Severus' and Harry's Annoying Family Addition

Chapter 1

Harry landed safely next to Severus in the living room, still holding on to the floatable sea horse that had served as Portkey back from their holiday resort in Ibiza. "Are you all right, Harry?" Severus enquired, seeing that Harry remained sitting on the floor.

"Ah, yes of course," Harry replied and gratefully took Severus' hand to pull himself up and sit on the sofa. "Um... are we going to do anything tonight, Dad? I mean it's New Year's Eve. Are we going up to the Great Hall?"

"I don't know, Harry; let's have a cup of tea, and then I'll call Professor McGonagall and ask what they have planned for tonight."

At this instant, there was a knock at the door, and Harry and Severus could see Minerva and Poppy stand outside with a small boy in tow. "Did you put a spell on our rooms to be alerted when we arrived?" Severus growled, waving them in impatiently.

"Yes indeed," Minerva replied crisply, "because we're in dire need of help."

"In fact, we couldn't wait for the two of you to come home," Poppy supplied and threw the small boy a glance. "Introduce yourself to Harry and Severus, sweetie."

The small boy stepped ahead and said, "Hewwo, I'm Awbus, and I'm two. I de-aged mysewf accidewwy."

Severus and Harry simultaneously glared at the child. "You what?!" Harry blurted out, totally annoyed.

"I cannot see what this has to do with us," Severus sneered, glaring at Minerva and Poppy.

"Well, Severus, you will understand that Poppy and I are too old to raise a toddler. You and Harry are much more adequate to raise Albus until he is back to seventeen."

"And how long will it take for little Albus to become seventeen?" Severus asked in a dangerously quiet voice.

"It won't take too long, Severus," Poppy replied calmingly. "We can age him one year each day until he is seventeen, provided that nothing extraordinary happens. Then we can give him the complete dose of the aging potion and age him back to his normal age."

Noticing that Albus looked a bit sad, Harry held out his arms, motioning Albus over to him, and pulled the small boy onto his lap. "Shh, it's all right, little one. We will look after you," he promised, speaking softly to the child.

"Fanku," Albus told Harry relieved and proceeded to lie down comfortably on the boy's lap.

"What happened?" Severus enquired, giving the two ladies a questioning look.

Minerva sighed. "Albus didn't speak with us at all during the whole week, not even on Christmas. Apparently, he was very angry because we went on holidays and probably especially because we took you and Harry with us."

"No, I wanted to go on howiday wif Miwa," the small boy spoke up all of a sudden, before he nestled deeper into Harry's T-shirt and tiredly put a thumb into his mouth.

Minerva blushed deeply and replied, "You only had to tell me so, Albus. Well," she sighed, "yesterday after lunch he told me that he was going to use your classroom in order to brew a headache potion for me, because I had a terrible headache and neither in Poppy's stock nor in your private lab were any more headache potions left. When he didn't show up for dinner, I went into your classroom and had a look, and there he was."

"I suggest that he stays in Harry's room together with Harry. Would it be possible for you to remain here in your father's quarters instead of returning to your dormitory for another three weeks, Harry?" Poppy enquired softly, giving the boy a piercing look.

"Of course, that's all right," Harry replied automatically. "What am I going to do during classes? Can I take him with me to class?"

"I'm afraid you'll have to take him with you, Harry," Minerva replied and gently added, "I'm willing to babysit him from time to time, for example if your father isn't available for some reason while you have Quidditch practise or such."

"Thanks a lot, Professor. Um... and perhaps someone has to show me how to change a nappy," Harry added hesitantly. "He stinks."

"All right; let's take him into your room," Minerva suggested and quickly conjured a small cot along with a changing table and an additional wardrobe in Harry's room.

