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For Her I Will

Laura was leaning back on the bed that was in her room. She was sure that everything that had happened up to this point was a simple test. Though she was unsure who the test was for, after all she was against Beastboy's choice for a wife. Laura sighed again before closing her eyes and muttered. "I hope you know what your doing milord, otherwise I will have to kill her. Though something tells me that even if I wanted to it would be a waste of time." Tears leaked from behind closed eyes as she rolled over and fell asleep.


Beastboy was standing with Raven, her arms still rapped around his neck from the kiss that he had engaged with her. He was staring into her purple orbs trying to figure out wither or not he had died and gone to heaven. He was sure that the earth shattering kiss that he had shared with her moments ago had killed him and that he was sharing a final moment with the woman that he loved before he was sentenced to live without her for the rest of eternity. Slowly he bent down and rested his forehead on hers. "I love you with everything I am, and everything that I will ever be." He whispered to her.

Raven couldn't help the gasp of pure awe that was drug from her throat, nor could she stop the tears of joy that cascaded down her cheeks. She struggled to find the words that would tell him that she loved him just as much if not more. As she gazed into his stunning green eyes she felt as though the world had fallen away. She replied without thinking. "I love you with everything that I was, am, and will be now and forever." She watched as his eyes lit up, and he proceeded to capture her swollen lips again.

Beastboy sighed in contentment. As he heard Raven groan a little into the kiss. This is what I have wanted for so long, and now it is finally mine. Beastboy smiled a little at the thought that Raven had wanted to do something like this with him. Raven on the other hand couldn't believe her luck. This was what she had wanted since she had seen the blond bitch taking him away from her. But she isn't here now is she? Another groan worked its way from Raven's belly to her throat. Damn he is good! Was the only thought after that.


Robin was looking at Starfire wondering how he should approach his feelings for the young woman in front of him. He wanted her to be his more than anything, but he needed to know how she felt about him. He didn't want to hurt her after all. Slowly and unsurely he came closer to Starfire.

Starfire was unsure as to what Robin was doing so she watched him like a hawk. While her body seemed to freeze up. Starfire willed something, anything, to move. This allowed her to ask the question that was on her mind at the moment. "Robin? Why are you looking at me like that?" Robin turned away from Starfire and muttered an apology before standing up to leave the room. Starfire in a panic called out. "I didn't say that I didn't like it. I just was wondering what was so interesting." Robin looked back at Starfire and gave a half hearted smile. "Just wondering what you were thinking and if you were ok." He said half truthful. Starfire looked at him hard, but decided that whatever he left out she could let go of for now. "Oh ok." She said in a whisper as the boy wonder walked out of the door.


Laura was wondering around in the dream world again. She knew that something was calling her to a certain part of her memory, though she wasn't sure she wanted to know what was calling her. Looking around she was on the roof of the tower again. Confused as to why she was here she waited until she found herself looking at the sky line of the city again. Once more she saw the strange floating rock thing in the air. This time there would be no looking away. She saw that she had seen from the corner of her eye that the rock thing fell from the sky the same place that it was hovering over.

Laura woke with a start when the alarm went off again. She grumbled a little as she rose from the warm and comforting bed. Stretching out she went to the common room at a brisk trot. When she got there she saw that the others were looking at the screen with confusion, hate, joy, and suspension. "Uh what is wrong?" Laura asked thoroughly confused. Before anyone could answer the question of the inter-dimensional shape shifter a ringing crack like the firing of a gun broke the silence and threw the group back into walls.

Laura groaned as she stood. Shaking her head from side to side to try and clear out the ringing noise and the headache from hell. Slowly she opened her eyes that she had closed when she hit the wall. At first she saw blurry figures around her, blinking a couple of times she saw the four titans standing around the broken glass window. Wondering what was going on she walked over to the window.


Beastboy was standing next to Raven. He was trying his damnedest not to attack the blond headed young girl that was standing on the rock in front of him. Raven seemed to know that he was going to attack the woman and placed a hand on him to calm him down a little. He was sure that if Raven hadn't been there he would have attacked. His beast was calling for the traitor's blood in a chalice. A low growl rumbled in his chest. He grabbed Raven into his arms trying to prevent his inner self from coming out, and killing the blond.


The blond dipshit, also known as Terra, looked at the Titans. She was confused to say the least. No one seemed happy to see her. Beastboy, whom she was sure would have taken her into his arms, was growling at her and holding Raven like she was his life line. This was not only confusing, but shocking as well. Robin was standing a little in front of Starfire, and seemed to be challenging her to attack him. Starfire was a little happy to see her, but she seemed more wary of her than before.

Raven though that was a horse of a different color. She saw that Raven was watching her like hawk would watch a mouse. Raven's face was a mix of anger and pity. Terra wasn't sure why Raven was looking at her like that, but she didn't like it. "Beastboy?" Terra asked. Another growl came from him, and Raven snuggled deeper into his arms in the hope to prevent him from changing into the beast.

Terra turned to a groan that came from the other side of the ring of Titans. She came face to face with Laura. Laura was more than a little confused by the appearance of Terra, though her greatest confusion was the way the others were acting toward Terra. Terra saw an innocent that had taken her place as a Titan, or so she thought. Terra said nothing she just pointed at Laura, and without thinking launched several spears of rock at Laura.


Laura was shuffling over to the Titans when she saw a blond haired girl with blue eyes. Laura was confused as to who this person was, and why the rest of the Titans were in attack formation around her. However just as she prepared herself to ask the question as to who this person was the blond raise her hand and thrust it forward. The hand was covered in a bight yellow energy and several spears of rock followed the gestures of the yellow covered hand, as they were covered in the same kind of energy. Laura's mouth dropped open at the blatant attack on her personage. Still that didn't mean that she was going to let the spears hit her, nor was she about to let the blond bimbo get away with attacking her.

