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This is written from Rory's point of view, just to change it up a bit

And the tears fall like rain
Down my face again
All the words you wouldn't say
And the games you played
With my unfoolish heart
Oh I should have known this from the start
Oh the winter and spring
Going hand in hand
Just like my love and pain
How the thought of you cuts deep within the vein
Brand new skin stretched across scared terrain

After Nick left school I felt a bit lost, who was going to like me now? Were the others going to shut me out again because the popular guy wasn't my friend anymore? Or will they finally accept me for who I am?

I don't wanna be let down
I don't wanna live that life again
Don't wanna be lead down the same old road
So I don't wanna be let down
I don't wanna live my lies again
Don't wanna be lead down the same old road

I thought more about it and realized I'm scared to make new friends. I never know when they will turn on me as well and leave me or betray me like Nick had done the year before. Somehow I will have to learn to trust again but it's so difficult when all my faith in friendships is broken.

All those years down the drain
Love was not enough when you want everything
What I gave to you and now the end must start
Oh I should have listened to my heart

Is it too late to make new friends, start all over, trusting others again?

'Cause I don't wanna be let down
I don't wanna live that life again
Don't wanna be lead down the same old road
So I don't wanna be let down
I don't wanna live my lies again
Don't wanna be lead down the same old road

First day of the new school year, I could feel shivers down my spine as I entered the new classroom. I looked around searched the room for his face but knew he will never be in the same class as me again. I looked for an empty seat as I went in.

One girl was sitting alone in the middle of the classroom, she was average looking but had these sparkly eyes that suggested she wasn't so average. Blond hair that came up to her shoulders, blue-ish eyes and relatively small for her age. Rory walked up to her and sat down on the empty seat.

"Hey, I'm Rory." I said.

The girl looked at me with curiosity, she smiled and introduced herself as Lauren. Before we could talk some more, the teacher came in and started the lecture.

At the start of the break, Lauren's curiosity hadn't faded. we started talking and it felt good. I wasn't going to let this whole Nick thing ruin everything, but I remained cautious. After all, I don't know this Lauren character at all and if I get too attached she could get sick of me and leave.

"So, as I said… I'm Lauren, weren't you dating Nick last year?"

I felt the lump in my throat as I heard his name… I hope she won't notice it. I swallowed and replied:

"Well, we weren't dating… but I heard that rumor before. Nick was one of my good friends for the last two years, I helped him with schoolwork and stuff but he was sent to boarding school."

Lauren noticed the change in my voice as she mentioned Nick. It was still hard to talk about it, the wounds were still too fresh.

"Oh I'm sorry to hear that, do you still talk?"

I felt my insides clench as I thought about the months and months that Nick and I hadn't talked…

"No, apparently he made new friends, he doesn't have time to hang out with me anymore. You see, Lauren, Nick was a good friend, as you might have noticed last year.. but he just doesn't care about our friendship anymore, it hurt a lot and I'm still not over it completely"

"I actually know how you feel" Lauren replied, "I had a friend like that once. And even though you're not friends anymore, every time that he talks to you, you can't resist talking back…right?"

She was right. He can still ask me anything and I wouldn't hesitate to help him out. I need to be stronger, but it will take some time.

The only one who took you in
The only one who held your hand
Defended you against the others
Had your back on everything
Never let you down
You turned around betrayed your only brother

Lauren is a nice girl, this could be a real friend. We have a lot more in common than I thought.

Because Lauren was a bit of an outsider, we found support and comfort with each other. Lauren had a fight with some of the popular girls in their class and I was the only one who stood by her through all of it. It was nice to have such a good friend. I got to know her pretty well, and her bubbly personality could always cheer me up whenever I was complaining about Nick again. The wounds started healing and only left a scar that was turning into a faint memory of a guy that hurt me once but it made me into the person I am today.

Two years later…

For two years we've stayed together, talking, enjoying the little inside jokes that no one else understood. I struggled to keep my distance from Nick, also because he suddenly started talking to me again, asking if we could start all over again. The only person who I could confide in was Lauren, she knew everything about the situation and I figured she would understand. So I called her for advice.

"I don't know how to handle it, Lauren… it's weird, every time me and him talk… he thinks he can just hug me and make me forget how much he hurt me by just disappearing and not even giving me a reason why."

"You should just tell him to sod off… I know it's difficult but you shouldn't just forgive him when he doesn't understand how much he hurt you!"

"Yeah… you're right, I don't want him to think it's ok to ignore me for a year and then kiss and make up… I never want that to happen to me again"

"Don't worry, if you handle Nick like that I'm sure that it won't happen again! Besides, you've got me now, I'd never do that to anyone, I know how much it hurt you, you've been talking about it for two years now…"

Another year went by…

That's when I met Jess, everything seemed fine, we were happy and crazy about each other. Me and Lauren had less contact, also because we both attended different universities but I always knew I could count on her when things got difficult and that goes both ways.

After things ended with Jess, Lauren was the first person who contacted me and invited me to go to a concert in New York. It was one of Lauren's favorite bands and even though I had never heard of them I went along also because we hadn't talked in a few months.

