Bella's POV.

"Nessie. Please cooperate with your father." I said impatient.

Nessie reached her hand to touch my face.

"I realize you don't exactly want to go hiking with daddy, but it would make him very happy." I said trying to reason with her.

"Fine." Nessie mumbled.

It had been almost another month since that terrifying day when I though the volturi was going to kill us all. Nessie had grown look like a small toddler now. Edward and I want her to live a normal life despite the fact that her life is far from normal. So Edward was trying to take her on a nice hike through the woods. Which she was strongly opposing.

Meanwhile outside in the woods

Edwards POV

Nessie touched my face and said "Daddy I'm getting dirt on my dress"

"Well it won't take to long to get back. We'll only be out here for a little while. I'm sure you can make it that far right?" I asked her.

She nodded her head. She followed me pointing out all kinds of different rocks she thought were pretty and I put them in the little backpack she carried on her back. We stopped once to look at a frog that was hidden next to a tree.

"Were here! Were here!" Nessie yelled when we got back to the house.

Back inside the house

Bella's POV

"Hey Nessie. Hi Edward." I said when they walked in the door.

"She found some pretty cool rocks she wants to show you." Edward said.

"That sounds Nice." I said.

One by one Ness pulled out the rocks and put her hand on my face telling me why each rock was pretty in her mind.

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