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The world was alight from the light from the moon. The throne room itself was a wash with the pale light. The light bleached the colors out of the royal crest. It turned the normally bright colors looked grey, silver, and white. In the center of the room was a platform that housed the throne itself. The form of a heavily muscled male could be made out sitting on a throne made of what looked like moon beams and silver. The king that sat on the throne was old, and even though he looked to be in the prime of his life the man knew that he was far beyond the prime of his life. He knew that soon he would make a mistake, and the kingdom that he worked so hard to protect from danger would fall apart. He had to prevent the fall of the kingdom no matter the cost to himself. The figure raised a hand, and beckoned a waiting shadow to his side. "Laura come." the figure's rich, deep, male voice called out, sounding much like the purr of a great tiger or lion. The king was pleased that his voice at least had not aged with him. It still maintained the power and authority that he had had in his youth.

A shadow detached itself from the wall it had been standing beside. Coming forward into the light of the moon the shadow showed that it was really a great dark grey werewolf. It's bright eyes trained on the figure in front of it. "Yes milord?" the werewolf known as Laura asked. "I have a mission for you. I am dieing this I know. I want you to go and find my last living heir. For he shall rule our world when I pass on." The voice of the king intoned.

Laura was shocked that she had been chosen for this mission, seeing as how she was his most hated guard. "Milord I-I can not leave you unguarded like that. There are too many who want you dead. I can not guarantee that you would still be alive to teach your last living heir if I leave your side." Laura said shock and concern lining her voice. The king waved a hand in dismissal of Laura's fears. "I will give him my memories through the spell of transfer. So you will not have to worry about me. Though once the spell has been spoken you will only have a short amount of time to find him. Right now he is the only green person one the planet. You will have to find him before he becomes the normal colors that he was born with."

Laura bowed her head in defeat knowing that nothing was going to change her lords mind. "Fine then I will go to find my new lordship." The king could hear the bitterness in her voice. "Look at me now." The king demanded in a stern tone. Laura looked up to her lord, and almost had to look away at the look of kindness that was on his face. "I know that you think that I hate you, but I was harsher on you than any other because I knew that one day you would have to be the one to save our race." The werewolf looked at the king in a new light, as he continued. "I have known that my time is coming to an end. Though I needed to wait until one from his world came to our world again. The one that I was waiting for was you. You reopened his world to us. Now you must bring our world its new king."

Laura was still unhappy with the thought that she was going to leave her king unprotected, but she knew that she was the only one that would follow the kings orders to a T. "Were will I find my lordship's heir?" she asked unhappy about the whole deal. The king smiled to himself and said. "He is on Earth now go as I don't have much time left." Laura bowed and turned sprinting to the portals. The king looked out the window to a moth that was fluttering in the wind. "Hurry pup for my heir needs you more than I ever have." The king muttered to himself as the wind blew back into him heralding that someone was in the room with him. The king stood and looked around the room scanning the room for the intruder. "Well well it seems that the king of the realm is all alone this time. Were is your best fighter? Hmm? Did you send her away?" A laugh rang out from the darkness. "That's to bad I was hoping to have another chance to fight her, and thank her for taking out my eye." From the shadows came a large male werewolf.

The werewolf was light grey in color making it look like it was silver. It moved with the easy grace of a great killer. The werewolf looked at the king, and let loose a chuckle like growl. "Well old man are you going to defend yourself? Or am I going to have to beat you like you are. Though you wont be much of a challenge. Your just an old fool." The scorn and hatred was dripping from the creature's voice.

The king knew that he had to distract this monster from Laura as long as possible. He raised up from the throne that he was sitting on, and growled. "If you want to kill me and get her, then you are going to have to beat me first." With that the king transformed into the legendary griffon with great cry the king opened his gold and brown pinions. The werewolf let loose a growl of challenge to the king's cry. With that the king leaped forward, and attacked the werewolf head on.