Lauren walked up to me and asked if I was ok… I started crying. Jess had left without a warning… just packed his bags and left… just like Nick had done of course I wasn't ok.

"Things have been a bit crazy lately, I'm sorry that I'm not in a better mood, just when we haven't talked in forever!".

"Oh come on, I understand! That Jess character is a jerk, he left you without even telling you, that's just rude and insensitive and… if I ever see him again I'll kick his butt!"

I felt a bit better, I knew Lauren was always on my side.

A few months later…

Again it has been a while since Lauren and I talked… our studies are getting in the way, either she's too busy with mid-terms or I have some project that is taking up all my time.

We only met up once, it's about time summer begins..; then we can get together again and have fun like we used to. We got together once more in April when things slowed down. I missed her, it's good to catch up again.

Forgetting me, you took things in your hands and left me out
After we'd been through so much, how could you let me down?

Another few months went by…
Summer! Finally, I have the time to meet up with friends, relax and walk around the town, read any book I want to and see Lauren.

But I never heard from her… every time I tried to call or meet up for a drink she was busy.

I didn't know, I didn't know
I couldn't see, I couldn't see
Never thought you'd forget me
Couldn't believe, couldn't believe
How you deceived, you deceived
I never thought you'd do that to me

I finished school and got an assignment, I could go on tour and follow Barack Obama. I had to report on his campaign for an online newspaper.

Before I left, I asked a few friends over to say goodbye, Lauren showed up too. I was thrilled to see her, it had been so long, she apologized for being so busy and promised it will be better… we would send emails while I was off travelling so that sort of made it a bit better.

I left a few days after that, just before I got on the plane Lauren texted me:

"Have fun you! And behave! We'll email soon! xoxo"

I promised my mum and some others I'd send an update every few weeks, and of course I called my mum a lot! So I figured I would put Lauren in my list of email addresses for the update, I thought she would appreciate that.

Another few weeks…

I've been away from home for a few weeks now… and still haven't heard anything from Lauren. Did I offend her? Or is she jealous that I'm travelling and she's still studying?

She texted me for my Birthday but other than that there was only silence.

After a few weeks I emailed her just to ask her what was up, I hadn't heard from her in a while and I'm not used to that.

It took her 5 weeks to reply. And when I got the email she just wrote:

I'm sorry, I've been putting off writing this email that's why I replied so late… I've been so busy and I kept forgetting it.

I'm ok, uni's been incredibly difficult here! I'm thinking about going abroad next year, maybe to china that would be cool huh? Other than that nothing much has happened, did I tell you my sister got engaged? I'm taking latin ballroom dance classes, that has been really fun!

I hope you're enjoying yourself! When are you coming back?

X lauren

So this is the email I've waited so long for? Oh well at least it's something right?

I will never be like you
I'll never do the things you do
Selfish and lonely, what's your problem
Letting go of you and this
Is harder than I thought but I will not be poisoned by your actions

Forgetting me, you took things in your hands and left me out
After we'd been through so much, how could you let me down?

I only got one more email a few months later, she wrote that things weren't going so well but she put it off because she wanted to focus on her exams now.

I kept on telling her I was here if she needed to talk… it's not like I moved to a place where I couldn't be reached. I had email, a phone, skype and facebook…

I never got a reply on the emails I sent her, at first I thought it was because of the distance… it'll get better once I'm back home.

I didn't know, I didn't know
I couldn't see, I couldn't see
Never thought you'd forget me
Couldn't believe, couldn't believe
How you deceived, you deceived
I never thought you'd do that to me

I arrived home, the first thing I did was text her to see if she wanted to meet up, I really missed hanging out with her! And I wanted to see her since she's not very good at writing down her feelings in an email or so she had told me once…

I got one short reply

I'm busy for the next couple of weeks, I'll let you know when I have some time x

And that's the last thing I heard from her.
no email, no text, not even one message on facebook

I couldn't believe this was happening to me again! I just got over Nick and after all those years of complaining to her and explaining how much it had hurt, she was doing exactly the same thing… I was angry, upset, sad, and especially disappointed.

The one friend who once said she could never do that to me has turned her back on me.
I went through a lot these last few months, I had made a lot of new friends on the tour and I was afraid to lose them because of the distance… luckily some friends stayed in touch.

The one thing that still bothers me is Lauren… on the one hand, I want to start a fight, scream and shout be angry with her and make her listen to me, make her understand how much this hurts…On the other hand, she doesn't seem to miss having me around, she doesn't even care waste my energy on her if she can't be bothered to make some time for me.

Forgetting me, you took things in your hands and left me out
After we'd been through so much, how could you let me down?
Down, you let me down

I heard that her sister was getting married through a friend… I congratulated her the only thing she could say was thanks for remembering…

That's the last I heard of her…

I feel like it's time to say goodbye but despite all of this it's still too painful and I don't want to admit that the friendship… if it was friendship… is over.

I'm hoping Lauren gets the message someday, and when that day comes, I hope she realizes I'm done trying to fix it.

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