara didn't enter anyone else until Earshra, but she was evil through and through. After all these years, you're the third person to use this power, and you've made the realm good again, meaning you deserve this necklace. Wear it with pride."

Guinevere pulled her hair over her shoulder and turned around, facing the window. She could see her reflection clearly in the glass, her eyes brimming over with tears. She watched as her mother reached over and clasped the necklace around her daughter's neck. It was a perfect fit. "What do you think?" she asked.

"Mom, it's so beautiful," said Guinevere, her tears now starting to fall down her face.

"I knew you'd like it," said Queen Diamantine. "Now, you're a true Princess of Rampara. Congratulations."

Suddenly, Guinevere felt that presence again, the one she had felt in her room, but this time she knew what it was. She could feel the pride radiating from that presence, the pride, the joy and the happiness. It was the spirit of Queen Isabella, as though she was standing right there with them.

"Do you feel that?" asked Guinevere.

"I do," said Queen Diamantine. "It means Isabella is here with us. As long as you wear this necklace, she will always be with you, and will guide you on the long journey of your life." Guinevere didn't even try to hold the tears back as she reached up to give her mother a hug. She then knew what it was that had kept the curse from becoming permanent the day it was cast: Isabella's spirit was there and had tried to make it stop, enabling her to become her good self everyone once in a while. Guinevere closed her eyes and sighed. Somehow, she sensed, she could just sense that Isabella was smiling.


That morning, Flora was up before the rest of her friends. She walked out on her balcony and looked at her newly restored realm. She closed her eyes for a minute, taking in the sounds and smells of the realm, letting the wind blow through her long hair. She opened her eyes again, and just stared at her kingdom, a large smile appearing on her face. She had always loved her view, because her balcony was situated over the royal gardens, miles upon miles of every single plant that ever existed. The last two days, she'd thought she'd never see it again. She looked over it, and said, "it's so good to have everything back to normal."

"Princess Flora?"

She turned around to see one of her lady's maids. "Yes Violet?"

"Your mother wants to see you in the throne room."

"Yes, of course. Tell her I'll be right there." She took one last look over the land, and then went downstairs, wondering what her mother wanted to talk to her about.

"Mother, you wanted to see me?" Flora asked when she reached the throne room.

"Yes Flora," said Queen Tula. "Come take a walk with me in the garden. There are a few things I want to say to you." They walked outside and into the garden. After a few minutes of looking at the flowers, she said, "Flora, I saw what you and Guinevere did at the gate yesterday. I'm very proud of you, of both of you. I knew you would be able to save our realm."

"Thank you Mother," said Flora. "It means a lot to me to hear you say that."

"You are just like Lilia," her mom continued. "She was exactly like you in spirit, power and personality. I knew you would be the one to follow in her footsteps and you will be just as good a Queen as she was, if not better."

The smile disappeared from Flora's face and she walked away a few steps. "What's the matter my dear?" asked her mother, wondering what she had said.

"That's the question that's been plaguing my mind since the start of this whole thing," said Flora. "How can I rule over this realm as Queen if I'm the one who allowed the darkness to get here from Rampara in the first place?"

"The darkness is gone now, from both here and Rampara," said Queen Tula. "You and Guinevere were the only ones who could stop it, meaning that you are the true heirs to both thrones. She will be a wonderful Queen of Rampara, and you will be an amazing Queen of Lynphea. I just know it."

Flora smiled again and gave her mother an enormous hug. "Thank you Mother. How do you always know what to say to cheer me up?"

"It's my job to say things like that," she replied. "You may be the princess of this realm, but you're first and foremost my daughter."

Flora and her mother finished their walk, then the flower fairy went back to her room, and continued to look out over the balcony, thinking about what her mother had told her. But there was one other thing that was on her mind, and that was what a vision in the Room of Time from the previous day.

"May I join you?"

She was so deeply absorbed in thought that she gave a small gasp when she heard someone speaking to her. It was Helia.

"Helia, you scared me," she said.

"I'm sorry," he said. "But I just saw you get back from a walk in the garden with your mother. I didn't mean to listen, but I couldn't help overhearing what you were saying. She was right you know."

"About what?"

"About how you're going to make an amazing queen," said Helia, walking up to her.

Flora remembered what they had seen in the Pool of Infinity. She replied with a slight smile, "and you're going to make an amazing king."

"Uh…speaking of that," he said, stammering a little bit. He was obviously very nervous. "Everything in the Room of Time yesterday, what your mother said about us, and what we saw…Flora, how would you feel if we did get married someday?"

"The keyword is someday," said Flora. "I would love to marry you Helia, but not now. I don't think I'm ready to settle down and we're still in school. But I knew, even before we saw the coronation in the Pool of Infinity, I knew you'd be right there next to me. I love you Helia."

"And I love you my angel," said Helia, kissing her. It was then she noticed that he had one hand behind his back as though hiding something.

"What have you got there?" she asked him.

"These are for you," he told her.

He put his hand in front of her, holding a large bouquet of pink roses. She took them, smelled them and said, "Helia, they're beautiful, thank you."

"Now you still have a dinner date to make up," he told her.

"I know the perfect restaurant downtown," said Flora. "Why don't you meet me in the entrance hall tonight, about seven?"

"All right," he said. They went for a walk in the garden, Flora's head on Helia's shoulder, and his arm around her waist. Both of them were glad the danger was finally over.

Back at Alfea, Ms. Faragonda knew Flora and Guinevere's adventure had ended and she was proud of the flower fairy for learning how to use her ancient powers. But she was also thinking about the next girl to learn about their powers. "Get ready," she said. "You girls aren't out of danger yet."

Author's End Note (read this, it's important!): I have a couple last announcements to make before we go on to the next fanfic. First off, get used to those end statements made by Ms. Faragonda. You'll be hearing them at the end of every story, so if you don't like them get used to it.

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