Sorry if I haven't updated lately, it's just that there's school and there was something that dragged me down on fanfic

Sorry if I haven't updated lately, it's just that there's school and there was something that dragged me down on fanfic. But now that I've recovered from it here's the chapter you all have been waiting for, please read, enjoy, and review.

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Takito looked back to see if Akane had woken up yet, but he saw the bed was empty and the only thing that was on the bed was…Akane's bracelet.

Manuscript 13: A Mix of Things

Everyone was panicking, where did Akane go at a time like this?! Mikan and Takito knew this was very bad, especially with the bracelet off Akane. When the bracelet was off Akane who knew what could happen, everyone

sighed as they all went on a wild goose chase. Mikan and Takito went together because they knew about Akane, Natsume felt pissed, why was his girlfriend going with another boy? Meanwhile, Mikan and Takito spotted a

crowd around a tree and decided to investigate. Mikan and Takito squeezed in to the main attraction to find Akane, up in the tree wearing a spaghetti strap black dress and ruffles at the bottom and a green ribbon on her waist.

She also had some cat ears, a tail, black and green leggings and high heels with a ribbon going up her leg. She caught the attention of everyone around her; she was starring at everyone under her and noticed Mikan and Takito.

"Oi! Mikan, Takito, look at me! Aren't I cute?!" she yelled while waving her arms. Takito looked away like he wasn't interested when he was really trying to hide his blush. Akane misunderstood and thought Takito was

ignoring her, then she spotted a cute boy below her and got an evil idea. She jumped down and went up to the boy, "Your really cute, you wanna go out with me?" asked Akane in a seductive yet sweet tone. Takito got very pissed

and a very scary aura emitted from him, while the boy fainted. Then Akane went up to Mikan with a big grin on her face. "Mikan, wanna eat some candy?" she asked with a candy in her hand. "Sure," agreed Mikan then she

swallowed the candy and a huge cloud of smoke appeared. Mikan was transformed, she had everything like Akane except in bunny form and everything was pink and white. Mikan was blushing like crazy, "Wh-What

the heck did you do Akane?!" yelled Mikan as she caught the attention of every boy around her. Then Akane ran off dragging Mikan behind and leaving Takito scaring everyone. When the girls arrived to Central Town

Mikan was very flustered and speaking gibberish while pointing to her ears, tail, and clothes. "You look very adorable Mikan, to explain everything; I bought Hotaru's invention, the 'Clothes in a Candy' machine. You just put

the scanner to your forehead, think about the look of your wanted clothes and it will read your mind and give you this candy, and when you eat it, poof!" explained Akane with her cool personality switch. Mikan had calmed

down; she was very calm and relaxed until she looked around her to see all the boys with hearts in their eyes. Akane and Mikan went to a café; Akane excused herself to go to the washroom, while Mikan ordered. Akane snuck

to the front and went behind the tree, "How long do you plan to hide, you should just tell Mikan what's on your mind…Natsume," said Akane to the crimson eyed boy. "What's on my mind, eh? Right now the only thing in my

mind is catching you," said Natsume coolly with a smirk on his face. Then Akane's eyes widened as a sapphire eyed boy snuck behind her and placed her bracelet on her. "I'm gonna take Akane back, you go do what you want

with Mikan. But, return her in time for the contest, I don't want Akane's effort go to waste you got that?" asked Takito. "Shut up, I know what to do, plus you better hide that nosebleed," said Natsume very coldly while

pointing to Takito's nose. Then, Takito let that comment slide and teleported to the make up station where Nobara was waiting for them. Natsume sighed and walked to Mikan, she was still skimming through the menu until she

heard a loud bang on the table. She looked up to see a pair of crimson eyes, "Oi, Mikan, I told Takito to make Akane go back to the make up station, so you don't have to be here," said Natsume. Mikan pouted, "Aw, this place is

so cute, I wanted to eat here," she said very sweetly. She felt Natsume grab her chin, "Let me make it up to you then, with two presents," said Natsume. Then he pulled Mikan's chin up, giving her a passionate kiss, Mikan felt

Nastume's tongue in her mouth. Then Natsume stopped, "There was present number one, and for the second present, why don't we go on a date…my girlfriend?" said our very changed Natsume. Meanwhile, Akane just finished

doing Nobara's makeover, and she looked heavenly! Nobara's hair had a bit more volume and ultra thin silvery white highlights, and Akane made a special snowflake tiara/ headband with a shimmery veil, like brides wore on

their wedding day. Her nails had a white background with a glittery light blue snowflake in the middle, and some small ones in the corners. Koko chose a blue and white spaghetti strap dress with ruffles at the chest area,

and the outline had lace. She had a matching almost transparent piece of cloth to go over her arms; she also had white flats with snowflakes at the heel. As for the final accessories, Nobara had multiple necklaces with

different lengths and some were pure pearls. Everyone was exhausted for the first part of the contest, especially Akane. "Good work," said Takito like his normal self. Akane smiled very sweetly, gave Takito a kiss on the lips and

said "Thank you." That made Takito blush, "Stupid idiot, always making me worry over her," said Takito under his breath. Even though the girls were finished…the whole competition wasn't over…next were the boys…

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