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Gun 'Em Down
Chapter Two

"Akasuna, table six!" Barked the angry voice of the manager.

Rolling my eyes, I flipped to a clean page of my notebook, sliding through the crowd of tourist diners. The reek of nicotine gum filled my nostrils as I passed a gang of hoverbikers, their brawny biceps smacking me in the face repeatedly. Scowling, I ducked under their arms, finally making it to table six with much more difficulty than it should've taken.

It was a family of four, all tourists by their pouches slung around their waists and New York accents. "Hi, my name is Sasori, and I'll be helping you tonight. Anything you want to drink?" My voice was dull and bored, with a thin film of enthusiasm over it, and I could tell, but of course they couldn't, as I distributed the menus.

They ordered their beverages, which I wrote down quickly. "Alright, I'll be back later, so go ahead and decide your appetizers."

I stared hopelessly at the heap of bikers, still standing there. Amazing, the difference between us. And people used to say you could tell a lot about a man by his vehicle. Shrugging, I ducked through the melee once again, emerging on the other side.

The rest of my shift passed in a likewise manner, and by the time the family I was serving had left, I was more than ready to be out of the Lone Star, cursing them for their eating habits that took so long and stalled me.

I moved into the bathroom, stripping off my red employee's shirt, pausing for a moment. Stuffing the uniform into my knapsack, I looked down at my bare chest, cringing. Somehow, the lines were getting more defined… The scars over my body had been there for as long as I knew, and it seemed that as the years crossed by, they were etching themselves deeper into me. There was an odd circle over my left chest plate, a square over my right, and over my stomach, a long rectangle. The lines had begun to faintly appear over my limbs too, such as my arms, legs, and even one around my neck.

Sighing, I tugged out a black, plain shirt, pulling it on instead. "You should go see a doctor," I whispered to myself, raking my fingers through my hair. "For what?" I asked after a moment, wondering this. "Your schizophrenia?" Oh. That made sense. This was strange, because normally, I didn't make sense to myself. "Wait. I thought I was worrying about my scars." I paused again, shrugging my knapsack over a shoulder. "Nah, your schizophrenia's a bigger problem," I decided. If it was really I deciding. God, I had to be fucked up.

Exiting the crammed restaurant, I walked to my hoverbike, about to mount it when a voice called, "Oi, Sasori!"

Blinking, I turned around, my eyes widening in surprise when I saw Deidara. I had forgotten that I'd promised to take him on a tour. "Hey…" I answered numbly. Frozen, I watched as he straightened up from leaning on his black vehicle, walking towards me with a slow, casual stride. He was dressed in black again: A sleeveless jacket with a fishnet shirt underneath, jeans, and his fingerless gloves. Everything about him was commanding and strict, and all too boldly, I was painfully aware of how pathetic I looked next to him.

"Er… Sorry, I forgot." I muttered sheepishly, stepping away from my hoverbike as if it were evidence against me.

He gave me his relaxed, suave grin, before casually taking my hand in his, which surprised me. "It's fine, yeah." With the utter peak of perfection in his movements, he led me to his black car. "I'm not being a burden, am I?" He asked, though I somewhat felt that he already knew the answer, and was asking for the hell of formality.

"N-no," I quickly answered, startled as opened the passenger door for me. Did he honestly trust me that much to let me in his car already? We'd only met a day ago… But my instinct informed me that were I any threat, this blonde newcomer would be more than ready and prepared.

Then again, there was always the problem of the safety measures that I had to take, too. It was one thing for him to trust me, but I didn't know if he had drugged incense sticks or something, or if he'd just knock me out… But I got in the car wordlessly. Once again, I ignored every safety lesson I'd ever learned in the orphanage, and stepped in the car, slamming the door after me. 'Meh,' I thought carelessly, 'doesn't matter anyways. I don't have much of a life to lose…'

As Deidara stepped into his own side of the vehicle, he proposed, "So how about if you tell me where to drive, and explain about each place, yeah?"

I nodded numbly, staring ahead. The solar panels whirred softly above our heads, and I sat awkwardly, until I realized that he was waiting for my first instructions. "Oh! Er, sorry. Turn out of the parking lot, and then left for a while." The directions came out of my mouth before I had time to mull things over, and my face heated up. What was I going to show him, our exquisite tech store?

