So, phoenix13 had this crazy idea (yeah, I know, for once it wasn't me with a crazy idea). Anyway, she didn't ask for me to write it. But I wrote it anyway. The basic idea was a holoform Optimus and a holoform Magnus washing Optimus' semi alt form while wearing jeans and boots. I came up with this instead.

Femmes, this is for you if you like holoform eye candy. Also, for you mechs there are Chromia and Elita holoforms too. Hope everyone enjoys it.

a/n: Some adult themes. Italics indicate comlink dialogue.

It was high noon. The sun was a blazing fiery ball high in the sky on this dry, summer day. The air was stifling. The temperature…record breaking. White hot sunlight reflected off chrome blinding the optics. Its rays heated the red and blue armor of the flamed Peterbilt semi on display like a prized trophy parked on the back lot of the Autobot base.

The view was most pleasing to the femme commander as she stood tall and proud, arms folder across her cherry red armored chest. Her optics caressed her sparkmate appreciatively. She never got tired of looking at the mech she's loved for eons and hopes to for eons more.

Beside her stood her best friend a gun slinging, trigger happy, crazy femme. The femme was smirking fiendishly. Her black armor shook as she was trying desperately to suppress a laugh and failing miserably. She would never laugh at her Prime but the entire scenario was just too irresistible.

Her own gun slinging, crazy mech for a sparkmate was beside her laughing heartily and relishing this moment. An opportunity like this didn't come along everyday and he was going to enjoy every astrosecond of it. Actually, Ironhide was one of a rare few that could get away with laughing at Prime during a moment like this.

Before them, standing on long masculine legs that filled out the snug fitting blue jeans, was a six foot nine, all muscle and bone holoform version of Optimus Prime. His stance was not so relaxed on bare feet. Strong muscular forearms folded tightly across a broad chest. The plain white, short sleeved, form fitting t-shirt was neatly tucked into his jeans. Deep blue eyes squinted in the sunlight, refusing to make contact with his sparkmate or friends. Black, thick, short wavy locks ruffled slightly in the hot summer breeze. The muscles on his strong jaw line clenched more with embarrassment than irritation.

"Elita, this is ridiculous. Can't we just call if off?"

"Nope. A bet's a bet. I won fair and square. Now, where's your friend?"

The small gathering, except for Optimus, turned, looking behind them and saw the simple white Mack semi, with a dark blue hood over the massive engine, parked in the shade of the building, almost as if to hide from his friends.

"Magnus! Get that shy aft of yours over here now!" Elita ordered.

The engine of the Mack sputtered nervously at first then roared with confidence. Its front chrome grill vibrated slightly as the gears shifted and engine revved. Rolling smoothly but a bit reluctantly, it traveled across the lot towards them. Hydraulic brakes hissed and the engine cut out as this equally impressive and massive semi pulled to a stop along side the flamed decorated semi.

"Front and center soldier!" Chromia leered.


An equally optic pleasing holoform male blinked into existence beside yet slightly behind Prime. The top of the head, covered with dark brown shortly cropped hair, stood only an inch or two taller than Prime. But the shoulders and back were wider, the arms and legs a little thicker. Even his bare feet were a little wider. The abdomen, though not as slender as Prime's, was equally packed with muscles that bulged slightly beneath a snuggly wrapped white, short sleeved t-shirt that was neatly tucked into black jeans. The same deep blue colored eyes were not as narrow as Prime but equally captivating. Facial features were a bit harder though the chin was not as prominent as Prime's.

Over all, the two human male holoforms would be more than pleasing to any female. They were the perfect eye candy for women's fantasies. Hearts would literally beat erratically upon first sight. Frail human female minds would fritz causing a contagion of fainting spells. Vibrators would break instantly in rebellion knowing they'd get over used because of the quite noticeable bulges just below the heavy belt buckles.

For one femme this was simply time to perv at her sparkmate. This was her reward for winning a bet. If she'd lost the roles would be reversed and Optimus would be the one standing, perving, enjoy what he was seeing. Poor Magnus was simply an unsuspecting victim that got sucked in but was an added bonus for perving. Though bonded, Elita still appreciated fine mech specimens when spotted. Honestly, why should the mechs get to perv all the time?!

The bet was Chromia's idea, hence the reason why she was here. Of course, she was not going to waste an opportunity to perv as well. After all, she and Elita had perved for many years at the opposite sex wondering which mech was worthy to be their bonded sparkmates.

