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"Ike? Ike!" Mist shouted as she ran towards her brother. "We got a message from Princess Elincia."

"Really? What about?"

"I don't know." She pulled an envelop from a bag she carried and handed it to him. On the front in large, bold letters, it read, "General Ike." "Marcia seemed distant when she came. I hope everything is all right…"

He ripped open the top and pulled the letter out, reading it aloud so that Mist could hear also. "I hope that you are well. As for life at court, it has become more testing as of late. I am truly sorry to have imposed on you so many times but I need to ask yet another favor of you all. Please, come to the castle as soon as you can. This is urgent. Earnestly in your debt, Elincia…. She doesn't mention anything specific."

"But she did say it was urgent…"

"I guess this puts my traveling around the continent off… all right. Gather everyone into the mess hall. We need to start preparations."


Each mercenary took a spot at one of the three tables that ran parallel to each other in the large room. Ike stood at the front, Soren by his side as was customary of when he made large announcements. His company stared at him with expectant looks. When they all appeared settled, he began to speak.

"Tomorrow we will be heading back to Crimea castle. Princess Elincia has requested our presence. She said there is another favor she must ask of us."

"Why must we always run to the aid of that lordling? She is the princess, is she not? She should have plenty of troops at her disposal to deal with whatever troubles may come to her." The raven haired tactician stated coldly. His face showed annoyance at the mentioning of having to return yet again to the Crimean castle.

"There is more to this job than money. Everything Elincia asked of us has always been with reason. I know this time is no different."

"Peh. The kid's a pompous, know-it-all, but he has a point. We're mercenaries! We need to make a profit. She never gives us enough gold to cover how much time we spend on her noble errands." Shinon propped his feet up on the table, leaning on the back two legs of the chair.

"Elincia didn't mention what it was we had to do in her letter. It could be a big mission, it could be a small one. I don't know. All she did was request that we come, so tomorrow we leave to go to her."

"Did she mention how long we would be gone? I need to know how much to take from our treasury and armory." Soren opened his log book, scanning the pages. "Which with our current status is not much either way."

"Heh. For heroes we really don't get much work, do we?"

"Boyd, there's more to it than the material payment. You have to take pride in the people you do help, whether its few or many!" Oscar responded to his brother.

"Taking a charity mission with the shape we're in… I will ration to only what is necessary to get us there. Everything else will be at her expense. By your leave." He marched out the door, irritation staining his eyes.

"There goes Soren, pleasant as ever." Gatrie commented.

"Hey, boss. Think we'll get any fighting in? My blades getting rusty with only duels!"

"I'm glad to see at least Mia is enthusiastic. I want you all to pack as soon as you are able and sleep well. We leave at sun up tomorrow."

"All right. Mist and Rolf, why don't you come with me to pack some of the food?"

"All right, Titania."

"I'll be back later, Oscar!"

"I will go get the important papers out of the archive. It would never be a good idea to leave those behind…" Rhys began to walk out, then turned back to Ike. "Do you suppose everything is all right? It has been quite a while since we heard from her."

"I don't know. We'll see soon enough."


Ike and Soren:

"Do you have everything prepared then?"

"Yes… we have 700 gold and I packed an extra bow and axe as Boyd and Rolf break theirs regularly. Ike?"


"If you planned on running to Elincia's rescue every time she cried a little, why did you not stay general? The pay would be better than this. You do realize that our funds are almost empty and Elincia pays us once, no matter how long the mission?"

"Not everything is about gold, Soren."

"Perhaps not. But survival is. We are a mercenary company, likewise a business. Imagine a merchant giving all his goods away at a steal. He would become a beggar. You should look at the log book. Cutting everyone's salary is becoming more of a necessity than a consideration…"

"Then so be it. We will uphold the virtues that my father instilled in this company."

"Let's just hope that everyone else feels the same way."

Shinon and Gatrie:

"Bah! Another charity mission! I should have stayed away while I had the chance!"

"Hey, its not all bad! The maids at the castle are quite the lookers. Last time the one even…"

"Bloody idiot. The last woman that showed interest in you robbed you for all you were worth and ran. Shouldn't that have been a lesson for you? Give up."

"Hah! And become lonely and anti-social like you? Never! There's a lovely little lass out there for me and Gatrie's gonna find her!"


This chapter is a little short, but there wasn't much I could do before I explained why Elincia needed their help. (That and I didn't really want to write about them walking. That gets boring) For future conversations, if people suggest who it is they want to talk, I'll write them conversing once the characters are in the same area. (I plan on bringing in all the characters at some point.)