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I stared out of the window at Tanya hugging Edwards shoulders, he looked bone white as she told him that she would stay as long as possible. Unfortunately she changed her mind at the last minute which was impossible for me to see in time to warn Edward. He looked mad. No. He looked furious. Oh no.

Okay, all I need to do was think of a solution. A solution. Now, what could we do? We could fake his suicide. No, that would be too hard. We could make him fall in love with a human girl, No, thats just silly. I've got it!

I ran to Edward with my fantastic idea although he would already have heard it by now no doubt.

"Edward! I called out out as I ran to the garden.

As I approached them i heard Tanya mutter: "I think I finally understand where your problems first began. I think it would be better if you spent less time with Alice. She really isn't doing anything good for you!" How dare she?!

I ran up to the two of them using all my will power that stopped me from tearing off her head.

"Edward I have an idea about that really annoying problem we would both like to get rid of" I smiled sweetly at him.

"Alice. I think that maybe you should STOP trying to help with that matter." He spoke through gritted teeth and his hand was crushing a rock as he spoke. The rock turned to dust. Oops.

"Come on Edward. What else are you going to do?" I smiled nicely at him and batted my eyelids, "Maybe you could give us some privacy slu-, Tanya" I added at the end smiling sarcastically at her.

"I don't think thats a good idea," Tanya replied, "Edward needs me right now. I'm staying as long as possible."

"No Tanya its fine. I'll handle her." He gently pushed her away and she ran off but not before she gave me a sour look.

I rushed my words as I spoke, "Edward,look I know your mad at me but I do think that its not my fault- And oh my gosh why does it look like your about to kill me?!" He looked at me with a piercing gaze this is going to be worse than the time I put his stuff in the garage and moved into his bedroom. He is a little prone to over-reaction.

"Alice. Do you see what you have done? She's never going to leave! How am I supposed to fix this?" He said through gritted teeth.

"But thats the thing, I'm going to fix this! I have an idea! Please just trust me! Come on Eddie!" I pleaded with him.

"Fine. You get one last chance. But on one condition" He said firmly.

"Fine! Yes! What?" I was so happy he hadn't kicked me 70 yards away.

"Never under any conditions will you ever call me Eddie again! Whats the idea?" He could never refuse me!

"Perfect! Um, the idea, well, I figured that the only way she would give up is if you were in no way interested in her because of what she is." He looked confused.

"She's a vampire like us. Whats the problem?" He said baffled at my lame explanation.

"Well, above all things she is a woman. And if you acted like you were interested in that" I hesitated as I spoke, he didn't look like he liked my idea.

"You want me to act gay? How do you intend to do that? She will try and turn me straight! This is just silly Alice!" He wasn't impressed.

"Not if you are already happy with someone, like perhaps Jasper. Don't judge me okay! I have this all thought through. We will say that we didn't want to draw too much attention to the situation so we faked mine and Jasper's marriage and you were too scared to tell her until now. Oh god please say something." He looked at me with wide eyes, he thought I was crazy.

"What the hell?!" He looked shocked at my proposal then burst out laughing. "I tell you what Alice, I will do this if you get Jasper to agree! There is no way he will ever accept your offer!"

"You have a deal!" I danced away happy with myself, now all I had to do was convince Jasper. This should be fun.

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