Harry P.O.V.

Some people believe that the stars unravel your future, but to me it was just a bunch of bullshit. The only thing that can tell you your future is your past. And right now my past screamed one thing to me; revenge. Revenge for my father's death, and I know perfectly well of the pain that tears my soul apart while killing, but I can stand it no longer. My yearning for his blood is so great; it's almost a lust for it. The stars above, winking at me from my apartment amused me for a brief second. It was now the time to strategize my attack.

The moon glowed brightly tonight, but was also hidden by the clouds. The lone figure among the trees tightened her grip on the bag and blurred into the night. Harry jumped to his feet and edged his way to the corner of his window.

Standing to his full height, the height of six feet and three inches, pondered on his feeling of apprehension and returned to his seat at his desk. Upon seating and lifting his pencil, a fist contacted with his door. Harry moved with skilled maneuvers, not making a sound. Grabbing some of his daggers he wretched the door opened.

Finding the door completely vacant, raised his senses to a whole new level. There was no possibility of someone knocking on his door and a second later disappearing. On top of that it had to have been by muggle means. The protecting charms he surrounded himself with wouldn't allow a wizard to even touch his door by magic.

Breathing deeply, he closed his door. A paper rustled behind him and he flung his dagger at the source. Whirling around, he held another one of his daggers loosely in his hand preparing for his next attack. He raised his head in bewilderment. There in front of his desk, still clasping a piece of paper was a girl whose face was covered by a piece of cardboard with his dagger stuck right in the middle.

'She blocked my dagger…' Harry thought straightening himself and getting a better grip on his dagger and lightly brushing his hand against his wand.

"Running back to the starting point huh? Interesting change, especially since it's you." The girl stated loosely, slowly lowering the cardboard and eyeing him with her cold silver eyes. Harry returned her cold glare with his own dead emerald eyes.

"And what do you know about me?" Harry's cold statement usually mad people shiver but the girl just shrugged her shoulders and sat on his desk facing him.

"A little more than you would believe…" She let her sentence trail giving him a small smirk that didn't match her eyes. The silver eyes remained icy cold and dangerous. Harry remained standing slightly leaning against the wall. He didn't know what to make out of her yet, but he sure as hell knew that if he let his guard slip only a centimeter he could die.

"Care to elaborate?" The girl smiled and shook her head while letting her hands trail across his scattered papers. Harry chuckled, and the girl looked up in high curiosity. S

he cocked her head to the side as if saying 'What?' He chuckled again and moved toward a door on his left that was the closet. "So why are you here? Your name will also be appreciated."

She smiled coyly and answered; "Name's Cally. Nice to meet you by the way. I really am only here because…well…I really have nothing better to do." At the last statement she smiled and this one actually reflected in her silver eyes. Harry eyed her, looking for any sign of deceit only to find the genuine truth. "What about you, Harry, what's up?" He eyed Cally, giving her a kind of 'what are you talking about' look. "I mean, like why are you in this apartment and why are you planning on returning to Britain."

"If I told you that, I would have to kill you. I'm surprised that you aren't dead already actually."

"Well that's only because you're interested."

"Oh, really, and what am I interested in?"

"Well to make it plain to the point, me."

"You? Huh, I really doubt that."

"Well I don't," she slid off the desk and straightened up her shirt and looked at Harry with an 'oh come on' kind of look. "The way you're looking at me right now shows that you're interested in not only who I am but also what I am capable of. You're wondering right now, how I was able to sneak into your room while being undetected. Also the fact that I was able to deflect your dagger, and most importantly how I know about you." She remained smiling and cocked her head to the side in a cute manner. He smiled, suddenly realizing he was, quickly turned his face back into an expressionless blank.

"Mind reader?" he asked with amusement dripping from the edge.

"Nope, just a good judge on facial expressions." She giggled lightly and walked a little closer to him. Her eyes glowed brightly with light humor but also a taunting hint of danger. His hand slid closer to his dagger. If she even tried anything, he was in close range of stabbing her in the chest. She was about an arm length away from him now, and all she did was look up at him and smiled.

"So when are we leaving?" Harry slapped himself awake in his head. Somehow he had gotten hypnotized from looking into her eyes. He eyed her dangerously with his now vivid emerald eyes.


"Well yeah," she said shrugging her shoulders turning her back to him slightly. "I told you before; I have nothing else to do. Besides I spent almost three weeks trying to find you, and I'm not about to let you leave without me." She turned to him again and crossed her arms in defiance.

He chuckled silently and stepped toward her. There was about three inches apart, and he loamed over her. His eyes sparked with a dangerous glint and his smile revealed treachery.

"Well, what makes you think I'd even let you live yet alone let you tag along?" he whispered staring into her silver orbs.

"Because I can help you find Voldemort's killer." She answered with an evil grin that made her eyes flare up menacingly.