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"Is he going to be alright?" Elita asked softly as they looked out the window, watching Magnus walk away.

"He will for a few weeks then I'll have to think of something else to lift his spirits," he answered closing the window.

"So…these holoforms…they seem very realistic," she said sitting back in the passenger seat. Her eyes and hands examined a long leg that she held up with a foot on the dashboard. "It's amazing how our voices even sound the same as our true forms."

Optimus turned from the window, focusing his attention on his femme. Eyes roving approvingly over her holoform. Interface systems starting to heat up which in turn made his human holoform react accordingly. His blue jeans started to feel tight on him again.

"I thought you wanted to see how realistic they are," he purred, leaning closer, daring to caress that leg, stroking her calf, her knee, and then resting his hand on her thigh.

"I'm just a little nervous; I don't know what to expect," she smiled bashfully, making him laugh wildly. He couldn't help it. He never thought his femme would get nervous about anything. She responded by punching him in the arm. "Laugh it up, lugnut! I haven't been on Earth that long so give me a break. There's still so much for me to learn. And I've only seen a couple visual recordings of the humans performing sexual acts."

"I prefer to call it making love. Sex is such a crude word for something that is meant to be so full of love and affection. And…I'm a nervous too. I don't want you to be disappointed."

"Optimus, I've never been disappointed by any affection you feed my senses."


"Really," she smiled warmly, both hands holding his face. "So, are we going to do this here? OR back in our quarters."

"Here…there, does it matter? We're here now and I do have a nice comfortable bed in the sleeper section of my cab."

Glancing between the seats towards the back, Elita did see there was a bed and it did looked rather inviting. Optimus didn't wait for her to make up her mind. Gently taking her hand he guided her to the bed, keeping his head bowed down a bit because he was too tall to stand up full, sitting her down and then sitting beside her.

Elita was nervous only because this was so new to her. She wasn't sure what she was supposed to do to pleasure Optimus' holoform. She knew human male's focal point for pleasure was their penis. But she didn't want to just dive right in and start fondling him. It didn't seem right.

In their true form she would never just grab his interface appliance right away even though stroking it, caressing it was very pleasurable. Elita like to give Optimus pleasure in other ways. She knew his sweet spots intimately on his true form. She could make him tremble in rapture by a single touch. The two of them actually took pleasure in slowly building their passion to a peak, making their enjoyment last as long as possible.

But where on his holoform were his sweet spots?

"Perhaps, you should start," she suggested, deciding it best to follow his lead.

Besides, the way he kept looking at her indicated he already had a plan of attack!

"As you wish," he smirked.

His hand slowly reached up, kindly pulling her red hair aside and exposing her slender neck. Not rushing, wanting to enjoy every moment with his beautiful femme, his fingertips affectionately explored the soft skin of her face and neck.

Elita tilted her head to the side a little, delighting in the sensation of his touch. It was so new, invigorating, and surprisingly sensual. Even more so when his warm moist lips pressed softly against her bare shoulder as fingers worked to untie the straps of her bikini top. Both of his hands pulled the top off gradually exposing full supple breasts.

"Are they a good size?" she innocently asked, holding them both up with her hands. "I thought Chromia's were too big. But then I didn't want to go too small."

Optimus sat back, eyeing them objectively, wanting to give his femme an honest answer. He had seen many pictures of various sized breasts. They seemed to be a focal point for the human males of this planet. Only, Optimus wasn't a man, he appreciated beauty in its entire form. He never focused on one particular aspect of his femme. He loved all of her.

"May I?" he asked, lifting up his hand.

"Sure," she smiled; removing her hands and giving him full access.

One long, slender yet masculine finger trailed slowly around the plump curve of one breast. Elita's chest rose up slightly as she inhaled deeply at his touch. His CPU made note at how extra soft the texture of the skin was, how bouncy the muscle was, how much this simple act was already pleasuring his sparkmate.