The werewolf expected this and leapt to the left of the dais were the king was leaping from. Though he wasn't quick enough as the king in his griffon form scored a long shallow cut on the werewolf's right side. The half human growled his anger at the sight of the first blood going to the old griffon king. The werewolf was no fool even if the king was old in years and failing in health that didn't mean that he wasn't to be taken lightly. Having underestimated his foe once already, he was determined not to do it again. Laughing his growling laugh he taunted the king. "Is that the best that you can do old man?"

The king growled at these words and letting out a cry that was a cross between a lion's roar and an eagle's shriek showing that the words were getting to him, no matter how hard he tried to block them out. Still he refused to let his anger cloud his judgment, and cause his to leap into the fray that the were was creating. The king let his instincts guide him as he jumped back in to the fight with the werewolf. Though he hadn't counted on the werewolf herding him into a trap.

The werewolf pushed the king back the final few steps into the trap that was laid for him. As the king took a small leap back with the aid of his wings he realized to late that it was a trap, as another wolf leaped from the rafters to hold him down. The king didn't give up though. He threw the wolf on his back off only to have his first attacker to leap in and tear out his throat. He fell to his stomach as his blood fell like a red waterfall down his feathers and onto the floor. Falling the rest of the way to the floor he lay his head in the warm puddle of life that was pooling around him. He looked at the werewolf as he began to slowly revert to his human form. When he was fully human he let loose a grim smile, and died.

The werewolf that had killed the king looked at the body and sighed heavily. "Damn, and I was so hoping that he would last longer." He turned to the other werewolf that was getting up from the wall base that it had been thrown into, and said. "Get a search party out there Laura must be found tonight. And if you come back before she is your life is fore fit." The other werewolf nodded and ran out into the hall howling a call to gather the search party. Meanwhile the leader that he had left behind was gathering the blood of the fallen king, laughing all the while.

Laura leaped and bound over the landscape. In the forests of the mountains she leaped fallen trees, and jumped over the smaller streams, while she swam the rivers. While she use the cover of the trees to hide from the hunting parties that were searching for her while she journeyed to the Temple of All Paths. When she came to the plains lands she cringed at the sight of the open flat land. Though she knew that she had to hurry as she was given the order that she was to follow. Taking a deep breath, and praying to Shiva, she took to running out on the open plains land. She was running like the hounds of hell were on her heels. Her tongue lolled out of her mouth, and her breathing was labored as she pushed herself to her limits and beyond. She didn't slow even when she heard the bell toll the death of the king. She had been given one last order and she would follow it even if it meant her life in the process. Though the next sounds that she heard would really question if she would complete her mission, or not.

For behind her came the howls of wolf demons, and hell hounds alike. Laura began to wonder if she should stop, and fight the demons however the king's last orders pulled Laura ever onward, like one would drag a dog on the end of a leash. She knew that in this open land there was no hiding, so she would have to out run them. Every ounce of strength that she had was put into running. Her muscles tensed and relaxed like the snapping of a bow string. Her breathing came more deeply with each forward leap.

The following wolves and hell hounds ran as fast as they could, but none of them could catch Laura. For it was like she was flying over the land like she was Hermes the messenger of the gods. There was no catching her, but that didn't stop them from trying to catch her. They pushed themselves harder for fear of what their dark master would do to them if they failed to stop her from reaching her destination. Leaping forward they to began to gain a little till Laura hit the end of the grasslands. A sparse forest and the steep mountain face rose to meet them. Laura just began leaping up the cliff face while they had to stop and watch as Laura escaped them. "D-damn…" One of the demons muttered huffing heavily. His leader looked at the escaping form of Laura, and knew that he wouldn't live to see the next day. Still he ordered the men to head back to the palace to report to their leader.