Deidara laughed in his warm voice, obviously finding my behavior amusing. Vaguely in my subconscious, I wondered how such a flawless person had received the misfortune to stumble across a wreck like me.


"And this… is our… solar station." He mumbled, shrinking into his seat.

Another smile broke over my face at his attempt to give me something interesting. "It was once a gas station, but they converted it a few years back. It's pretty old and probably full of leakages, so I wouldn't use it."

I could tell that he was really struggling to make an impression on me that Boone wasn't as pathetic as his 'tour-guiding' led it to seem, and unfortunately, that only made my mission all the more appealing. It had to be unfair for a lethal government mutation to be so tempting. Deciding to end the troublesome part of the operation that included this pointless driving, I skipped ahead to another section of tonight's agenda that I found much more interesting. Pulling into a tavern lot, I parked there.

"Deidara, uh, this is a bar."

"I know, yeah. Don't worry, I don't want to go in, just talk to you."

He blinked slightly, surprised. Of course he wouldn't be used to having others showing any interest in him, no matter how fake. His strand didn't fare too well in the social world.

"So what's the strangest thing that's ever happened to you?"

At this question, he lifted an eyebrow, but searched obediently through his memories. Instantly, I had the answer I needed. If he had to think about the question, then he hadn't made any progress in the Hitokugutsu transformation.

"I had an old hoverbike… and while I was on it, it exploded."

I blinked, just barely concealing my morbid interest. "Oh?"

Sasori nodded. "But it wasn't that. The bike was dying anyhow. It was more how when I was thrown off, my head smashed into the concrete, and then another bike accidentally ran over my leg. It wasn't fatal, but I got a concussion and a shattered leg." He faded off, looking at his thumbs in remembrance.

Feeling a vital piece of information coming, I held my breath, waiting for him to continue.

"There were gashes and scars all over my body… But I didn't bleed."

I struggled to bite back the huge grin I felt appearing on my lips. Trying desperately to put a mask of confusion and misunderstanding on my visage, I ended up with a contorted face of smugness. "That's strange… Maybe you were lucky and never broke the skin, yeah?" I suggested, playing the ignorant conversationalist.

He shook his head vigorously, already have stricken down this possibility. "The bone broke straight through my skin. I highly doubt I was that lucky to have all of my veins cleared out its way."

I cocked my head, wondering how far his Hitokugutsu progression really was. Obviously, we'd miscalculated. "That's strange, yeah." I muttered at last, remembering to keep up my charade.

"But we've talked about me more than enough," he suddenly spoke, "what about you?"

"What about me?" I laughed.

"What kind of government job do you do?"

I shrugged, not knowing how to answer this as truthfully as possibly. "Just an everyday agent, I guess. Nothing too exciting, yeah."

Nodding slowly, he continued. "Any luck with the guy you're after?"

His tone was full of genuine concern for me, leaving no doubt of his ignorance.

"Just a bit, yeah. He's really hard to talk straight to though- doesn't quite know what's wrong with what he did."

"What did he do?" Sasori asked, burning curiosity in his words.

I smirked wryly at him. "That's for the government to keep disclosed… sorry, yeah." Sneaking a note of seduction in my voice, I began my ploy to make him fall blindly in love with me. The sooner he did so, the sooner I could get the useless official procedure over with, and work on the trust of our relationship.

He blushed at the subtly dropped hints in my voice instead of mortification and mumbled weakly, "Yeah, should've seen that one coming."


"So can you tell me about other trips you've had to go on for your job?" I asked hopefully. His work had to be more fun than mine, even if it was all about briefcases and financials or something…

He leaned back against the seat thoughtfully, twirling a strand of gold hair around a finger. "Well… I got to go to Ohio once, so that was cool, yeah. But mostly, I get people with illegal records, so I have to literally hunt them down… I was in Chillicothe, and that city made it fucking impossible to find him."

I felt my eyebrows lift. "Clever place to hide."

Deidara scowled in remembrance, crossing his arms. "Hell yeah, it was. I went down an alley that I thought I'd seen him going into once and was almost shot at, yeah."

"Almost?" I asked in shock.

"I got that prick before he could really do anything," he stated seriously, his azure eye lowered to look at me honestly.

My breath came out softly, stunned by this information. "…Just how dangerous is your job? And… what, specifically, do you do?"

His luminous eye widened dramatically for a moment, before he blinked, and it returned to its normal size. "It was only that one time that they actually had a gun, yeah."