Ironhide was here partly to make sure that perving was all Chormia did. He knew his femme all to well. There were times she couldn't help but touch a handsome mech. She did it on purpose knowing it'd get Hide's energon boiling. Then they'd end up having some processor blowing interface session between them. It was a game they actually loved to play with each other, although Ironhide never touched another femme, he looked but never touched. He wasn't stupid.

Mainly, he was here to ensure Optimus and Magnus followed through with the bet and to perv at his own sparkmate's holoform, something he was not going to miss out on! After all, this was the first time he was going to get to see her holoform and she his. He cast a sideways glance at her alt form wondering if she was thinking what he was thinking.

"Elita, I implore you. This is unnecessary," Optimus reiterated up to his beloved, long arms extend out with large hands turn palms up in a beseeching manner.

Chromia and Ironhide took the opportunity to fold up into their alt forms. Oh yeah, they had one thing on their processors! They're holoforms appeared practically in each other's arms. The couple had finally acquired their holoform programs from Ratchet and Wheeljack a short time ago and is eager to test them out.

Ironhide wasn't as tall as Optimus or Magnus. But he was just as wide as Magnus and just as muscular as the other two males. He even had the same color eyes. Actually, they all had the same color eyes. However, he opted to go with no hair on his head and a thick black goatee on his face. His sparkmate stood at his height, slender like a woman yet muscles were tone and her form agile and well proportioned, except for her bosom which was a large than necessary. Long wavy blonde hair was wrapped in a pony tail, exposing her sensuous neck that his lips couldn't resist to explore. One big hand knowingly slid up to the back of her neck, fingers deftly playing with the string of her bikini top.

"Are you afraid?" Elita countered, kneeling down to Prime's level.

"Of course, I'm not afraid! It's…"

"Do you want everyone to know the great Optimus Prime reneged on a bet?"

"No. Then at least let Magnus off the hook. The bet was between you and me."

"Sorry, Magnus was fool enough to listen to you in the first place so he's stuck," Elita smiled. "Now, get to it boys. Time to pay up. Hide, Chromia…oh, for pits sake! Go to your quarters for that!"

The couple's hand groping holoforms quickly disappeared then reappeared separately. First, Chromia in one of the two chaise lounge chairs set up for the show with her bikini top back on. Then Ironhide, wearing loose fitting shorts and tank top looking rather burly and intimidating while leaning against his alt form.

Optimus sighed in defeat watching his femme back up and transform into her vehicle mode. Oh well, all was not lost as he watched her holoform, wearing a two piece bikini, appear comfortably sitting in the other chaise lounge chair beside Chromia. Elita's long slender bare tanned legs seemed to glisten in the sun light. Delicate looking hands with interlaced fingers rested on her taut stomach. The swell of her breasts moved slowly up and down was rather…appealing to him. But what he wanted most was to run his fingers through that long red curly hair of hers.

"Honestly, Optimus! That kind of thinking is what got us into this mess in the first place," Magnus grumbled shoving a wet soapy sponge into Optimus' hand.

"Give me a break. Elita's only been on Earth for a month. It was the first time I saw her in a holoform and I we've been separated from each other for several hundred years. We're still making up for lost time."

"Well, next time you start thinking with your interface instead of your processor don't include me!"

"Quit whining and get washing!" Ironhide shouted, threatening to squirt them both with the water hose. "Make sure you put on a good show for the ladies too."

"How are we supposed to wash the roof of our cabs?" Optimus asked his sparkmate.

"That's for you two to figure out," she giggled. Oh, she was loving this already.

"Ratchet and Wheeljack did a good job with the programming," Chromia commented, blowing at the fine hairs on her forearm. "Our voices sound like our own and I can actually feel the heat from the sun."

"I'm sure that's not all you were feeling," Elita snorted. "Really, Chromia, your hands were inside his shorts before he untied your top! You two are worse than horny teenagers."

Chromia didn't even blush! In fact she grinned proudly! What could she do? She loved her Hide as much as he loved her. Their passion was unpredictable and they liked it that way.

"Enough talk, time to watch and enjoy," the femme commander smiled.

"Precisely," Chromia agreed as Ironhide started hosing down the fronts of the two semis.

Optimus methodically started washing the front grill of his alt form. Beside him Magnus was doing the same to his own alt form. Every so often he threw menacing glares at Optimus. This was so embarrassing for Magnus! He wasn't the femme magnet. He didn't like it when femmes caressed his form with their optics. He was bonded to one femme and his form was for her optics only.