Hours of running, and climbing were finally rewarded with the view of the Temple of All Paths for the tired werewolf. The temple was nestled high in the mountains that were called the Spine of the World. She slowed down some as she could feel the warmth of the rising sun. She sighed in relief and exhaustion. The doors of the temple opened to greet her. Still running albeit at a much slower pace than the breakneck pace she had used to cover the 33 miles to get to the temple. The head mage of the temple came to great Laura, but Laura shook her great shaggy head and panted out. "M-m-must….g-get….to….m-m-my….o-old….world….n-now."

The mage nodded and lead Laura to the chamber that held the doorways to the worlds. Laura followed as best she could on her foot sore feet. Though she was still staggering into walls. The mage looked back at her in concern and looked like she was going to say that Laura should stay and rest for a day or two. Though Laura seemed to catch on to the jest of what the mage was about to say and said. "I can….rest l-later….k-keep going." The mage shook her head and continued to lead the way.

Soon enough the pair was standing in front of a portal that was surrounded with gold and silver designs of dragons, demons, angels, and death. Laura looked at the portal, and remembered when she first came through it.Blood was flowing like a river down the left side of her face from the cut over her left eye. She was looking back to the portal for her parents, but the swirling blue of the portal never gave up her parents. She was about to go back for them when a pair of arms rapped around her waist preventing her from moving. Laura gently shook her head and took a deep breath, while touching the scar over her left eye. Still she didn't dwell to much more on the past as she stepped into the portal.

The liquid like feel of the portal engulfed her. The blue of the portal that she had entered was gone. It had given way to a black that seemed to threaten to steal your soul. Laura shivered from the bleakness of the surrounding area. Though she kept going hoping that the darkness would soon end. After what felt like an eternity in the darkness Laura stood on a high bluff over looking a city with a giant t shaped building in the bay. She glanced at a sign that was next to her that read. Welcome to Steel City the most happening place this side of Gothum. Laura's one thought was. Great.

Laura looked around the area for shelter. She found nothing even remotely close to shelter for a while. So she continued until she was in the city limits. She saw that most of the creatures in the city's limits were dogs and cats. Not werewolves nor dragons like she was use to. Becoming human again she noticed that people would stare at her for her clothes. To Laura the humans around her were wearing strange garments. Though her own clothes were just as strange to the city folk. Laura was wearing a hauberk, with a pair of doe skin breeches. Underneath the hauberk was a sleeveless dark blue tunic, and a pair of black boots with a pair of short swords crossing at the small of her back like a pair of daggers that would be used for fighting.

Laura noticed that along with the stares came whispers of mistrust and curiosity. Laura was nervous about the stares that she was receiving. Soon enough she found a shop that had clothing on display. Hoping that they spoke a language that she understood, Laura walked into the store. The clerk glanced up upon hearing the bell for the door ring out. "Can I help you?" The clerk asked with a raised brow.

Laura was happy that she could understand the clerk. "Yes sir I need some clothing that is suitable to wear on the streets here." The clerk shook his head and said. "Damn girl you sure have some fancy way of talking. Come on and we'll get you some new threads though." Laura was confused by the comment that they would get her some new 'threads.' She didn't need threads she needed clothing. What would she do with thread? She didn't know the art of weaving. Still trusting the clerk she followed him into the back to get the new 'threads' as it were.

Soon enough Laura learned that the 'threads' the clerk was referring to were clothes that the people on the street were wearing. The clerk soon had Laura dressed in a light grey t-shirt, with a dark grey hoodie, light blue jeans, and a pair of blue and white Nikes. Laura was surprised by the transformation. She looked in the mirror and saw her human face for the first time in nearly 15 years.

Her skin was a dark tan color with a lighter scar running down her left eye. Her hair was a dark brown that was shot with dark grey. Her eyes were gold ringed with red. Her ears came to sharp points with the left ear being the only one pierced. She stood 5'8'' tall, yet the clothing that she had been adorned with made her look like she was 6'0''. Laura saw that she was in need of a hair cut, as her curly locks brushed her shoulders now.