That hardly answered anything, only raising more questions… "What does that—?"

But at that moment, he suddenly moved toward me, his lips slightly agape. My heard skipped a beat wildly as I recalled this same scene from so many romance holograms. I reeled back quickly, but he continued to advance. My fingers went behind my back, fumbling for the handle of the door as Deidara smiled at my shock, his visible eye glowing with some dark emotion that I couldn't exactly place.

This couldn't be happening. I couldn't be getting my first kiss from a guy I'd met only a bit more than twenty-four hours ago. This was absolutely impossible.

But his lips parted slightly, and he moved again. "Deidara, wa- wait, this is- this is too—" My fingers finally found the handle, and I tugged it desperately. Of course, the door sprang open far too quickly, and dragged me along with it. Damn technology.

"Shit..!" My back collided with the sharp gravel, and blinding pain filled my irises. I lay numbly on the small rocks, eyes wide and staring upward.

Suddenly, Deidara filled my whitened vision, the strange emotion gone from his expression, only amusement left there now. "You okay, yeah?"

"…Ow." I mumbled out in reply.

A black glove loomed in front of me, offering assistance. Flushing, I took it, heaving myself back in the car. For a moment, I felt something prodding at my palm, and I looked at our clasped hands in confusion, before Deidara quickly took back his appendage. This felt much more awkward than I would've liked.

"Sorry about that, yeah," he apologized, not the faintest scarlet on his cheeks. How could he remain so calm after he'd sprung something like that on me? Was he used to rejection or something? But his entire existence demanded that denial would be the last thing he'd get from anyone: not a very assuring thought at the moment for me.

"It's fine, I was just really surprised."

To my relief, he didn't continue his terrifying game of allurement, and when he started the car and began to drive again, the ride was actually still full of easy conversation. We somehow both understood that what had happened in the parking lot of the tavern was far behind us, and wouldn't be talked about. However, this didn't stop my own wondering, but I pushed it to the back of my memory, deciding to worry about it at night in my own privacy.

"So," I began, "there's a festival three days from now at the base of the mountain. Are you interested?"

The blue eye looked at me for a moment, before returning to the road. "Sure, I'm free every night anyhow. Should I pick you up again?"

I ruefully rubbed the back of my head. "No, I can go to your hotel and we can go from there. Are you okay with a hoverbike?" He'd better be, because I sure as hell wasn't going in another enclosed space with him. I knew well enough what usually happened after the kissing started in such locations.

"I've never been on one, yeah, but first times for everything, yeah?"

At this, I blushed again, staring fixedly out the window at the blurred scenery. I didn't like the possible implication in that sentence. Thankfully though, he continued to speak as if he hadn't meant anything by the 'first time' reference.

"So I'm staying at the Greystone hotel, yeah, and in three days' time you'll pick me up?"

I nodded in agreement. "I'll work out a meeting time later… So maybe I need your cell phone number." I carefully straightened my voice out to let him know that there was no innuendo behind this request.

"Yeah, I'll give it to you when we're back at the Lone Star, and then can I have yours too?"

For some reason, it surprised me that he asked for my number instead of expecting it. But really… Deidara wasn't that bad. Just a little sudden, but not crude at all. "Okay," I agreed, weaving my fingers together awkwardly.

A few minutes later, we reached the restaurant, and I pulled the miserable remains of a cram sheet for an Anatomy exam out of my pocket, dividing it in two. We exchanged our phone numbers, and then I exited his car.

He opened his window, watching me make my way to my hoverbike. As I swung my leg over the seat and started the magnets, the small vehicle rose into the air, purring contentedly. I smiled at him, lifting a hand. "Thanks, Deidara. See you soon."

"Yeah," he replied, returning the smile kindly.

Clipping on my troublesome helmet, I moved my feet backward suddenly, but hastened to slow my speed. I didn't want to scare Deidara into thinking that I was a homicidal driver, which I wasn't. Not all of the time, anyhow. I waited until I'd cleared the Lone Star and looked back to make sure that the SunCar was also out of view, before I lurched my feet back, leaning forward. Smirking, I only slowed to unclip the helmet and tie it around one handle, before returning to my former speed, lifting the needle a little more than it was meant to go. My hoverbike groaned as the magnets failed under the speed, and the emergency wheels sprang out every two seconds.

Too bad my life couldn't be half as exciting as my rides were.

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