Laura rolled to the left and let the rocky spiked pillars of doom fly by her. She watched as the blond caught the spears in her powers once more and had them change direction, while dodging an attack from Starfire. Laura plucked one of the spears from the air and danced out of the way of the rest of them. She watched as Robin threw a smokescreen bomb at the feet of the blond. Gathering her dazed and sore body together she leapt next to the blinded youth. At the same time Raven was holding down Beastboy who was half beast half human.

Laura was alone next to the blond, and she knew that this was a stupid move though at the moment it was the only thing that she could think of doing to spare the life of the blond. Sweeping the blond off of her feet with a low kick she then grabbed the hands of the blond with one hand and with the other placed the tip of the spear just below the blond girl's throat where the jugular vein was. "Surrender or your blood will paint these rocks."


Terra wasn't sure what the person was going to do, but she couldn't let them beat her that easily. She pulled her legs up and placing them around Laura's waist she threw Laura back towards the couch, where Beastboy and Raven were. While Laura flew through the air Terra did a Chinese no hands get up. Laura was confused though by the way that her opponent was acting. It was like the only one that mattered in the fight was just the two of them. Laura smiled though as she knew that it was a mistake to count out the rest of the Titans in a fight.

Beastboy was nearly human again when he saw Laura flying though the air. He frowned mentally as to what had happened when he and Raven had left the fight so that he could regain control of his beast. Growling slightly he transformed into a lion and leaped into the fray. He was sure the battle would be won quickly when he tackled Terra to the ground. Sadly he was wrong as she threw him off and continued her attack on the tower. Beastboy transformed into a raven as he sailed out of the window. He growled in his head at the thought of Terra being here at the tower, and attacking it. Damn it! Why the hell is she attacking us this time?! An angry screech was all that he was able to manage in his current form as he circled to dive back into the fight.


Raven was torn on the one hand she wanted to kick Terra's ass for hurting the Titans. On the other hand she did know this nice plot of land that would be great for hiding a dead body. Decisions, decisions. Raven thought as she launched a section of the broken couch at Terra's head. Raven was worried that she wouldn't be able to take her rival down quick enough for the others to be safe. Oh well maybe I'll get lucky today. Raven thought with a sadistic grin that went from ear to ear. As a piece of broken glass was run through Terra's shoulder as she was pushed into the broken window frame by a star bolt.


Terra knew that she was going to lose the fight soon with her left arm taken out by the broken glass in her shoulder. Though she wasn't quite ready to say die yet. Taking out a smoke bomb from her pocket she threw it down effectively hiding herself while she tried to bring more rocks into play. Robin seemed to guess what she was doing and ran into the smoke. He used the skills he had acquired from the True Master and landed a spinning kick to Terra's head.

Terra caught by surprise from the attack was unable to block, or dodge the vicious attack that Robin had launched. Thus with the kick to the head she flew through the air and landed face first into the counter. Terra blacked out from the pain, blood loss, and head trauma that she had received in the few minutes that they had been fighting. Her last thought before going into the darkness that ruled her vision was GOD FUCKING DAMN IT!!


With the fighting over the Titans relaxed slightly. Laura who had been knocked out from striking the edge of the small flight of stairs in the common room let out a moan of pain. This in turn caused Raven to go and check on her and Terra. Laura wasn't to bad off. She only had a minor concussion. This took only a minute or two to heal. While Terra was a little more difficult. The most pressing problem was blood loss. Thus after she phased the glass out of the wound she healed it, so that Terra wouldn't bleed to death before answering their questions.


Terra woke up she was sitting in a holding cell with power draining cuffs on her wrists. She wrinkled her nose at the smell of some kind of antiseptic that was in the air. Sighing at the thought of being caught she tried to stand up. Only to find that she was unable to support her body weight at the moment with her weakened body. She grunted as she hit the floor and knocked herself out again. It was hours later that Terra awoke once more, however this time when she woke up she was met with gold eyes ringed in red. "Good your awake. I had thought that you had killed yourself with that last smack to the head." Terra tried to get up and lunge at her opponent, but found that this she was tied to a bed. "Now now let's not be hasty. Like I said we thought that you were dead. So cool it. Once you are strong enough to stand without passing out from blood loss then I will untie you. In the mean time just chill out and eat something." Laura said as she held up a spoon of what looked like soup. Terra looked up at Laura with a growl, but her empty stomach reminded her that that might not be such a good idea as she had not had food for several years due to being trapped in rock.

Laura grinned at the mix of emotions that were playing across Terra's face. Laura said nothing though she just held the spoon of soup in front of Terra's face. Finally with a look of utter rejection she began eating the soup. Laura kept from laughing out loud, but could not help the warm smile that had taken up residence on her face. Terra was suspicious of the smile, however her most pressing concern of eating prevented her from commenting on the smile.


In the control room for the security Raven was watching Laura feed Terra. She felt bad about putting Laura in the same room with Terra, but the fact of the matter was that Laura was the only one to volunteer to take care of Terra while the Titans figured out what to do about Terra. As it stood Laura wanted to use Terra as her own personal chew toy and Beastboy was with her on that note. Raven was torn as she wanted to torture Terra by sending her to the deepest pits of hell and letting Laura get her new chew toy. Robin wanted to give Terra to the authorities, and let them deal with Terra. While Starfire wanted to have a battle royal to the death with Terra versus all of the Titans. Needless to say it was a deadlock with what to do with the blond whore.


Cyborg was sitting in front of the big screen at Titans East. He was trying his hardest to stay out of Bee's way after his little intrusion into her room. He wondered if Laura and Raven had calmed down enough for him to go home. "Well there is only one way to find out." He muttered and began calling the tower.