Chapter 11

Minerva took the lemon drop, and noticed that it wasn't a sweet at all but a small box that could be opened at one side.

"Minerva, I want you to become my wife," Albus said softly, while she looked at the beautiful ring inside the box in amazement.

"This is beautiful," Minerva gasped, wondering aloud, "Where did you get this?"

"Oh, this has been in my drawer for nearly forty years. Ever since it bought it I wanted to ask you but I never dared speaking with you because I thought you might think I was too old for you."

Minerva let out a snort. "I would have answered your question positively, if you had asked me forty years ago," she replied softly. "How old are you now, by the way?"

"I'm seventy. It was Poppy's idea," Albus admitted.

"I thought you looked much younger than before, although your age wasn't a problem for me." 'Who else could get the same idea, which I had a few days ago if not my best friend,' she mused and gave the man in front of her an amused smile.

"And do you think you could still say 'Yes'?" Albus enquired, gently putting his arm around her shoulders.

Minerva happily leaned into the embrace and replied firmly, "Yes."


In the evening, Severus and Harry were drinking tea in front of the fireplace. "Now are you glad that we have your quarters back for us?" Harry asked, smirking.

"You can believe that," Severus replied, letting out a relieved sigh. "By the way Harry, I know that Madam Pomfrey allowed you to go back to classes from tomorrow onwards; however, I'd like you to remain here for a few more days instead of returning to your dormitory so soon."

Before he could even explain his reasons, Harry agreed. "I'd like that too, Dad. I have a lot of catching up to do, and I can work much better here, where it's quiet."

Looking pensively into the fireplace, Severus said, "I'm glad that Albus and Minerva got together. At least his de-aging had something good."

"That's true. I always thought that the two of them behave like an old couple. And Albus was really annoying, but he was very cute as well," Harry replied thoughtfully.

The End


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