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A Crossover fanfic by A J

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, but the plot is all mine.

Prequel Chapter 1

Just after Season Two:

The mysterious wave of energy crashed over Heatherfield like a tsunami, washing away all that was before.


For once, Will woke up first. It wasn't anything specific that did it; rather, it was the sheer lack of background noise that brought her out of her usual nightly coma. Nosing out of her covers, she looked blearily for her frog clock. Not seeing it right away, Will sat up, and whomped her head on the ceiling.

With a yelp, she reached and looked up, to find only smooth earth with her questing paws. Something at the back of her mind worried for a second, then her brain caught up to the other info.

Will held her hands (paws?) up in front of her face, and her ears flattened back in fear. 'I have paws?!' The next thing registered belatedly, and she reached up and felt the top of her head, where she met with two long tapering furry ears stretched back across her hair. 'My ears, ohmigod, what happened to my ears? What's happened to ME?! I'm … I'm a rabbit!!'

"Help me, I turned into a rabbit!" she cried, panicking.

A few seconds later, a humongous tan rodent with flared ears and a long tail came running into her room.

"What is it, Will? What's wrong?" the rodent asked, in her mother's voice.

Will screamed.