Harry stepped in front of the changing table and laid Albus down, who giggled happily when he saw the small green dragons on the soft padding, which were roaring all the time. Harry watched intensely when Poppy gently showed him how to take the dirty nappy off and put a new one on. 'Oh, I hope I'll remember how to do that in the morning,' Harry thought and thanked the Medi-witch profoundly, while he dressed Albus in the yellow footie pyjamas with a pattern of orange lions that Minerva had conjured for the toddler.

"Normally, you have to give him a bath in the evening; however, I already bathed him today, because I thought you might be tired tonight," Poppy explained kindly, causing Harry to sigh in relief.

"Thanks a lot, Madam Pomfrey. At what time does he have to go to bed?"

"At this age, I'd put him to bed right away. Until he is at least five or six, you should put him to bed right after dinner. You can eat at the Great Hall as usual, but if everything is too much for you, you may eat here in your quarters. However, you need to come to my office every day, so that I can give him his next shot, which will age him a year, provided that your father is so kind and brews the potion for me tonight or tomorrow."

"Don't hesitate to ask us, if you have any questions or problems, Harry," Minerva said gently and gave Albus a kiss on the forehead, before Harry put him down into his crib. "Good night, sweetie," she said softly.

"Stowwy?" Albus asked pleadingly, glancing at Harry, who gave Minerva a questioning look.

"Oh I'm sorry, Harry; of course, you need story books too." She pulled a small parcel out of her robe pocket and enlarged it. "Look, these are the books, which we had for you, while you were de-aged."

"Oh that's great; there were several books, which I really loved," Harry replied and held out three books for Albus to choose one.

The small boy chose the story about a dragon and a lion becoming friends, which six-year-old Severus and Harry had loved very much. While Harry read the story to Albus, causing him to fall asleep after mere minutes, the adults retreated to the living room to have tea. After a questioning glance at his father and a comforting nod in return, Harry hesitantly joined the teachers and sat down in front of the fireplace.

"He seems to have his complete memories; however, his body is that of a two-year-old and so is his mind. He has all the needs and ideas of a toddler," Minerva explained.

Harry listened to the teachers' conversation for a while, noticing that he was much too tired to stay up until midnight. 'Who knows how hard it will be to look after little Albus,' he mused, groaning inwardly, and decided to go to bed. Seeing that everyone watched him in concern when he said "Good night," he sighed in annoyance and mumbled, "I'm fine; I'm just tired. Do you think Albus will wake up during the night?"

"Last night, I had to comfort him after a nightmare," Minerva replied gently, "but after that he slept like a little angel."


It was in the middle of the night, when Harry woke up by Albus' sobbing. He hurried over to the child's bed and gently picked him up. "It's all right, Albus; it was only a dream. You're safe here at Hogwarts," he told the child in a comforting voice, noticing that the toddler calmed down immediately. "Do you want to tell me what it was about?" he asked, gently rocking the boy on his lap.

"It was Vowdemow; he kiwed many people, and he wanted to kiww you and Sewwus too, and..." He slowly trailed off.

"It's all right, little one," Harry cooed, gently stroking the child's cheeks. "Voldemort is dead and he can't harm us anymore. Now, let's try to get some more sleep, will we?" He gently placed the boy back into his crib, but Albus scrambled onto his feet, holding on to the rails, and his lower lip began to tremble dangerously.

"Hawwy's bed togewer?" the small child asked, giving Harry a pleading look.

"All right then; you can come in my bed," Harry relented, feeling too exhausted to fight with a two-year-old. He picked the boy up once more and laid him down next to himself, cuddling him close. Seconds later, both of them were fast asleep.

When Harry woke up in the morning, he noticed immediately that Albus was not in his bed anymore. 'Did I dream the whole thing?' he mused surprised, but a glance around the room showed him that the changing table and everything else that Minerva had conjured in the evening was still there. 'Oh no!' Harry thought, horrified. 'Where can he have gone?'

The instant I posted the last chapter of the previous story, Rocki asked me to write another sequel, in which Severus and Harry had to put up with a de-aged Albus – thanks to Rocki for coaxing me into writing this story. Well, I hope you'll like it!

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