Author's note: This is based on the Fiction At least I offered him some! by Cheshire. The variation is mainly my own, but I have to give her credit for the main idea. Oh, and I don't own Digimon.

Disclaimer: This one will go for my whole fic, since I'm way to lazy to write one for every chapter. I don't own Digimon. There, short, sweet, and to the point.

"Come on guys. This could be our only chance here. Let's not waste it!" the brown-haired boy yells. Followed by his little pet, he runs over the grassy field. His companions stay in their position, showing obvious signs of disgust for his childish behavior.

The brunette boy stops not far from his starting point, sulking. He solemnly marches back to the pair, falling into a sitting position.

From where I perch on a tree branch, I watch down on them. So unprepared, so vulnerable, so......easy. My grin turns to a scowl as this thought crosses my mind. I had wanted a challenge, and they are just going to fold. And to think I had followed them to just be handed a victory on a silver platter.

I run a pale hand through my light indigo hair, letting out a sigh. This wasn't the way it was supposed to be.... My head tilts back so I look straight into the sky, which only peaks though the thousands of leaves of the trees. Oh well, never miss a good opportunity.

I look down at the army of dragons I had created long ago. Superb fighters, every one of them. But, luckily for me, each is easily manipulated to follow my commands. I love working with stupid creatures.

A grin spreads across my face as they pull out something, I'm only assuming food, and begin to dine. Completely oblivious to my plans for them. This could work out to be even easier than I had planned. Well, I wasn't really expecting the best tactics from a group of pets and humans.

With a flick of my wrist, the army surrounds the group. The stupid things thunder around, shaking the tree I sit upon. I bite my lower lip, my fangs nearly perching skin, as I look down to the group to see if they had noticed.

Again, they sit, eating silently. It's as though nothing had ever happened. A breath I never realized I had been holding comes out as a curt sigh.

A snort from behind me signals that all is ready. I turn to the highest ranking of the dragons, who gives me a solitary nod. My lips piercing so tightly they turn white, I jump down from my branch.

Straightening my bandanna that has been covered in brush, I take a few steps forward, happy to see how much distance I Can cover in a single stride. Being human does have a few advantages.

My brown denim pants swish softly against each other as my pace increases to a flat out run. The sun is slowly but surely fading, I have to do this now, or my window of opportunity will be gone.

I burst into the field, standing only five feet in front of them. They turn to look at me, a mixture of shock and confusion of their faces. I stood there for a minute, becoming more nervous as they have no other reaction.

The red headed girl was the first to speak up. "What are you supposed to be?" My grin dropped to a grimace as I listen to the remark.

"WHO AM I SUPPOSED TO BE?" I yell, my internal fire burning in my eyes. "I am the leader of pain. The being who will lead to your doom. The bringer of your destruction. The one, the only.....Impmon."

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