Edwards Pov.

When Jasper and Nessie got home from the doctors he told me the diagnosis and then we gave her the medicine prescribed to her. Carlisle came home from the hospital and we told him about Nessie. He sat down next to Nessie on the couch to watch TV with her.

"Carlisle? Why don't you smell like sick like that nurse lady did?" Nessie asked.

"Well Ness, to be honest….I don't know. Maybe because I'm a vampire?" Carlisle replied.

Nessie shrugged her shoulders and continued to watch TV. She started to shiver.

"Nessie, would you like a blanket?" I asked. Nessie nodded.

"Emmett go get Nessie a blanket." I said.

"Psh. Fine." Emmett said.

Emmett went upstairs to Nessie's room and got her a blanket. Nessie stopped shivering.

"Daddy what is this stuff coming out of my nose??" Nessie asked alarmed.

"That's mucus Hun." I said and handed her a Kleenex. She blew her nose.

We were all watching television with Nessie when the phone rang. Jasper got up to get it.

"Hello. Cullen residence. Jasper speaking." Jasper said.

He heard a giggle then a girl's voice said, "Hello this is Jessica. I was wondering if Bella was home?"

"Hey Jessica. No she isn't home right now. She is out shopping with Alice and Rosalie."

"Oh. Well, when she gets back would you have her call me please?"

"Sure thing."

"Bye Jazz." Jessica said then hung up.

Jasper walked back into the living room and I said, "Dude. That girl ONLY calls when Bella is gone and acts like a school girl when one of us answers."

Jasper chuckled. The phone rang again. Jasper went to get it again.

"Hello. Cullen residence, Jasper speaking." Jasper said….again.

"Hey Jasper. It's Bella. Is Nessie okay? Alice said she saw you at the doctors with her." Bella said Panicked.

"Yeah. She has a sinus infection and bronchitis, but she's okay now she took her medicine."

"Okay. Please take care of her for me. Tell Edward that I love him and Tell Nessie that mommy loves her and to feel better."

"I will. Bye Bells."

"Bye Jazz."

Jasper walked out into the family room.

"Edward, Bella told me to tell you that she loves you and Nessie, she said that she loves you and hopes you feel better." Jasper said.

"Okay." I said.

"Okay." Nessie said.

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