Encouraged by her initial response and curious to see what she'd do next, Optimus lifted his hands, fondling each breast. He smiled seeing her breathing increase. Yeah, Elita liked what he was doing. Every caress, every squeeze, every tweak made her holoform tingle with pleasure and the warmth between her legs grew hotter.

"They're perfect, my love," he purred softly into her ear, his hands sliding around to caress her sides and then her back.

Elita was only mildly disappointed when he stopped touching her breasts. She knew he was planning something else. Optimus was always such an attentive lover, elongating her pleasure. The fact that she didn't know what he was about to do seem to heighten her senses. Her hands wrapped around the back of his head when he leaned down. She enjoyed the texture of his soft hair as her fingers combed through it.

Tentative lips brushed across the peak of one breast making her inhale sharply. Then soft, warm lips covered that peak. A familiar moan sounded in her throat indicating that he was doing the right thing so far. Emboldened his mouth opened even more, taking in all he could. She moaned louder making him suckle harder on one breast before quickly moving to the other.

Following her queues, he moved with her as she started to lie down. Her hands held him close, almost as if she were desperate for more. Only to his surprised her holoform disappeared and he suddenly fell, face first on the bed, gasping for air.

"Elita!" he called worriedly, bolting up onto his feet.


"Ow," he shouted, rubbing the top of his head.

He glared at the roof of the sleeper section inside the cab. That fraggin hurt and he wasn't expecting that to feel so real. A devilish smirk abruptly spread across his face. If a head bang was that real he couldn't wait to feel what the actual making love act would feel like!

Elita reappeared, sitting before him looking very embarrassed.

"Sorry, still working out the kinks," she blushed. "It's been fixed. That shouldn't happen again."

"I find a subroutine program to prevent a power transfer from the holoform matrix works rather well," he smiled, his fingers moving through her long hair.

"Yeah, I just programmed one. So, where were we?" she asked, reaching up and sliding a hand over his engorged chest and down firm his abs. Delicate fingers run over the hair around his navel. Her hand came to a rest on the bulge in the front of his pants. It was surprisingly warm and moved slightly making her pull her hand back in wonder. "Did you make it do that?"

"Not on purpose," he chuckled. "It kind of has a mind of its own…but only around you."

"Can I see?"

Optimus slowly unbuckled and unzipped his blue jeans, his blue eyes locked on hers watching her reactions. Unashamed, he pulled his jeans off and stood totally naked for his femme to critique. Her beautiful blue eyes moved up and down noticing everything, committing every detail to memory. He was perfectly proportioned from head to toe. Of course she and Chromia had check the web inspecting various sizes of the human male's sex organ. Her sparkmate's was of better than average size and his wasn't even fully erect yet!

"It doesn't matter what form you take, Optimus, you're a fine specimen, most pleasing to my optics or eyes," she smiled up at him.

"As you are to mine," he whispered.

"So, making love is similar to interfacing, right? I mean, I have the human equivalent of a port and you, well, you have the equivalent of your interface appliance."

"That's a logical assessment."

Elita eyed his manhood, closely, thinking about its size compared to her human female anatomy. Her port was similar but not the same. On her true form she had reformatted her port to accommodate the size of Optimus' interface appliance. She wasn't sure how to do that with her holoform since the size of her port seemed rather small.

"Is it going to fit?" she asked. Primus, she felt like a virgin all over again asking that!

"Yes, the human male and female were designed to fit, just like we were," he answered confidently, sitting back down beside her. He caressed her back, trying to sooth her nervousness. "Relax, my love. I will not harm you. I promise."

She nodded to him.

"How about we just start of with some kissing," he suggested.

"Oh I like that, will you kiss them again?" she counted, holding up her breasts like an offering.

"If you like but I was thinking more of the traditional kissing," he smirked, leaning in, his lips mere inches from hers, waiting for her approval.

Elita moved to lie down on the bed. Optimus didn't hesitate to follow her, lying just off to the side of her, moving his leg between both of hers. Lips eagerly met, mouths opened, hot tongues eagerly explored. His hand reached up between them and squeezed each breast roughly, enjoying the feel of their erect nipples in the palm of his hand.