"Relax Magnus, it's all good fun," Optimus told him over a private comlink.

"Easy for you to say. You always liked prancing around and showing off, even when we were young. Honestly, what the slag were you thinking?"

"I wasn't. I don't even recall the bet we made. I was caught up in the moment…captivated by my femme's beauty."

"Oh Primus, that's almost exactly what you said way back when we got in that bar fight in Kaon, long before we were Autobots and before we even met our sparkmates. What was the femme's name?"

"Shut up, Magnus!"

"I remember, Midnightfury. Does Elita know you fragged a bonded femme in a booth at a bar while you were over energized from too much high grade?"

"For the thousandth time! I didn't know she was bonded! She never told me. She said she was just looking for a good time. And I seemed to recall you were just as drunk, watching while eagerly waiting your turn."

"Still, I'll never forget the look on your faceplates just after you overloaded and she said, 'oh frag, he's here!' And you're like, 'who?' Then she answers, 'my bonded sparkmate!'. I thought your optics were going to pop out and then your interface appliance was stuck in her port as the brute came over towards us. And as usual, I had to save your aft…Orion!"

"Well, you'd panic too if your interface appliance was in the port of a femme who belonged to another mech while said mech was probably coming over to rip it off! But the aft saving has been a full time job for me. Always has, always will. How many countless times have I had to save yours, Dion?!"

"More than I can count, my friend."

"Then have some faith in me, I'll get you out of this soon enough. In the mean time, make sure to give the femmes what they want. I don't want Elita in a bad mood for later."

"There you go, thinking with your interface systems again!"

"Shut up, Magnus!"

"Shutting up, Sir."

It was most definitely a spark racing, interface heating view for the two femmes. Powerful back muscles rippled and stretched from exertion beneath the tight shirts. Strong arms curled and flexed in circular motions. Thick foamed soapy suds splashed and dribbled down the alt forms and the forearms of the two men. Tight afts looked tempting enough to caress each time long thick masculine legs tucked into a squatting positions.

"Now this is why I joined the Autobot army!" Elita commented, her eyes thoroughly caressing her mate, taking in every fine detail of his perfectly formed body and committing it to memory.

Magnus suddenly stood up. A hefty forearm of his lifted, wiping across his sweaty brow. The fraggin sun was hot! He wasn't expecting his holoform to be so lifelike. He was definitely going to have to give kudos to both Ratchet and Wheeljack for their handy work. Even though he hated being on display like a trophy to be gawked over he could still compliment another mech's fine work.

"I still can't believe, I let Optimus talk me into this," muttered to himself while bending over at the waist to rewet his sponge.

"Hide, Magnus is looking too hot, why don't you cool him down!" Chromia shouted.

"As you wish, Mia."

Reliable as ever, Ironhide turned the nozzle on jet stream mode and pointed it right at Magnus' ass. The man jerked up in surprise making Hide laugh. Meanwhile, all Magnus wanted to do was shove that hose up Ironhide human holoform ass for being a bit crude. Only he didn't. Optimus was right; this was supposed to be fun. So he just stood there, looking annoyed, as the weapon's specialist, accurate as always, doused Magnus from head to toe.

"At least rinse the soap off my alt form too," Magnus requested, big water droplets rolling down his face and thick neck.

"Much better!" Chromia whistled and clapped. "Makes your muscles look bigger now that the clothes cling tighter."

Magnus laughed. Well, it could be worse. They could be fighting Decepticons. At least they were relaxing, having fun, and enjoying life. It'd been too long since the Autobots were able to do that.

"Magnus' femme better hurry up and get her aft to Earth," Elita said quietly to her friend.

The man playfully shook the excess water off his head, making sure to spray Ironhide. Hide wasn't phased at all and simply squirted Magnus in the face for it.

"I know what you mean," Chromia sighed. "I hate seeing him mope around the base like a lost mecho-puppy."

"Optimus has been trying his best to keep Magnus' hopes up. Or keep him distracted."

"You mean?"

"Yeah, Optimus suckered Magnus into the bet with him and lost on purpose. Oh, I can't resist…Hide!"

The big guy turned. Elita pointed at Optimus who was vigorously cleaning the side of his alt form. He was a rather efficient big fella too as most of the semi's side was still covered with soap. It didn't surprise the femme one bit at how much energy he put into this task. But it was meant to be fun as well.