Laura thanked the clerk and gave him a couple of gold nuggets as way of payment. The clerk was shocked by Laura's payment, but before he could give Laura her change she was gone. Laura didn't want to lose her usual garb, so she cast a spell and shrunk the clothing and put it into her sack, before going and hunting for some food to eat.

It wasn't long before Laura was standing outside of a pizza joint. Laura not knowing what pizza was, nor if it was any good, walked into the store. The store wasn't very busy so Laura was able to get her food pretty quickly. Unsure if she was about to eat something dangerous or not she stared long and hard at the pizza in front of her. Though after a minute of staring at the pizza she was interrupted by her stomach growling loud enough to be heard at the counter of the store. Laura blushed and the lady running the counter giggled at her. Finally to hide her embarrassment Laura took a bite of the pizza.

Laura was surprised by the flavors that the pizza gave to her. She really began chowing down after having tasted the amazing flavors. Once more the girl at the counter giggled at Laura's antics, however Laura didn't care at the moment as she was eating as quickly as she could. After eating her fill she went to the to counter and paid for her meal. giving the girl a nugget of gold before walking off.

Now for some sleep. Laura thought. But where to sleep at? I don't have much money left. Laura wondered a moment around the city. Then she happened to wonder out of the city and back into the woods. Finding a nice cave she curled up in her werewolf form and slept till morning hoping that she would get more information the next day.


Morning came bright and early much to Laura's annoyance. Still she got up and walked to the mouth of the cave. Stretching she yawned, and sighed with relief. Changing from werewolf to human she walked back to the city that she had come to. She began asking around to see if anyone knew about a green young man, and where he could be found. Most of the people scratched their heads and said that they knew of no one like that. Others referred her to the tower that was in the bay.

Laura sighed annoyed that she was making no progress on the finding of the heir, however that didn't mean that she was about to give up. Instead she went to the tower in the bay as many of the people seemed to suggest when they had any idea at all of a green young man. Looking at the tower she at first wondered how she was going to reach the structure that might hold the key to finding the person she was looking for. Laura sighed again and looked at the water that lapped at the shore in front of her.


Bee was trying to calm down the two fighting males, as Speedy and Aqualad were at each other's throats again. Both were shouting about what was for lunch. Bee was about to say to the two of them that they could just fix whatever they wanted to eat, and not have to look at what the other was eating, when the doorbell rang. This broke up the fighting as everyone was startled when the doorbell went off.

Aqualad was the first to react after the doorbell went off. "We have a doorbell!?" He said surprised. "When was that added!?" Bee looked at him and said. "The more important question is who the hell is ringing said doorbell." Speedy looked at Aqualad and said. "Try to keep up here fish boy, but we are in the middle of the ocean. No one should be able to reach us." As he smacked Aqualad upside his head. Aqualad rubbed the sore spot on his head, and shooting a glare at Speedy, got ready to fight. Mas y Menos went and opened the door while the other three Titans prepared for a fight.


Laura was looking at the water with a distinct looking of loathing. Shuttering at the thought of all the water surrounding her once more she turned back to the door which had just opened to reveal five youths ready to take her out if need be. Laura blinked a couple of times, before slowly raising her hands in the universal sign of 'I give up.' "Peace I am simply hoping to ask you a question then I will leave you be." Laura said calmly. Bee lowered her weapons and asked. "What do you want to know?" Laura, keeping her hands in the air, said. "I am looking for a green young person. You wouldn't happen to know one would you?" Aqualad grinned to himself and said. "Yeah. His name is Beastboy and he lives in Jump City." Laura nodded her head in thanks and asked. "Which way is Jump City?" Aqualad pointed west and said. "That way." Laura nodded again and walked away from the Titans East.

Bee looked at the other Titans and asked. "What was that all about?" Speedy began laughing and said. "Probly just a fan girl." Bee wasn't so sure, but it was too late now to ask questions. No one noticed that a albatross was winging its way west towards Jump City.