The only noticeable differences they found between their true forms and holoforms were the fact that she had breasts and the throbbing between her legs was hot and damp. For Optimus his protoform's phallic extension was fixed in length and width while his holoform's grew in mass and strength as his sexual pleasure increased.

And it didn't take long for both to realize their holoforms' most pleasurable sweet spots were in areas comparable to their sensual protoforms. This sudden revelation increased their pleasurable assault on one another.

Optimus kissed and suckled hard on her neck below her left ear. Knowing hands affectionately caressed the curves of her body. Skillful fingers found her moist center, sliding, probing doing everything to make her writhe beneath him in rapture.

"There," she gasped when his finger moved over a very sweet and swollen spot between her legs.

"Right here?" he asked, moving his body off to the side more, wanting to make sure he found the right spot. He'd read about this particular part of a woman's anatomy and was hoping he'd be able to do this right for his femme.

"Yes," she inhaled deeply, hips moving suggestively.

At first he used a slow feathery, teasing, touch, making her mewl repeatedly. Then when she moved more demandingly against his fingers he increased the pressure and speed. It was a delight to him, watching her toss her head back and forth in ecstasy. Eyes closed. Mouth slightly open. Moans of rapture. He attentively followed her physical cues – the pleasure on her face, the increased movement of her hips. Anything to bring her to her climax.

"Oh Optimus!" she finally cried out, feeling a pleasure shudder erupt deep within her core.

His mouth couldn't resist covering a breast as it jet upwards when her chest arched towards him. But Elita didn't let him play there long. Her hands gently lifted his face towards hers.

"That was wonderful," she purred before kissing him deeply.

Her head moved down enough to move her hot, wet tongue up the center of his upper chest to his throat making he moan softly. She smiled, nibbling his neck knowing how much he liked that on his protoform. He growled loudly as she'd anticipated. Her strong yet feminine hands reached around grabbing his aft, kneading it, gliding over it, making him press his hips hard against hers.

Optimus groaned loudly. She could feel his now fully erect penis probing persistently between her thighs. Its tip was surprisingly firm. And she found herself eager to know what it was going to feel like with it deep inside her.

Concentrating briefly, she deleted her bikini bottom just before he poked at her again. Oh, that felt much better for her. And felt surprisingly different to him. Optimus lifted up, quickly looking down between them. Then he turned to see the most fiendish smirk on his femme's face.

"I thought you were worried about it not fitting," he remarked, breathing heavily, massive chest heaving, his body trembling with excitement.

While he was worried for Elita, he was also eagerly anticipating this part of their love making and to achieve his own overload. From the look on his femme's face when she had her first holoform orgasm, it looked to be as pleasurable experience as he'd heard.

"You said they were designed to fit and that you wouldn't harm me. I trust you, Optimus. I always trust you."

Her hand caressed his face lovingly. She was ready and waiting beneath him. She craved more of his affections. Partly because she had missed him so much during the long years, too many long years, they'd been apart. Mostly because she was really enjoying the sensations this holoform was feeling! She craved more.

"Will you help me?" he asked, pressing his forehead against hers. "I have no control over it at all. It doesn't move on command. I've tried."

She smiled, reaching between them, all too happy to be getting to the main event.

"Just…" he blurted out, stopping her hand. "Be careful. It's very sensitive. Much more sensitive than my interface appliance."

Elita raised an eyebrow. Oh, really?

There were times she couldn't help herself. She never did it public, but in private she never hesitated to take full advantage of Optimus' intimate weaknesses. She thoroughly enjoyed making him a melted puddle of mechness in her hands whenever the opportunity presented itself.

Keeping in mind that she was to be careful and knowing he didn't suspect her, pfft he never did, she wrapped her hand around the girth of said sensitive appendage. She made a quick mental note that it definitely felt different than his interface as she slid her hand slowly down and then up. Yet, the results of the pleasure she fed him was the same for she recognized that look of satisfaction on his face.

