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Twilight: The Early Years

Alice POV

School is THE most boring thing on the planet. Hmm, apart from the Gulf War, that pretty much sucked. Where's Jasper and Emmett? They should be here by now. Suddenly, the door opened and they walked in. Wow, Jasper needs a new outfit. Why did I let him go out in Navy Blue? It washes out his complexion even if he still looks like a god.

"Cullen, Hale. How nice of you to join us" Mr Wood addressed them by last names. Maybe he was getting tired of their tardiness. Oh dear, this lesson was going to be a problem, here we go again...

"Look Mr Teach. Don't take this the wrong way but you suck. Worst teacher ever. Could we do something a little more exciting?" Here Emmett goes. I could see what was happening, you didn't have to see the future to see what was going to happen you just had to live with ''The Cullen's''.

"What do you suggest?" I understand that Emmett can be a little intimidating but come on... This guy is just pathetic, his head broke into a sweat as Emmett (A full foot taller than the teacher) stepped closer and looked down at the little ant that was supposedly leading the lesson.

"Well, maybe, just maybe we could read Harry Potter! Please please please Mr Wood, it is like THE best book of all time!" Emmett bounced as he spoke, the floor moved. The other kids simply gawked at the brawny 18 year old rambling about Harry Potter and hopping on the spot. Once he began, there was no stopping him.

By this time Jasper had walked out of the room, he had endured enough of Emmett and his strange love of Harry Potter. Where was he off to?

Aw, he was off to buy me new shoes. That is so sweet. GUCCI? I should practice my surprised face...

Meanwhile, in the land of school, Emmett had earned himself a one way ticket to the Principals office... Again... For the fourth time this week...

And it was Tuesday. Tuesday morning.

Oh no! Jasper is buying the worst shoes ever! I so need text him. Ugh! They're ridiculous! Aquamarine blue with a kitten heel and silver gems on the front and feathers on the back. That is so 1997!

I quickly snapped open my phone and quickly wrote a text to Jasper.

I wrote:

"Hi sweety. I couldn't help but see into the future the fact that you are about to buy the worst shoes of the century. Sometimes even Gucci get stuff wrong! Honey, you should know that kitten heels do nothing for my height and make my ankles look fat. Anyways, if you look behind you I see a fabulous pair of red, Prada, 6 inch heels. If I were you I'd get those otherwise you may be 'sleeping' on the couch. Love you x"

I quickly hit the send button and got back to the ridiculous lesson on Shakespeare. Joy of joys...

I focused on the future to see what was in store for us over the next couple of weeks, if there was anything interesting.

Oh great, Tanya's coming into town. What could she want? Better warn Edward that another horny teenage vampire was coming into town...

Hey Edward? Edward you there? I thought, he needs to get a ring tone on this thought thing cos he can't tell when your trying to tell him something. I'll have to resort to alternative methods...


Edward POV


Great that little annoying thing was talking... Again...

She continued her speech, rambling through her thoughts...

I have just had a vision and it looks like we are going to have some company from Alaska. Yeah, its Tanya and the clan. Not sure why they're coming though. I can't see them causing any trouble but I have a feeling Tanya will be a little hard to handle. Looks like she can't take a hint that your not interested.

Oh and Emmett got sent to the Principals office again today. Esme and Carlisle have to talk to him. This is getting way out of hand. We have enough trouble blending in as it is!

You better have heard that or I'll...

I shut her out of my brain, she was too much to handle all at once. Small doses of Alice were fine. Kinda like drugs. But too much and it'll kill you. She should come with a warning label or something...

So Tanya was in town. Does she not get that I'm completely uninterested in her? I need to think of a way to make her hate me. Jasper and Emmett will have to help me. I hate this woman!!

Emmett was in so much trouble! I hope they take away his XBOX or his PS3. He'll be close to tears! That cheered me up for a while.

The rest of the day passed in a blur, finally I was home. And I could understand what had just happened.

"But it's not fair! Mommy? Why? That's so not fair!" I heard Emmett cry from down the drive! This should be interesting...

Emmett POV

We got home at about 3 after a long meeting with the counselor and Principal, it was so boring!

"So whats my punishment? No XBOX for a week? Or no PS3? Whatever it is I'll take it like a man!" I said proudly, nothing would ever bother me.

"Um, Emmett. I wouldn't speak so soon. Look on the dining room table." Esme said sheepishly, Carlisle had a smug look on his face.

I walked over to the mahogany table only to find ashes of some sort. They thought old ashes would hurt me? What were they anyway? I ran my fingers through the debris to find a small rectangular piece of paper. It read:

'Harry Potter and the Goblet'...

I froze in place. My beloved book. My First Edition copy of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, signed by J.K. Rowling and addressed to me. I pictured Cedric Diggory in the movie. Robert Pattinson was so hot! It made me so sad that i could no longer read about his fabulous hair, and brilliant figure in my book addressed by the author to me but in some random other version. I clutched the piece of paper to my chest and tried to contain my anger.

"How could you? I love that book more than anything! And now all thats left are ashes. Why? How?" I blubbered out. I couldn't believe this of them. "You could have taken anything else but not this! How could you do this to me?"

"Thats not just Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire's ashes. Thats you're entire collection of the series. And we had no choice. Your behavior was unacceptable son" Carlisle said in a harsh tone.

"But it's not fair! Mommy? Why? That's so not fair!" I cried at Esme, she just shook her head and turned away.

Then the others walked in. From the looks on their faces, Edward had told them what had happened. Alice snickered under her breath and Edward tried his hardest not to smile but that didn't work. Rosalie just shook her head and looked at the floor and let her blond hair cover her face.

Rosalie POV

I couldn't look at him. He was just stood there with a hurt look on his face. He should have known what was coming to him. He sniveled and pouted hugging a piece of paper to his chest.

He was wearing his Cedric Diggory t-shirt again. What is wrong with him? Should I be worried?

I slowly strode over to him and put my arm around his waist. He rested his head against my shoulder and cried invisible tears as we made our way upstairs to mourn some more over the death of his Harry Potter books.

Its going to be a long night...

As we reached the top of the stairs I could hear Alice laughing incredibly high pitched and I could have sworn I heard Edward snort.

Alice POV

As we watched Rosalie comfort the distraught Emmett, Edward and I collapsed on the floor laughing. It always makes me laugh watching a big man cry like a baby. Edward just snorted! Thats how you can tell whether its funny or not!

We pulled ourselves together as we heard a car pull up on the driveway. Looks like Tanya had got here earlier than expected...

Here we go...

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