And so Ironhide first stared rinsing the suds off before aiming the water at Optimus. To Elita's surprise her sparkmate didn't look annoyed like Magnus did at first. In fact, Optimus seemed to relish the cool water. Ratchet and Wheeljack made these holoforms much more real than he had anticipated. He was fraggin hot and sweating!

Then Optimus, who always loved to make his femme happy and would go to any lengths to do so, pulled his shirt off over his head and chucked it in Ironhide's face. Elita's mouth dropped. She hasn't been on Earth that long but she's seen images of human males and their chiseled bodies. Optimus' put them all to shame.

Deltoids, pects, abs, biceps, triceps, even obliques were all well defined. The sun, his tan, and the way the water seem to caress his skin as it trickled down only heightened the muscle definition. Even the dark hairs that circled his navel and trailed down to the belt buckle accentuated his lean, hard body looks.

The femmes were speechless.

Oh, but he wasn't done pleasing his femme. He grabbed the sponge, tossed it on top of the cab's roof, and then climbed up onto the hood. Muscles in his arms and chest bulged, making them even more defined, as he climbed. His back muscles undulated as he scrubbed energetically.

And two femme's coolant systems noticeably kicked on.

The sounds were unmistakable, making the mechs chuckle to themselves. Ironhide and Magnus made brief eye contact and smirked at each other. Both yanked off their t-shirts to show the femmes that they're muscular bodies, though not as lean as their Prime's were equally impressive.

Ironhide's burly chest was covered with a thin amount of small black hairs. Small flecks of grey hairs intermingled with them and did nothing to take away from how powerful he looked. He was definitely most appealing to his sparkmate's interface systems right now!

Magnus' exposed skin on his engorged upper body was baby smooth and every tiny millimeter of it was hair free, a shade tanner than Optimus'. A quiet strength was packed into each relaxed muscle, like a sleeping giant waiting to be awakened…or flexed for the hell of it to make femmes squirm in the seats.

Elita and Chromia's coolants systems struggled to maintain functioning temperatures. However, too much power had to be redirected from the femmes' primary systems, including their holoform matrixes, to their coolant systems to compensate. As a result their holoforms flickered off and the mech roared with laughter.

"Hide, I think they need to be cooled off!" Optimus shouted down.

"With pleasure, Sir."

Ironhide sprayed generous amounts of water over both the cherry red Chevy Corvette and black Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder. Small clouds of steam rose up in the air and the two vehicles slowly relaxed into their suspensions.

"As fun as this has been, may I go now, Sir?" Magnus asked, imploring his friend.

Optimus' soggy holoform faded quickly from its perch on the hood of his semi form. When he reappeared beside Magnus, he was completely dry but still wearing only his blue jeans.

"Sure my friend," he smiled, laying a reassuring hand on Magnus shoulder. "But don't delete your holoform program. Trust me; you're going to want it once your bonded sparkmate arrives on Earth."

"You really believe she'll come?" Magnus asked with a sigh, his blue eyes squinting as he scanned the heavens above.

"I know it."

"How can you be so confident?"

"You must have faith, Magnus. She loves you just like Chromia loves Ironhide. Like my Elita loves me. Never doubt the love of your femme. It gives you strength when you need it most."


Prime smiled and slowly turned his head and shoulders to see his alluring femme's holoform leaning against his alt form with the driver's door wide open. Ready. Waiting. Wanting. Inviting. He smiled realizing that Ironhide and Chromia's alt and holoforms had suddenly disappeared, presumably to their quarters.

"Let's put these holoforms to the test," she devilishly smiled causing his jeans to feel just a little tighter down in front.

"Have faith, my friend," Optimus said slowly walking backwards towards his beloved. "She will come. The power of love can be a miraculous force…if you believe in it."

Optimus' holoform disappeared in mid stride. Elita's holoform grinned and disappeared a moment later. Then the door on the flamed semi abruptly shut. The sound of a femme's laughter could be heard, coming from within the cab. The windows were tinted so one couldn't see whatever intimacies were going on inside.

Magnus took his holoform offline and transformed, walking away to give the couple their privacy. Despite a bit of embarrassment he had to tolerate today, he did learn one thing. If Elita and Chromia reacted like that to his holoform his own sparkmate was sure to faint!

How was that? I had more actually, an M rated scene inside the cab. You know, Elita and Optimus having fun with their holoforms. If there's enough interest I'll post it. If not, oh well. Hehe.