"Ahh…what are you doing?" he asked, his voice wavering a bit as her hand repeated the up and down motion again.

Elita just smiled at him, squeezing him hard but not too hard.

"You're evil femme!" he said even though he was enjoying every astrosecond of what she was doing to him.

"Look who's talking," she countered, putting her hands against his strong chest. "How many times have you taken advantage of me? Hmm? And sometimes in the most unusual of places?"


"And you say Ironhide's bad when he's horny," she scoffed.

"At least I had an office," he smiled, sheepishly. "And I have a nice bed inside my alt form. I don't interface with you near dangerous weapons."

"Just…shut up and kiss me, lugnut," she playful said.

"What about…you know?"

"I got a handle on it," she smirked.

"Oh, haha."

"Let's just get on with…"

His kiss silenced her. She was done talking anyway and ready to move on to the next level of this intimacy. As was he, intensifying the kiss, probing her mouth with his tongue. This time when he felt her hand gently grab him she guided him without delay.

The tip of his erect phallic length was poised and ready. Her thighs moved up around his hips. Again, she was anxiously waiting for him. With a deliberate push of his hips Optimus entered her liquid smooth center. The slick motion caused them both to groan softly. Elita, feeling a little anxious, moved her hips, closing the gap between them, completely enveloping him.

Yes, it was similar to interfacing. Two bodies now locked together as one. And Optimus had no intention of separating from his beloved right now. He pulled back slightly and then moved back in. His mouth fell open in ecstasy as he repeated the action again and again. No, he definitely was not going to pull out of his femme's hot, deep, moist center right now.

"I'm not hurting you, am I?" he asked between his affectionate kisses.

"No," she breathed, her hands grabbing him, holding him close, reveling in the strong muscles she could feel tensing and relaxing on his back.

He moved slowly within her at first, immensely relishing how silky and tight she felt. Her favorable whimpers and own pelvic thrusts indicated that she was being pleasured at the same time. This fact encouraged him to increase his thrusting between her legs and increase their pleasure as well.

Elita matched his movements. Thrust for thrust. Kiss for kiss. Two worked as one towards that single pleasurable, spark racing plateau.

Optimus grunted, plunging deep within her faster and faster, his peak getting closer and closer. Elita's own gasps of pleasure filled the cabin. Her own climax was so close, the pleasurable flutter just about too…

"Frag it to pit!" he snapped, gasping for air, his movements suddenly stopped. Elita looked up at him, briefly confused. Her chest heaving from the exertion. He chuckled. "Sorry, I slipped out."

Elita smiled, wiping his sweaty brow with her hand, the other reaching between them, all too happy to lend a hand.


He quickly thrust back into her.

"Better," he grinned.

"Oh wait!" she quickly said, then wrapped her legs around the back of his strong thighs.

"Good idea! Now…where were we?" he asked, kissing her deeply.

Pure heated passion was in total control of them. Mouths open. Lips crushing. Hands relentless in their exploration to heighten the other's pleasure. Hips driving hard against one another over and over. The slick heated friction building. Until finally, the cries from them overloading reverberated loudly through the cabin.

He exhaled heavily, sinking into her form. Looking down at the pure content look on her face as it glistened in the light. Tender fingers pushed the damp strands of her hair back, making her open her eyes.

"Love you," he murmured, kissing her lips softly.

"Love you too," she sighed, as he lay his head on her chest.

She kissed the top of his head. Her fingers gently moved through his now wet hair. She could see his eyes were closed. His face had a blissful smile on it as they both relaxed. The last of their passion slowly ebbed away.

"Optimus," she whispered.

"What?" he asked, not moving, keeping his eyes closed, snuggling more against her and feeling quite comfortable where he lay.

"Can we do that again?"

He lifted his head slowly and grinned wide at his femme. Primus, he loved her so much!