Dorian looked up from the sink and stared into the night from the window. He wasn't sure why, but he had a strange feeling. Grabbing his water he headed back toward the living room. Sipping it, he stared at the pictures aligned on the mantle of the fireplace. The first was of his parents, Lily and James Potter, dancing around with the autumn leaves dancing along side from the wind.

The next was of a small baby boy with jet black hair and emerald eyes. He smiled warmly toward Dorian, and waving his chubby little hand as a greeting. Lily Potter was also there making sure the boy was snug in his blanket. "It's been along time, since I actually saw your genuine smile, hasn't it Harry?" Dorian wondered aloud as he picked the picture up and stared at the young Harry.

"What was that, Dorian?" Dorian turned around to see his father, his black hair sticking out in odd places and yawning.

"Nothing, I was just thinking aloud." James trudged over to his now eighteen year old son and looked at the frame held in his hand.

"You still miss him don't you?" Dorian nodded before returning the frame to its previous position. James sighed "You know, as well as me, that he's not going to come back. If he's still alive that is."

"Don't say that Dad. I know for a fact that you don't believe he's dead anymore than Jonas does. He's still out there, I'm not sure where, but I know he is." Dorian looked out the living room window, getting a strange yet familiar feeling, and then turned to his father. James nodded and headed toward the kitchen. He was still in his pajamas refusing to change, since he knew that no one would disturb them at one o'clock in the morning. James grabbed his own glass and headed for the sink. CLANK!

Dorian spun around to see his father leaning closer to the little window above the sink. Dorian ran to the living room window to see who the visitor was. Outside there were two lone figures. Both of them had their hoods pulled over their heads. The shorter figure was holding onto what seemed like a backpack, while the other had a backpack in his back.

Dorian studied the figures his hang gripping his wand. The war was over, but there were still some people that believed that the Potter's were hiding Harry somewhere inside.

James rushed over to his son's side with his wand already drawn. Suddenly the lone figure brought his hand up. The Potter boys stiffened up, readying for an attack. Only there was none, instead the figure lowered his hood very slowly.

His emerald eyes, black hair, and pale face glowed from the little light from the doorway. James's jaw dropped to see his eldest son standing outside his home door, eyes questioning the door. Slowly Harry walked up the steps preparing to knock. His fist was inches away but then withdrew. He turned around and descended the steps.

"Harry!" Harry turned around and saw his younger brother standing in the doorway along with James. Dorian smiled at Harry glad to see him well. "What are you doing here?" He asked happily.

"Sorry to intrude, I didn't mean to wake you." Harry said coldly yet meaningfully. James cocked his eyebrow, Harry's eyes betrayed no emotion yet his words were sincere.

"No, we were already awake. Here, come inside its cold outside. Your friend can come in as well." Dorian said backing away from the doorway and inviting them in with a kind smile. Harry turned to his companion who walked up behind him and they both slowly entered. Dorian led them to the kitchen as James shut the door. James stared at his son's companion, wondering who the person could be.

"Whose you companion, Harry? Or do you have another alias?" James asked sitting himself down at the table as Dorian flicked his wand so a tea pot and four cups and saucers appeared. Harry looked at his companion and nodded. The companion raised his hands and pulled back the hood.

James and Dorian gasped in their minds. Sitting at their table was a girl with beautiful silver eyes, a cute nose and an adorable smile. She pulled her hair out of her pony tail revealing long midnight black hair with a single turquoise blue streak framing her face.

"I'd actually prefer if you called me Trix Taynor from now on. I'll change my appearance sine some people could recognize me. This is Cally, we met up in Holland and we've traveled together since." Harry looked down at her, as she slowly sipped her tea and smiled at him.

"Wait, does she…" Dorian asked gesturing toward Cally and then looking concerned toward Harry.

"Yes, she's well aware of what I used to be."

"Used to be? So you stopped?" James inquired raising his eyebrow. Harry shrugged.

"He really only kills those who try and kill us." Cally stated coolly before taking another sip of her tea.

"'Us' you say? So you're protecting her then?" James said teasingly. Dorian could tell his father had struck a nerve with his older brother but it was not dangerous as Harry seemed to be relaxed.

"I guess you could say that." Harry said looking down at Cally smiling. Cally wasn't even bothered with the conversation and stared at the pictures on the fridge. Dorian and James continued to ask questions to both Harry and Cally. Soon the grandfather clock in the living room struck 2 and made Cally jump. Dorian smiled and noticed a little yawn escape from Cally's mouth.

"Wow, it's pretty late. I better head to bed." Dorian said stretching and flying the dishes to the sink and made them clean themselves.

"We should be going to find a hotel to stay." Harry said as he picked his and Cally's backpack up and threw them over his shoulder.

"A hotel? There's not one around here for miles. No you guys can take the guest room down the hall." James said as he started leading Cally toward the end of the living room where a hallway stood with two doors on each side. "The room's on the right hand side."

"I don't want to be a bother. A hotel is fine with me." Cally said holding up her hands in defense.

"I insist. No son of mine or his girlfriend will stay in a hotel, when there's a perfectly good room in the house." James stated lightly pushing Cally down the hall. "The bathroom is right across, there's a king sized bed in there, hope you guys don't mind. James said as he opened the door. Harry and Dorian were right behind him and Cally. Cally looked back at Harry, and Harry nodded so she entered and sat on the bed.

She smiled and flung herself down, reached for one of the pillows and snuggled into it, laughing silently. Harry smiled closing his eyes as he shook his head and entered dropping the bags on the side of the bed.

"You sure about this?" Harry asked. James stared into this son's still dead emerald eyes and nodded. James wasn't quite sure why he was doing this. He was well aware of how dangerous Harry can be, yet he couldn't help but feel slightly attached to him. James smiled and shut the door behind him. He and Dorian walked up the stairs to their rooms.

"Dad?" James turned around to face Dorian " You saw it too, didn't you?" James continued looking at his second son "He changed. You could see it in his eyes. Cally, she somehow changed him. I don't know how, but now he seems a lot more pleasant and happy." Dorian looked up at his father with great relief and happiness in his eyes. James nodded and hugged his son goodnight then entered his room.

Lily was still asleep, so he quietly laid himself down alongside. He slowly let his hands comb Lily's hair as she continued her slumber.

"Yes, he did change. He really did, he's turning into the boy I saw. The boy I saw at the Quidditch field when he took his first try on a broom. He's soul is changing slowly, but changing. All thanks to Cally." James whispered as he wrapped his arms around his wife's waist pulling her closer to him as he fell asleep smiling.